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  1. Re: Mark Beavers Surely it goes on the player and not the team? Swfc are rubbish we all know that, weve had Bougherra, Brunt and Whelan all in the past 2 years all know heading for 85+. Shouldnt make a difference what team its about the player. If hes one of the best central defenders in the league surely he should rated as one?
  2. Re: Mark Beavers Well I commented on this player around a year ago, and he has improved massively. He is without a doubt one of the best Centeral Defenders in the Championship. Hes 6ft 5, big strong sotcky lad, who is lightning quick aswell. Everyone is suprised he has stayed with us, but he has said that he is having one more year in the championhip before moving onto the premiership. We rejected several bids from Prem teams such as Everton and Middelsbrough for around 3 to 4 Million. As we demanded at least 6! But rating wise the best central defenders in the league are around 87, but as he hasnt had the chance to be as consistent as they are I would settle for an 85. Which is a nice increase form a meer 80. 80 -> 85. What do you guys think?
  3. Re: Marc Crosas I havent got much money, is he worth buying? What do you think his rating will increase to in 2/3 weeks time?
  4. Was just wondering if there are any players in the England who are going for a big rise. A would prefer players like aiming for 80's. Any help would be great.
  5. Im at 6th form now , and there going to ban soccer manager. Can you give me a list of other wesbites that will let me go on soccer manager? Thanks.
  6. What you think? I am Arsneal and have Hleb and Rosicky. Would make my defencer D Alves.... Toure.....Vidic ...... Gallas Hleb doesnt play. And I will play Van Pierse on the wing so 1 rating less.
  7. Re: EPL Rating Changes Thread Could you please do Arsenal's expected ratings please:D
  8. Re: Sean Scannell Yea , I know all about him. His one goal was against my SWFC in the last minute Blistering pace , he also plays with ma couson in the Irish youngster setup and have been told hes amazing. New robbie keane?
  9. Re: Fabregas -> Snedjer + Nistlerooy? Well I will be trading Snedjer + 19 Million for Fabregas. Then will buy RVN with that money. Hes my mate so wont short hand me ... I hope. I have Luca Toni (94) but my other strikers are all about 92/91 , pretty much the starting Arsenal Team. Snedjer will be playing along side Gilberto so that will give me to 93's in midfield instead of a 95 and a 93. But am hoping RVN stays the same and snedjer up 1. What do you think still? Hard isnt it
  10. Is that a good deal. It ends up that I sell Fabregas for Nistleooy + Snedjer? Im abit confused, dont worry we have figured a way for it definatly to go through so what do you guys think? Thanks
  11. Should i sell him for 28 Million? I do have Nedved who is a 92 , but obviuosly he isnt getting any younger or better. Currently got 0 Bank balance , and I dont think Rosicky will break into 94 surely? Should I sell?
  12. Re: some albanian talents Rocky Lekaj Ye he is set for a positive future , but would doesnt look anything that special. Made a few sub appearnces usually at the end of matches to kill the game off. Should rise just below 80 this time. But with our other right winger Jermaine Johnson maybe mobing may go 82ish.
  13. Re: Arsenal Rating Changes Fabregas to 96. Sagna to 91 Hleb to 92 Adebayor 92 Flamini to 90 Trarore to 83 Gilberto down to 92/91 Lehman down to 91 What do you think?
  14. Re: Spanish Ratings What about: Zambrotta? Inesta? Thurham?
  15. Re: Sheffield United Rating Changes Im a Sheffield Wednesday fan and agree with most of those apart from: Kenny 86 to 84 . Dave Carney 80 to 82. Sharp 82 to 80. Hes been appauling for you lot , I go to games beacsue I get some free tickets. Never plays and when he does hes sh!te
  16. I am looking to sell Fabregas(94) 35 Million + Patrick Viera(95) + Marco Materazzi(92) (I will then buy Pirlo(96) for 40 Million) OR Xavi(96) and Iniesta(94)? Am not too sure really.
  17. Should I sell Fabreags for 30 Million + Patirck Viera + Materazzi? My arsenal team is the virtually the same. (Without Henry)
  18. Should I sell Fabregas for 30 Million + Patrick Viera + Marco Materazii. My Arsenal team is pretty much same as it started.
  19. Re: Italian Ratings After Luccarellis goal scoring record last year and this year for Shakter , he surley has to rise to 92. 2nd top goal scoere last year just behind Totti if some achiment. and should be 92
  20. Re: good young talent Heard good things abou Lulinha is he worth getting ?
  21. Just watching Man United Vs Sporting Lisbon. I know ive only seen him for 55 minutes , but he is emmense. Done very well against Cristiano Ronaldo and Wes Brown and looked very good when going froward. Im guessing as hes playing in the Champions league he has played alot for Sporting in the league. Current rating of 85. Shoudl definatly rise.
  22. Playing against 4-3-1-2. What formation should i play against them
  23. Re: As we all know that D.Beckham was a star in England (past few years) Rating should stay 91.
  24. Re: Huntelaar Has to go to 92/93 AT LEAST. After all his goals last seaosn has to go up. Also he has just scored 5 in 3 for Ajax And played 3 times for Holland recently.
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