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  1. Re: Sergi Samper-16 year old Barcelona Talent Next season
  2. Re: Sergi Samper-16 year old Barcelona Talent Still with Juvenil A, you can catch him in NextGen matches, as well...Been playing often as a holding midfielder along with Nando but his strength is linking the midfield from deep ala Xavi when he first was promoted He's been excellent this season
  3. Re: Riferimento: Re: Best Players in Barcelona B? Dongou and Grimaldo are almost assured of great things in the future...Deulofeu is harder to gauge since he's been up/down' date=' lately seems to have turned a corner but still just turned 18 Enguene, Lee Seung Woo, Meva, Traore, Samper, Rolon, Sandro, Paik Sheng Ho, Moreno, Balleste, Pol, Babunski Currently, the best B team players are being promoted, save Rafinha - Bartra, Montoya, Tello, JDS &, to a lesser extent, Muniesa...Deulofeu stays with the B team but joined by Grimaldo, Ayala & Dongou Good chance Roberto will be leaving the club due to failing to do enough either with B (Probably due to Eusebio, IMO) or the first team...Someone will get a bargain with him
  4. Re: Park Sheng Ho - FC Barcelona's Asian Messi fAwqRe02LDc
  5. Re: Miguel Angel - Barcelona Talent Barcelona...In Infantil A, 14 years of age I believe...They're in the semifinals of the Lennart Johannson tournament in Stockholm
  6. Re: Miguel Angel - Barcelona Talent No, of course, Grimaldo is surely destined for great things going forward but an ideal fullback, even for Barça, would be a bit taller...A big reason why Abidal is sorely going to be missed and why Alba alone isn't a solution The Korean kid, Lee Seung Woo or Seung Woo Lee looks very impressive
  7. Re: Valencia Rising Striker--Paco(Francisco Alcacer) Honestly, I think the comparisons to Villa are actually a bit accurate really...I've watched plenty of the kid and the only player he reminds me of is Villa...Very similar movement and nose for goal Valencia have a gem on their hands
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