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  1. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    Why must he if you actually ever had a converstaion or dealt with him on SM I have found him to be a very nice fella' date=' very polite easy to deal with.

    If he chooses to have that many teams thats his choice if he wants to have any team and gets em good luck to him, it is nobody else's business what he does or does not do.

    I personally wouldnt have anywhere near that level of teams but plenty of people like him, Dai and many others manage to keep multiple teams and manage them successfully so good luck to them.[/quote']

    I second that, if he believes your offer to be too much he wont be rude and swear at you he'll tell you hes up for deals just not for that price or if he doesn't like anything he'll tell you that kindly.

  2. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    How about' date=' I have a 95 rated goalie you gimp!

    "I can't get my own way so i'll cry on the forum."

    Nice way to behave like a school girl. Blocked and I won't deal with you in any setup.[/quote']

    In GC33 I offered Stijn Schaars and Jorg Butt for Luiz Adriano' date=' and he replied via PM saying Jorg Butt with a laughing symbol, what's wrong with Butt? He has started all of Bayerns three league games this season :confused: Oh well, will try and offer someone else I guess.[/quote']


    What setups you in Nathan?

  3. Re: Premiership 2010/2011 Disscussion

    Well well well. What a strange start we have had. Blackpool 4th. Birmingham 5th. City 8th. Tottenham 11th. Liverpool 13th. Everton 19th and West Ham still without a point. Blackpool beating Wigan 4-0' date=' Newcastle beating Villa 6-0, Wigan losing their first two games 4-0 and 6-0 but then beating Spurs away. Everton scoring two goals against United in stoppage time. Not the most usual starts to a season.

    The next few weeks will be interesting.

    Prediction for next weeks results:

    Stoke 1-1 West Ham

    Villa 4-1 Bolton

    Blackburn 1-0 Fulham

    Everton 2-1 Newcastle

    Tottenham 2-0 Wolves

    West Brom 1-1 Birmingham

    Sunderland 1-1 Arsenal

    Man United 3-1 Liverpool

    Wigan 1-1 Man City

    Chelsea 5-0 Blackpool[/quote']

    Stoke 2-0 West Ham

    Villa 2-1 Bolton

    Blackburn 0-0 Fulham

    Everton 2-0 Newcastle

    Tottenham 1-0 Wolves

    West Brom 2-1 Birmingham (pains me to say:o)

    Sunderland 1-3 Arsenal

    Man United 2-1 Liverpool

    Wigan 1-1 Man city(agreed)

    Chelsea 8-0 Blackpool (not bad odds ;))

  4. Re: Official Aston Villa Thread ! * no spoilers *

    i know... but i mean didnt houllier delay it ' date=' so he cant manage them untill friday or something ? so point the finger at him cos he could have done something lol[/quote']

    Well............................................................................................................................................................. No he couldnt have :P

  5. Re: Official Gold Championships Discussions Thread

    Posted Internacional ? I think this may be the first time i have ? i actually cant remember' date=' the very fact i cant remember suggests im only doing it to keep the GC active and not because im constantly keeping an eye to prevent people from signing players, surely if i was doing that id sell some of my huge squad to buy them.....

    I dont want any of the players to go... thats my point. I want the team to stay in tact so a manager will want to manage it, be active and maybe post on the threads, and sell the players if he wishes, for CV or whatever. thats his choice, but picking up a Internacional in this setup with these players instead of a 400 million is more attractive.

    Oh ok, because 9 club hoppers dont want to manage it, lets ruin a great team :)[/quote']

    Who you calling a club hopper? I said, it was boring... I'm not keeping a team i dont like just because someone else wants me too.

  6. Re: Discuss Birmingham Citys 'New Era'

    Because i was a season ticket holder for Villa when he came through and played his senior seasons with us.

    Add to that he played for us longer' date=' made more apperances for us, so im guessing iv seen him more.

    Heard what all before ?

    Iv never mentioned the Gardner brothers.

    Craig is a solid premiership player, who couldnt cut it with us, we sold him. Gary has the potential to be a special player. :confused:[/quote']

    I've heard youngsters been bigged up and just flopped.

  7. Re: Discuss Birmingham Citys 'New Era'

    Without taking the mick' date=' he really will.

    He is highly rated by several coaches and teams.

    Think there is something about him on Sky sports news atm.

    Gardner is nothing special, and considering iv seen more of him than you i am in a position, just as much as you are to make an opinion. His younger brother is a england youth regular at all age groups and is a very very good player.[/quote']



    I've heard it all before. And how do you know you have seen more of him than me?

  8. Re: Discuss Birmingham Citys 'New Era'

    Mention our keepers mistakes' date=' considering neither are at the club now i dont care ?

    Not to mention that was in the past so why is it ok for you to go on about the past but not us ?

    if were talking present who finished higher last year and who has won the last 6 meetings ?

    Thanks for answering the question sean. ! lol pathetic little club[/quote']

    What question? also that's all the past, so shut it :P

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