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  1. Re: The Veneratio League - Match Report and Transfer News Thread. Isn't this supposed to be @ "Football Manager Forum | Soccer Manager.com > English forum > SoccerManager.com Game Worlds > Custom Setups"
  2. Re: The Veneratio League what will happen to players that rise to 82+?????? i believe that needs to be sorted out now
  3. Re: The Veneratio League I believe we should stick to that.
  4. Re: Want another great english championship? No i am not interested in another one of your propaganda. Your previous two attempts to make a "great" setup has been a total failure. You take the strongest club, make few shady deals, and when you begin to lose matches, you quit the club and leave the setup. You lured me to WC 8619, ain't gonna happen again.......
  5. what is the duration between two seasons in SM. my first season will end in 3 weeks (7 games) in may 26. so i was wondering when will next season start?????
  6. Re: World Championship 8619 Match Reports || Transfer News The managers of Juve and Inter Milan are doing "fishy" transfer deals. i wonder why people have not noticed, and took action, against them. Juve sold Trezeguet (32,92,7.7m) to Inter for 9m Juve bought Pandev (26,92,12m) from Inter for 4.3m cash and Poulson (30,91,7.6m) So it seems Inter are buying the old players, whose ratings will possibly decline in near future, from Juventus at some price, and selling young and promising players to them. And this "special" relationship doesn't end there, let us analyze the loan deals between them: Juve have loaned Giovonco (23,88, AM/Wing) and De Ceglie (23,88, LB/LM) to Inter, and loaned in Santon (19,87, RB/RM) from Inter.
  7. I use 4-2-3-1 formation, and it was very successful earlier in the season. I was in the 2nd position in division 2, and was winning most of the matches. But lately it seems my team has lost the desire to win. Although my team still dominates in terms of possession, total shots and shots on target, the match usually ends up in a draw. (And the opponents are unmanaged sides mostly with 4-4-2 formation). So midway through the season, my team is now fourth in the table (with two managed sides hot on my tails). What perplexes me is that the same formation and tactics I used to win matches previously against opponents with same formation and similar ratings are not working these days. Why is this happening. I have built a team around the formation, so I do not want to change it. How can I convert 60%+ possession and 10+ shots on target into goal? ( I have 2 strikers rated 87 that I use as target men, 88 and 87 rated CMs that I use as playmakers)...
  8. Adam Johnson is still in Middlesborough in my GW. He is currently rated 85, costs 6,040,000 and has contract of 1 year for 18,150 per turn. I want to replace Jay Simpson (on loan to QPR from Arsenal). Should I get Johnson....
  9. Javier HERNANDEZ of Chivas de Guadalahara.....he's currently 83. His player profile shows that his rating went up by 5 points last time (04-6-2009). Will he get similar rise this time around?
  10. i am little confused about who to play in the 1 and 3 position. so am i correct here: RB-----CB-----CB-----LB --------CM/DM---------- ---Wing--CM/AM--Wing--- -------Fwd---Fwd-------
  11. I made a transfer bid to Elierce SOUZA of Palmeiras for 3.6mil pund when he was rated 84. Now the transfer has not been accepted yet, but in the meantime his rating has increased from 84 to 86. With the increase in ratings, his value has also increased - Palmeiras chairman value has increased form 3.6mil to 5.19 mil. So I was wondering what will happen to the deal. Will it be accepted because it was made before increse in ratings/value? or will it be rejected outright. PS: I only have 4.8 mil, so can't withdraw offer and bid again....
  12. what do you think about these players. Do you think they have a bright future (in real life and SM): ASENJO, Sergio = David DE GEA = MOYA, Miguel Ángel = YATCHENKO, Dmitri = Marco ANDREOLLI = SHAWCROSS, Ryan = BURDISSO, Guillermo = OTAMENDI, Nicolás = ÁLVARO DOMINGUEZ, Soto = RODWELL, Jack = IZCO, Mariano = ARISMENDI, Diego = CHANTOME, Clément = JOVETIC, Stevan = BAKKAL, Otman = DE LA RED, Rubén = GEBHART, Timo = MULLER, Thomas = ARNAUTOVIC, Marko = NEYMAR, Silva = RANGER, Nile = BALOTELLI, Mario = EDER LUIS, Oliveira = and these too...... ZAZA, Simone = MENENDEZ, Cristian = MUNIESA, Marc = THOMPSON, Josh = EDU RAMOS, Gómez = BAXTER, José = NOUBLE, Frank = CASNOS, Luc = TYSCHENKO, Igor = also that.....it seems likely that newcastle united will be promoted to premier league next season. and when it happens, will the players' ratings rise (because they are playing in the top league)???????????
  13. Re: Biggest Upcoming Risers Revisited Revisited, Argentina and Brazil Edition. what about these players: NEYMAR, Silva JORBISON, Reis BAMBAM, Simão Pereira RAFAEL GALHARDO, De Souza IZCO, Mariano (plays for Catania in Italy) BURDISSO, Guillermo AYALA, Josué OLIVA, Maximiliano GONZALEZ, Sebastián Emanuel Facundo PIRIZ (Uruguain, plays for Nacional)
  14. Re: Player Concerns i too agree with CCX dude.... player concern depends on the quality of the players. a lot of the people who seem to be against the change are the people who have been playing this game for a long time. like brandonburrows, they are finding it difficult to adapt to the new game world environment, and are complaining here instead of raising their games and developing strategies to combat the issue.............dudes get over it - change has come.......
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