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  1. Re: Recovery times I would not play any player who was less than 95% fit, I will rest my top players for my Thursday night game as I have a big game on Sunday. Maybe quicker recovery times would mean less stockpiling of top players by some managers, just a thought.
  2. Re: Karim Benzema Hold your nerve, any drop will I think be temporary as I'm sure if he is not banging them in at Real he could get a move to a top team ( hope it's Arsenal )
  3. The guy could not do more to earn a rise in previous seasons but what is the evidence he deserves a loss of rating.
  4. Re: Booting people from customs. In my custom world there was a fall out between two managers which resulted in one of them bombarding me with requests to boot out one of the managers in the fall out. The fact that I had to inform them that |I did not have access to a big YOUR SACKED Button resulted in abuse being directed at me. Having then fallen out with other managers and myself as owner of the game world I suggested he leave which he did, otherwise I was prepared to close the game world which would have been a right shame.
  5. Re: Organizing your squad according to position Rubbish, I log in at least twice each day, how is this in anyway relevant to a player having his position changed. I bought Benzema to play up front or on the wing his position was changed once I already had him and when my worlds transfer window closes he can no longer perform the job I bought him for. Sorry I bothere raising the issue I'm obviously the only manager this effects
  6. Re: Organizing your squad according to position The constant changing of players positions "thanks" to soccerwiki is beginning to get annoying. What team would buy a player to either play up front or on the left wing ( as say Benzema ) used to be then find once he has signed that he can no longer play out wide. This constant changing is wrecking my squad building.
  7. Re: Squad Sizes I would be happy to have a smaller squad and spread the good players around more in my gameworld, so why not make players get less fatigued and able to play more games then I would not need so many players. Is this too simple a solution
  8. Re: Counter formations I have hardly changed my 3-5-2 formation and I'm in my 8th season. Four titles and never less than second.
  9. Re: Sm pm at 2:56 pm Me too, Oman ?
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Andre Santos looks like a guy who has won a competition to play Arsenal left back for a day, shockingly poor player. WENGER OUT. The question is having won nothing for seven and a half seasons are we closer to winning something now, answer no. No other club would tolerate Wengers lack of a trophy for so long......
  11. Re: Most profit made on one player Mario Gotze, bought 350K considering an offer of 25 million.
  12. Re: Official SPL Thread An the last player they signed was called, Celik and the last Celtic player to score against them was Hooper, meant to be
  13. Re: 2012 Olympic Football Predict - Discussion Thread Sorry but I have no interest in Pearce's team England/Wales.
  14. Re: Manuel Neuer's Performance In SM 9-7-7-9-8-8 For a healthy 7:58 from 19 league games so far this season. Only lost one, won 13 consecutive in the league behind a three man defence of Hummels, Vidic and Vermaelen.
  15. Re: Gomez.......!!!!!!!! Ha ha Sm, what you gonna' do now big Mario is in the final....
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