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  1. Re: Pique & Lahm Deal Do both of the deals. It would be awesome
  2. Re: Drogba for Pato and Di Maria... Yes it is a good deal if you are looking long term No it is not really a good deal if you are looking for short term Drogba is one of the only few 96 rated players left in SM. Maybe counter with the two players plus some money.
  3. Re: 12 Weeks of Injury?(David Silva) Isn't RVP dropping soon? Abit Risky buying him
  4. Re: 12 Weeks of Injury?(David Silva) Thanks:) Gotta rely on my Kroos or Hazard for my goals and assists:(
  5. Re: 12 Weeks of Injury?(David Silva) Maybe. Worst Injury on my player ever.
  6. Re: 12 Weeks of Injury?(David Silva) European Championship. He's gonna miss one and a half season:mad:
  7. Re: 12 Weeks of Injury?(David Silva) It's competitive. 12 Weeks without my 1st team Winger:( What's with an ankle injury lasting for so long?
  8. My David Silva had an ankle injury and he's out for 12 weeks. The injury is too long. He is only back until 29 January next year. Should I sell him?
  9. Re: I need to beat Man Utd! try 4-2-4 Formation GK: Adler RB: Arbeloa CB: Mertesacker CB: Marchena LB: Chivu LCM: Schweintenger RCM: Gourcuff RWF: Benzema LWF: Robben RCF: Berbatov LCF: Adebayor/Natale Tackling:Hard Mentality:Very Fast Passing Style: Mixed Pressing: All Over Counter Attack:Yes Tight Marking:Yes Play Style: Yes to everything except offside trap Captain: Marchena Playmaker: Schweinteger Target Man: Berbatov/Natale/Adebayor
  10. Re: European Championship 1715 | Discussion Thread Chelsea 3-0 Barcelona
  11. Re: European Championship 1715 | Discussion Thread Sure. Mind making a friendly with Chelsea on anyday.
  12. Re: Good list of externals - who should I get? Buy either 3 of the 4 in red. They are gonna be huge risers or stay good in their ratings. Cheers!
  13. Re: European Championship 1715 | Discussion Thread I'm in charge of Chelsea. Good luck in your games! I'm finding player exchanges(cash plus player also accepted) for Lampard and Drogba so do offer me and the best offer will be accepted.
  14. Re: Gael Kakuta Peak Rating? 96 IMO or maybe 97/98. He got a huge potential.
  15. Re: looking to sign a a CF for cup games Llorente. He's been good for my clubs's league cup games.
  16. I have players field like De Gea, Santon, Lukaku, Canales and I won my English Cup and Sheild with good scores. For my domestic games, I fielded Hazard, Hart, Beck, Zarate, Pastore, Subotic and Airton and won a few games against strong teams. Is this due to the young age of the player and their similar ratings which been able to win those games?
  17. Re: Which positions do I need to improve on? Sell some defenders, midfield players and buy 90-92 rated players to bolster the squad. Maybe try getting some 90-91 rated strikers for backup and for competitions.
  18. Re: Goalkeeper scoring in a match Well. He still had a 4 rating as he played out of position. Maybe I should try putting all my subs as keepers:cool:
  19. Uploaded with ImageShack.us I got a keeper Delac scoring for my Bayern Munich:eek: Weird Huh?
  20. Re: Help with good goal scoring strikers not too expensive Same for my Everton Strikers Zarate and Berbatov. Berbatov is my target man and he had 5 assists in 8 matches. Zarate scored 6 goals out of the blue. I think try to pair up a strong targetman with a 88-90 rated striker. They should score frequently.
  21. Re: Motta or Jagielka Thiago Motta. He plays in Europe and is at a good club which has a good chance of getting good results this season.
  22. Re: Bruno Cesar (Help Please) Sell him 1st then buy him back.
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