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  1. Re: Accommodating Messi & Ronaldo Cheers for the reply. Will give it a go. Hope people have not thought this a troll post as many have read it yet not replied....this was genuine!
  2. Hi All, First time posting for assistance so please feel free to be as critical as possible. I currently have both Ronaldo and Messi in my squad and cant for the life of me get the balance right could you have a look at my current squad and provide some guidance as to how best position these 2 guys. Current Squad GK - Joe Hart, De Gea Defenders - Pique, Chiellini, Kompany, Hummels, Varane, Yanga-Mbiwa, Papadopoulos, Sagna, Alaba Midfielders - Busquets, M'Villa, Gundogan, Bale, Hazard, Reus, Ozil, Gotze, Kroos, Isco, Draxler, Muller, Lemela Forwards - Ronaldo, Neymar, Munian, Messi, Higu
  3. Re: Opinions on Messi Swap Thanks lads, decided after the 3 reply to keep
  4. Hey All, I currently haver Messi and yes I know he is the best player in the World but I have been made a tempting offer. Hazard and Mata for Messi. I am considering this but was interested in what you might do if given the same offer? Tempted to ask for 30mill also
  5. Re: Official Red Devils thread Probably the most boring display from a United side I have seen in 30 years. Norwich deserved the win and fair play to them! We must react against QPR and take them to the sword!!!!
  6. Re: Official Red Devils thread Agree and if your going to talk about "if's and buts" surely you save that for your own team page and not the page of the team that made you look like schoolboys
  7. Re: Official Red Devils thread One of the most dominant 2-1 wins I have seen at OT. Should have had a hat full. Arsenal have definitely become our ******* haven't they. Can't believe given some of the rubbish we have dished out this season that we are top!
  8. Re: Most profit made on one player Have a guy who wants to buy Bacary Sagna for 20 mill and is valued at 13 mill. Considering it but not sure as he is my best RB. However at 29 YO its the best deal I think I will ever get. Thoughts?
  9. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread The Cup will be played by 2 totally different squads...it will be a media beat up at best. The next game at OT, that will be the one to watch particularly if things are still tight at the top!
  10. Re: Official Red Devils thread Loved our first 40 minutes. We were ruthless up front and tight at the back. Poor free kick given away by Rooney but great strike from Mata. Ivanovic send off was clear as day, no question there. Torres was unlucky, definitely was caught by Evans. Mikel lucky to stay on the pitch after his foul on Valencia which would have been a 2nd yellow. Ramires also lucky to stay on due to constant fouling. Goal was offside but I have seen worse not given (Drogba 2 metres off side against us a few years back) Great game until the Torres send off, but 3 points we will
  11. Re: Official Red Devils thread Wee bit nervous about tonight - their mids against ours is very worrying!
  12. Re: Most profit made on one player Purchased Ibrahimovic for 30.6 million Sold him for 88.3 million Profit of 57.7 million % Profit 288.56%
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