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  1. I found if you dont play 4-4-2 you will not win. Thats only me im not speaking for eveyrone else.
  2. I have about 7 million looking for a very good young player who is going to make me a minter preety quickly.
  3. How much do you get in Divison 3 its all to confusing . Whats 1st , 2nd , 3rd prize would be great thanks alot.
  4. Skill is PERMANENT ! Fitness does go down , skill is always with him.
  5. Got rejected going to bid abit more now i am going to bid a 2.8 mil player and a 1,6 mill player and 300k that surely should clinch it.
  6. Im in division 3 with sheffield wednesday he will be the best player in the league by a long way. I have bid 300k more as that is all i can afford so lets hope all goes well big game on weds
  7. Right they said the wanted 4.1million so i bid abit over so he should def come . Thanks alot for telling me that about shortlist it help soooooooo much.
  8. How much money do computer teams wnat for their players. Isit their value + half their value ? Because i have bid this and they have rejected and some time it has been accepeted. I am tryin to buy Micoud who is valued at 2.5 Million. How much should i put in for him?
  9. Imin division 3 , what is the priemoney for that league?
  10. Adriano? What about him
  11. ive just bought him cost me alot tbh Hope he improves.
  12. Henry often does that you dont see him for alotof the match but he ends up scoring the winner. Butler did same but scored 2 past you.
  13. I have got all of my friends to play in my setup , and I tried to buy an average player of his who wasnt in the first team for his value and it was accepeted but it wont let me do any deals with that person now? But it was all ligit he still plays on the game so that prooves it wasnt me . but now we carnt do any transfers abit daft really.
  14. Hes a 77 surely after a move to a premiership and he looks like hes going to start quite alot of matches. He will probably do the same as Dave Cotteril so surely a rating of around 82/83 isnt out of the question. I know he hasnt esatblished himself in the premiership but if he does then he should be around 85. He has scored alot of the goals this season and was noticed by prem clubs so surely he must rise quite alot.
  15. Ye , I think hes a great player and will do alot . Heard Mourinho talk highly off him and looks like the real deal. Fast Quick and Powerful. Hes at a 60 something now . Should be a middle 70 imo as he is sooo underrated.
  16. Kerlon from Cruzeio (sp). He lookslike one for the future , dont know if true but Arsenal bid alot of money for this guy but it was rejected. He is attratcing interest from Arsenal so alot of other world class teams will be looking at him. A move to one of the top leagues in Europe and this guys ratings will rocket up from 85.
  17. I like the ideaof the youth team excellent. But what about another league but with no match report just player ratings so that we can see how the players have done. What about young talented players coming through the youth team . I know this would be difficult but would be great!
  18. Nearly moved to tottenham he has it all I think seen him play againsy sheffield wednesday this seaosn and he was immense. One with a real bright future. Gareth Bale is absolutly AMAZING best player I have seen in AGES this kid hs it all , he needs to be abit stronger but at 10 Million pound I think hes worth every penny and more.
  19. Will Hoskins surley must go up , he scored a bag full of goals this season for rotherham and has now moved to them premiership think he should be around 82/83. Chris Porter - Good player I think scores alot of goals and think he should also move up a few . Any more suggestions....
  20. What more do you want than a goal scoring center midfidler?
  21. Bale without a doubt 10 million pound and a choice of Man United and Tottenham . Nugent or Mcsheffrey doesnt have that option
  22. Glen Whelan of Sheffield Wednesday, has score numerous goals recetly and won player of the month award for putting in amazing performances. This Season Appearances: 22(3) Goals: 6 Yellow Cards: 6 Red Cards: 0 Minutes on Pitch: 1983 A scoring centeral midfielder , he played amazing against premiership opposition like against man city were he competed well wth Joey Barton. He surley should be higher than what he is now ? Giles Barnes from derby county. FROM WIKEPEDIA. Has to be higher than low 80s surley He has since been linked with a £1m transfer to Newcastle United.[1] However, Derby County are hoping to tie Barnes down to a contract extension, due to a clause in his contract which was activated once he made his 10th appearance for the club. [2] Before the 2006/2007 season, Barnes signed a 4-year extension to his current contract, in order to allay the fears of some Rams fans. Recently he has hit a run of form and his goals have earnt Derby 7 points. He scored a tremendous volley away at Cardiff in the 92nd minute to equalise. 4 days later he scored a brace of great goals to earn a win at Pride Park against Barnsley. Then 3 days after that he scored the winner at home to West Bromwich Albion. This sort of form has generated reports of interest from Tottenham Hotspurs who are reportedly willing to pay £3.5 million for Barnes.[
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