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  1. Re: Christian Eriksen: The next Wesley Sneijder! Started the season playing for Ajax both in the league and continental stages. Jol is easing Eriksen into regular first team football by using him as a sub or giving him 60-70mins game time, the main point being he is featuring in every game and with a very exciting champions league campaign ahead if Eriksen can continue to hold out a regular place in a very talented Ajax team alongside other stars destined for big futures like Vertonghen and Suarez come the next rating change for the Dutch league he could be looking at a rise from 82--->85/
  2. Re: Turkish Database - Ask me anything IOA what do you think will happen to Quaresma's rating now he is at Besiktas and what rise do you predict for Emre Colak and how highly do you rate him?
  3. Re: Javier HERNANDEZ On the back of an impressive season at Guadalajara, a very good World Cup banging in goals vs France and Argentina it looks a safe bet for another rise for Chicarito... not to mention his massive move to English football.... my prediction is 86--->88... what do you think?
  4. Re: Tevez 93??? Statistically he has been better than Torres last year and finished in a higher league position and yet there is still a gulf of three between the 96 and 93. If Torres mantains a 96 I cannot see how Tevez didn't get 94 back. Tevez is a consistently hard working striker and rarely puts in a bad performance, from everything SM base there ratings on I cannot understand why he is still 93. Looking at the stats is enough to make me laugh that he and Berbatov are the same rating, never mind the performances they put in! Anyone who thinks Kun Aguerro should be higher rated than Teve
  5. Why is Carlos Tevez only 93 rated when he keeps Aguerro (94) and Milito (95) out of the Argentina team? Looking at other 93 rated forwards such as Gomez, Berbatov, Gilardino, Totti and Benzema, I think its fair to say Tevez is worthy of a rating of 94 higher than these players. Discuss.
  6. Re: Cristiano Ronaldo 98>96
  7. Re: Julio Cesar is Underrated one word: LLORIS
  8. Re: Over 95 in 2 years You have to take into account you don't get high rises once you are in the 90 ratings, to be 95+ in 2 years the lowest to even have a chance will be rated 90 already, or more likely even 91/92 already, these players should all be 95+ in 2 years, all of these are currently below 95, there current ratings are in bold: GK = Lloris 91- Already up there with the best RB = Ramos 94- Will get 95 as he matures LB = Evra 94 -needs no intro CB = Pique 92 - best defender in best team CB = Chielini 94 - italy's leader LM = Valecia 90 (he is a winger on SM) - will reach great
  9. Re: Creative Central Midfielders Hamsik is the man you want to snap up, he can get to 92 with Napoli and who knows with a move he can go onto 93/94 with champions league football at one of the big clubs rumoured to be watching him.
  10. Re: Man Utds Valencia Valencia will definitely go up next rating change, he is one of the best wingers in the world, I cant think of many that are better than him, and he can eventually get to 92/93 and even 94 he is that good. He has everything you want in a winger and the person who compared Reyes with Valencia deserves to be impaled, I feel sick at such a comment. He is a must buy and must keep.
  11. What do you think of the prospects of this player in 2010, he broke the Russian transfer record not long ago but not heard much on him in a while. Will he keep, lose or rise in rating?
  12. Re: Young Rising Defender. Rafael Toloi - can get him around 5million 84 ----> 86/87
  13. Re: Di Maria vs Pedro vs Elia All 3 would be great signings as they all should go up next rating change, Pedro should get 89 and when you look at a player like Guti and the rating he has commanded at a mega club he can easily become a solid 91/92 rated player in the future. Elia can get a 90 if he gets a regular place in the national side and of the three, I would go for Di Maria as he is in for an exiting summer with the world cup and speculation around him and should go up again in rating, especially with a big move.
  14. Re: cb choices Definitely Kjaer, Johnny Evans has been poor lately, next to Wes Brown Man Utd look very weak at the back, he will only retain his 89, definitely no 90 next rating chage, whereas Kjaer will get a big move this summer and go on into the 90+ region and definitely go up again next change.
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