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  1. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    Of course. But would you accept a lower rated deal for your ageing stars who won't ever rise again? To deal in GCs where managers are generally fairly knowledgeable you need a deal that's acceptable to both sides. The other guy won't want to give you 2 younger players for an older one unless he's getting a very good rating increase' date=' which you might not accept. I concede that managers looking for age over quality are very hard to negotiate with but we've known that for years.[/quote']

    Probably when the GC's as dead as this.

    As long as they're safe, im happy.

  2. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    Are you yourself bothered about having a team of 'dinosaurs'? If you are then you're being a little hypocritical and if you aren't then take advantage. You'll get good deals for Julio Cesar' date=' Eto'o, Sneijder and the other younger guys if you're willing to take a 30+ year old player who will continue for around 5 years at the top level.[/quote']

    No i'm not bothered by it i just need a bigger squad imo and i'd rather get rid of the older players that wont rise than the younger players that might rise.

    That's one of the things I don't understand... I was bidding for a 91 rated striker the other day as the manager wanted more depth' date=' and I offered a 90 (Pizarro...solid 90 imho) and a good solid 88 CM (who would have provided good cover in mid)... to which I get a response... Pizarro's too old. He's 32 for crying out loud! Some people are obsessed with building a team that won't hit an average rating of 90 until 2014! It's youth obsession!

    I find that a mix of youth and good rated experience goes a long way. It's hard to do deals with some people as they just want under 25's only! :confused:[/quote']

    A mix of youth and experience is how i go about it mate, a nice youth squad, some 22-28 aged players and some 29+ players. Nothing wrong with Pizarro :confused:

  3. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    What we all knew would happen. Too many GCs' date=' not enough GMs who want the sides. Why take a poor top division side when you can get 10 good top division sides every day in older, more active set-ups?[/quote']

    It's not just that, i can't get any human deals because... My team are dinosaurs, all they want is Julio Cesar, Eto'o and Santon, bar the odd few who know abit about the game and are interested in players such as Lucio and Coutinho.

  4. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    Exactly and the main problem is people wanna deal so when you make an offer they don't even give a reason on rejection yet promoting the fact they wanna sell :confused:

    So, have you thought about my offer? ;)

    EDIT: Also i've just made a bid for a very exciting 85 rated prospect, an 86 rising to 88, 2 89's who can go 90+ and a 90 rated winger all at unmanaged, not external :rolleyes: What has happened.

  5. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    Inter are the worst team in a GC' date=' impossible to do deals with them, I am them in GC 136, Impossible to do deals as every single person says that every players is too old and past it. Quite funny really. :D

    Your best bet us unmanaged.[/quote']

    It's not just funny... it's pathetic, how about this then ladies... Everyone at Inter for C/V!!!!!! I bet that changes dont it :P

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