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  1. Re: How long do the transfers from unmanaged/external clubs last? Thanks both of you. Repped you both
  2. Re: who should i give away? I would give Soldado
  3. Re: Should I swap? If you are getting Di Maira and Benzema, then it is definitely a good deal for you.
  4. Re: rise or stay I think he will probably stay for this time but if he can keep up with his form and Manchester City wins a trophy, then he has a chance to rise.
  5. Re: falcao vs. cavani...vs. hulk 1). Cavani 2). Hulk 3). Falcao
  6. Re: Wesley Sneijder vs Fernando Torres & Javier Mascherano
  7. Re: Busquets Swap Rooney ? Definitely good deal for you unless you need a DM over striker.
  8. Re: villa deal I would get Nani+Jones+15m deal too. Both Nani and Jones are doing well this season and no doubt they will rise again in the future as they are quite young as well.
  9. Re: Hart or Reina? I prefer Hart.
  10. Re: cavani for alexis sanchez? I prefer Sanchez.
  11. Re: pedro for Kompany I would get Kampany as Pedro seems to be struggling at Barcelona right now.
  12. Re: How long does it takes to accept requested transfers ?
  13. Re: Sven Bender or Yaya Toure? I would buy Toure.
  14. Re: Swap Luiz for Vidal? I prefer Vidal.
  15. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Definitely Valencia
  16. Re: Victor VALDES He is very safe indeed and yes i also think it is his peak as Valdes is not really a good keeper, just because Barcelona keeps winning he is rated high.
  17. Re: sneijder Good deal because even though Sneijder has been underperforming this season he is still better than Kaka.
  18. Re: Ibrahimovic deal? I think it would be a good deal fo you as Lampard is not really getting game times whereas Ibrahimovic has been main player for Milan and he is younger as well.
  19. Re: Sneijder or Ozil You should buy Ozil as the rating difference is only 1 (Ozil will catch up with Sneijder soon) and he is younger.
  20. soccerboy


    Re: suarez Definitely great deal for you: even though Suarez is good, Hernandez and cavani combined together is better.
  21. Re: Sneijder and Villa for Messi? Good deal for you especially since both Sneijder and Villa are not doing great this season.
  22. Re: Young goalkeepers Definitely Sczesnsny
  23. Re: Which young CB would you get? I would get Jones.
  24. Re: Swap Deal I would swap unless you mind a rating difference.
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