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  1. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    just an opinion' date='u can always play default roster,and buy players from unmanaged teams,its not that hard to get 88-87 rated ones when time goes bye,talking about your curent team,as long as u enjoy and wont quit team its all good B)[/quote']i aint quitting and i have £56.6m so can get a few in when clubs with decent young 87+ players get quit.
  2. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    Cheers ;)

    Holy' date=' that's a different team. To each their own I guess. Good luck with them :)

    Here's my attempt to add depth to a 21 man Bayern team in 100. [url']http://www.soccermanager.com/profile.php?action=clubdetails&cid=1210391&clubid=23194739&sid=41567[/url]

    yes i lack upfront mate just say if it's not a good team i like honesty and i'm getting Forlan in to fill that void :)
  3. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    No.. :confused: i never said you were cheating. I only said you brought trash to your team. You could easily get better deals for your players. I never reported you and/or sent a ticket.

    Won in GC 103' date=' 9 games to quit the club =/

    In other GCs had a decent night, continuing my Rubin struggling a lot.. :S[/quote']yes but you said they were dodgy deals which is just as good as saying cheating to me anyway, wouldn't mind if we put this behind us would you?

  4. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    Long way to go yet mate' date=' 1 game means nothing :D

    Then again i made the world cup final with romania in [b']GC70[/b] where i'm up against Brazil, hope i win then i can quit some good international teams tomorrow.

    Will do a complete round up a bit later as currently watching Piers Morgan & Simon Cowell B)

    Yeah well its a start.
  5. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    Well feel i've done ok so far in GC102 in terms of dealings in the market

    Milan In's & Out's


    Igor Akinfeev- Abbiati & Huntelaar

    César Azpilicueta- £21 Million

    Andres Guardado- Marco Borriello & £10 Million


    Gennaro Gattuso- Sulley Muntari & Quaresma (Accepted)

    Ronaldinho- Marco Vucinic & Matteo Brighi & £7.5 Million (Accepted)

    Guiseppe Favalli To Birmingham for £7.0 Million

    Oguchi Onyewu To Cardiff for £11 Million

    And hoping to do some more deals also bit dissapointed in some of the offers for Pato especially as these GC's always seem to have loads of lovers of youth. Suprised i haven't had an offer for Thiago Silva :confused: but did laugh yesterday when Sean Cox at chelsea said i could have John Terry if i give him Pato & Thiago Silva' date=' yeah like that was ever gonna happen :D[/font']

    yeah say it to me in a pm dont go chatting about it on the forum whats the problem with asking eh?
  6. Re: New Players added after site maintainance

    After a few days away I see new players have started being added to DB again.

    There were a few players I have been keeping an eye out for' date=' but dont know who was added on first day back after site maintainance.

    I can see Dedryck Boyata of Man City is one, But what other players who have potential were added?

    Thanks.[/quote'] mohamed geddo is one he is 25 but only 85 rated and a move to europe with a decent team cann see him rise if he starts scoring.

  7. Re: Gold Championship 97 - Match and Transfer Reports thread


    Today Sunderland FC have named Mattuie Beckett there new manager the 17 year old brings some expireace to the team after wining cups with over teams and he is aiming for a top 8 finish in England this season he has told press Middlesbough and Newcastle was teams everyone was talking about at the start of the year after relagation to the Championship next season thay will be talking about Sunderland in the Uropa Cup one thing for shore Darren Bent is going no were he is a top player and is needed here I hope he can help us with goals this season also I will be looking to sign a few players for cash and Part Extange.

    yh well the sunderland manager is called gareth southgate so i think your lying.
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