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  1. Re: Johan's Argentina rating predictions I believe the format is starts/subs/goals for each of the players with their current position and rating.
  2. Re: Johan's Argentina rating predictions I found your thread tremendously useful for identifying new potential. The start of a new season provides so many opportunities if you can figure out the players making the first XI. your thread has served me very well (along with Radebe20's Argentinian Analysis) in finding the breakout stars and potential risers of this Clausura. Thanks. Any thought to updating your thread, putting in up to date stats and identifying any new players who are impressing, or at least appearing. I'd find it quite helpful.
  3. Re: Albanian Superliga Risers Nertil FERRAJ - I think that his current rating is 76, not 74.
  4. Re: who to buy? transfer updates At present it updates promptly at 12:30am here on the east coast of the US. Believe that makes it 5:30 am in the UK, correct? One advantage of this location is that I am awake until it begins the updating, if not the completion ~2 hours later.
  5. Re: Bayern Munchen Agree mostly, with you fraser. If anything roque santa cruz deserves a decrease, a point or two, at this point. However, lell is the one I'd argue with you on. Still isn't a regular obviously but is becoming a fringe squad member. 5 starts, 5 sub appearances this year. For a team like bayern 82 seems low. 84/85 seems more appropriate for now, with more to come if he keeps making inroads into the squad.
  6. Re: Patrick Kluivert haven't seen anything to suggest that he deserves a rise. His decline has hardly reversed, if anything it has continued. Has struggled to get into the PSV first-team with any consistency. Often is anchored to the subsitute bench, today's garbage time appearance against Liverpool excepted. of course if you feel he was good at newcastle we may have to agree to disagree. You don't by chance have hesky and kluivert in your squad(s)? I feel that people may need to declare any personal conflicts they may have before hyping players for increases, much like stock analysts
  7. Re: Future peruvian superstar?? excellent post. appreciate the scout.
  8. vikingRun


    Re: M.Torres well it sort of depends on what his rating is. Playing alone doesn't merit a rise to 90+, but if you are a regular in the top flight that alone would support a rise to the mid 80's, possibly higher depending on the team/league since 85-90 is the rating for premiership class. Obviously I agree that youngsters shouldn't rise too quickly as there is a lot to be said for consistency and demonstrating an ability to perform for extended periods, not just short spurts of form. 86, maybe 87 seems fair for Torres. He is a fairly regular starter in the 1st division for a 2nd place te
  9. Re: SpanishRatings In case there is confusion, both Higuain and Gago are playing regularly for Real. In all competitions for Real Madrid: Gago 13 starts Higuain 12 starts, 1 sub (1 goal) Gago also got his first senior cap. 1 or 2 point increases for both in my mind Gago 91/90 Higuain 90/89
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