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  1. Re: Recovery times I would not play any player who was less than 95% fit, I will rest my top players for my Thursday night game as I have a big game on Sunday. Maybe quicker recovery times would mean less stockpiling of top players by some managers, just a thought.
  2. Re: Karim Benzema Hold your nerve, any drop will I think be temporary as I'm sure if he is not banging them in at Real he could get a move to a top team ( hope it's Arsenal )
  3. The guy could not do more to earn a rise in previous seasons but what is the evidence he deserves a loss of rating.
  4. Re: Booting people from customs. In my custom world there was a fall out between two managers which resulted in one of them bombarding me with requests to boot out one of the managers in the fall out. The fact that I had to inform them that |I did not have access to a big YOUR SACKED Button resulted in abuse being directed at me. Having then fallen out with other managers and myself as owner of the game world I suggested he leave which he did, otherwise I was prepared to close the game world which would have been a right shame.
  5. Re: Organizing your squad according to position Rubbish, I log in at least twice each day, how is this in anyway relevant to a player having his position changed. I bought Benzema to play up front or on the wing his position was changed once I already had him and when my worlds transfer window closes he can no longer perform the job I bought him for. Sorry I bothere raising the issue I'm obviously the only manager this effects
  6. Re: Organizing your squad according to position The constant changing of players positions "thanks" to soccerwiki is beginning to get annoying. What team would buy a player to either play up front or on the left wing ( as say Benzema ) used to be then find once he has signed that he can no longer play out wide. This constant changing is wrecking my squad building.
  7. Re: Squad Sizes I would be happy to have a smaller squad and spread the good players around more in my gameworld, so why not make players get less fatigued and able to play more games then I would not need so many players. Is this too simple a solution
  8. Re: Counter formations I have hardly changed my 3-5-2 formation and I'm in my 8th season. Four titles and never less than second.
  9. Re: Sm pm at 2:56 pm Me too, Oman ?
  10. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Andre Santos looks like a guy who has won a competition to play Arsenal left back for a day, shockingly poor player. WENGER OUT. The question is having won nothing for seven and a half seasons are we closer to winning something now, answer no. No other club would tolerate Wengers lack of a trophy for so long......
  11. Re: Most profit made on one player Mario Gotze, bought 350K considering an offer of 25 million.
  12. Re: Official SPL Thread An the last player they signed was called, Celik and the last Celtic player to score against them was Hooper, meant to be
  13. Re: 2012 Olympic Football Predict - Discussion Thread Sorry but I have no interest in Pearce's team England/Wales.
  14. Re: Manuel Neuer's Performance In SM 9-7-7-9-8-8 For a healthy 7:58 from 19 league games so far this season. Only lost one, won 13 consecutive in the league behind a three man defence of Hummels, Vidic and Vermaelen.
  15. Re: Gomez.......!!!!!!!! Ha ha Sm, what you gonna' do now big Mario is in the final....
  16. Re: Daniele de rossi for Luka modric? MISSED HIS CHANCE, tosh I am sure some people said the same when Shearer refused to entertain Manchester United. De Rossi could walk into any teams midfield so why should he be punished or scorned by his loyalty to Roma. Totti I suppose he has missed his chance to eh ? Modric is sooooooo overrated it never fails to amaze me the supposed high esteem in which he is held.
  17. Re: Cb potential 90 For me Dejan Lovren at Lyon has huge potential, it's only a matter of time before he gets a big money move. As an Arsenal fan I could see him at Chelsea for years to come since we don't do big money moves.
  18. Re: Gomez.......!!!!!!!! The way SM are making fools of themselves over their refusal to acknowledge Mario's right to get a measly +1 he would have to jump through flaming hoops every week. I think SM have painted themselves into a corner now and even as it stands he must get a +2 ( contraversial ) at the end of the season. God help them if the big man has a good/great Euro's though.
  19. Re: Gomez.......!!!!!!!! But the difference is Ozil gets the hook at 75mins cos he's knackered where as super Mario gets the hook at 80mins having scored two or three goals.
  20. Re: Gomez.......!!!!!!!! Super Mario got his 11th Champions league goal last night, rubbish eh SM
  21. Re: Gomez.......!!!!!!!! Ray Wilkins just said Gomez is having a season and a half, nuff said
  22. Re: de rossi No he won't drop, he's a class act and it's far too soon to say Roma won't get a European place. Not that qualifying for Europe is the sole criteria for a player going up anyway.
  23. Re: Emmanuel Mayuka 21 years old, 7 goals in 18 games for the third placed team in the Swiss league. Cheap enough to take a punt on even if he does not turn out to be the new Drogba.
  24. Re: Official Arsenal Thread The lads done well today, we were overdue a performance like that.
  25. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Wenger must go,thing is the board won't sack him cos all they care about is balancing the books which is fair enough but Wenger has made millions for the club so I reckon he is due a substantial war chest. The other thing is could we trust Arsene to buy the players we need to get our mojo back. I am also very angry at the way we limped out of two competitions in a week. Why the hell did he play Fabianski today, he's already decided he is not the number one keeper so therefore he didn't care about the Fa Cup does he forget it's been far far too long since we won anything.....I regret to inform all Arsenal fans that even is Wenger goes which he must but that the board won't o.k the cash to carry out a major rebuild and thats so sad.
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