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  1. RAZ is a maybe he has requested a special entry with Sunderland haha! No you can guess who he asked for!!
  2. Noisy taylor 8 Veigas Sec Ash Micahel Bowes Gaz Will SOP John Harman Tony Harman Reice Sean O Neil Sean Fitz Pip Preppens HD Stevie GI, as your are new i'll have to see if you are a committed player as TBH all these guys are long term mangers who dont quit after 1 game, so need to find out your history, but everyone needs to start somewhere!
  3. new GW if anyones interested called internal click below
  4. have around 15 managers s far Noisy taylor 8 Veigas Sec Ash Micahel Bowes Gaz Will SOP John Harman Tony Harman Reice Sean O Neil Sean Fitz Pip
  5. Well after having a free GW sitting in my account for over 2 years i think its time to use it so thinking on this: 2 Divisions of 16 Top European Clubs Rules are as follows: Only 4 external deals to be carried out all other deals are to be internal only and you must do a minimum of 2 internal deals in a season also there will be a squad limit of 35 Will put clubs through a shuffle program to decide on starting divisions & who gets what club or has been suggested live draw Quiet a few manager interested already Anyone who does not comply with the internal
  6. there is nothing really, i play FM more and more now though, just wish Champ Manager online was still on the go, that was a far better game than this
  7. 5 First Teamers have arrived at White Hart Lane KOULIBALY , HERRERA , HERNÁNDEZ , MERTESACKER & MESSI, Mertesacker - Returns after being shown the door when i first arrived and cleared out a sucssful squad which had won many titles, but were set up to play defensive, over time i binned the whole squad and finally won the title with a team full of my own players! Herrera - Can play Defensive & Attacking Central Mid and was reason i signed him allows me the option to play a few formations with out changing players Koulibaly - Wanted a younger Centre back and when i se
  8. I have posted the available club on the EC7046 facebook page see if there are any takers before first match of season tonight, good luck everyone
  9. sorry forgot to send you my votes! Oops! nice work though!
  10. First time on the forum in a very very long time, managed to fine the thread so doing ok! Ac Milian have struggled in the transfer market but now have a half decent first eleven, will play around with my 2nd eleven over the course of the season, alot of clubs must have had alot of cash as some of the fee's paid have been mad! Good luck to all in the upcoming season, dont know some of you guys, but hello, and hello to you lot i do know!
  11. they are aware thats for sure! Just unsure why they have taken no action as of yet!
  12. MKHITARYAN can go looking for a 91 fwd or 91 defender in return
  13. Thats not exactly what yous said, the way i read it was yiu want another clib to buy players you dont have room for, so if they were any good would they suddenly move to forest? Same as having 2 clubs really imo, doing 3 deals with mangers is not the same
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