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  1. Ended the season in last spot in England Div 4 - a bit of an unfortunate result, but something to be expected considering the slow rebuild of the squad (due to TBs and lack of cash) and the amount of games that were left in the season when I took over, with Millwall stuck significantly down at the bottom of the table. We made some ground up before the end of the season, so hopefully that form carries over and next season goes at least a bit better! Been in charge for 14 games now and picked up 22 points, for an average of 1.57 ppg. Not bad, but could be much better. All in all, it's
  2. Still top of the table in Div 4 by 5 points with 11 games left, with the outright best offense and equal-best defense in the league. On a decent run but we've been dropping points every now and then, which is not ideal considering a few teams beneath us are on a hot run of form at the moment. For being at the bottom of Div 4 when I took over mid-way through last season to the top now - it's been a good journey and hopefully the end of this season brings some more joy!
  3. Great start to our season! The newly promoted Newport County find themselves in 1st spot on the Div 3 ladder after 9 games. Hopefully it continues but for now, we've got to take it a game at a time and see where we end up.
  4. My 50th game in charge of Newport County ended in a 1-0 home win for the boys against Reading. Pretty even match but glad we eeked out a win for the fans. These first 50 games in charge have gone so much better than anything I could have ever expected. 124 points in total, for an average of 2.48 points per game. Hopefully the next 50 are just as great!
  5. Pre-Turn 21 (Season 36) @ Reading Reading's season is coming along nicely, still top of the table by 5 points and on a good run. Hopefully it continues against Wolves in our next match. The fans have been great too, coming out in force to give us the 2nd highest total and average attendances in the league. It'd be great to keep it going - let's see how it all pans out!
  6. Pre-Season @ Newport County (Season 23) It's been busy over in Wales as we've tried to strengthen for the upcoming challenge of life in Division 3. The chairman gave us a decent-sized cash injection, with the expectation of avoiding relegation. Some players have come in, on permanent transfers and loans, to bolster the ranks and everything seems set for hopefully a successful season. The only concern is the wage bill but we'll see how that works out as the season progresses. 2 wins, 2 draws and 1 defeat in 5 pre-season friendlies has inspired some hope in the Newport fans and now it'
  7. Newport County 1st (94 points) in Division 4 - Title & Promotion to Division 3 A great first season for me in Wales. Took over an unremarkable team that finished mid-table last season and the lads responded to the change in management, rewarding me with a title and promotion. Looking to build on this good work next season in a higher division! Top Scorer: Javier HERNANDEZ (11 goals) Top Performer: Javier HERNANDEZ (7.24 average rating)
  8. This sort of stuff is great to see. That long term timeline sounds quite promising. Slowly but surely, you'll get there. I wish I had the patience and knowledge to do something like that project haha. Good luck with it all!
  9. Been around the block a bit in this gameworld. One game at Braga before leaving and returning to manage SK Austria Klagenfurt in the Central European division, where I built up a respectable side that was in the running for European competition next season. However, the job at Millwall opened up mid-season and I couldn't refuse the challenge of managing in England within this competitive gameworld. So that's where I currently am, rebuilding a neglected squad. It'll be a challenge but everything is in GC1, so let's see how it goes!
  10. Took over a Reading side that was rooted to the very bottom of Division 4 towards the tail-end of last season and managed to climb into a mid-table position by the end of that season. In this current season, the mighty Reading are top of Division 4 and chugging along well. Hopefully we can keep it up and get the team back into the higher divisions where it rightfully belongs!
  11. So far, it's been an excellent season for Newport County. I began managing them a few games into this current season and now, with only one game left, we're currently top of Division 4 by 2 points. Promotion has already been secured so all that's left to play for on the last match-day is the title. Last season, this same Newport team finished 11th under their previous manager(s) so I'm very pleased with what I've been able to achieve this season. Hopefully we can build on this in Division 3 next season and avoid a relegation dog-fight in order to achieve a respectable position.
  12. Does anyone know of any clubs in the public gameworlds they are in that have been ruined/trashed by previous managers? Looking to potentially take over a new club soon and interested in a challenge. Cheers!
  13. Hey fellas, seeing as this is the most active thread, I figured I'd ask this here. There's been quite a lot of blatant cheating (a manager using dual accounts in the same gameworld to take over newly vacated teams with good players and sell those players to their primary club) in some of the game-worlds I'm part of, which is unfortunate. However, other 'honest' managers are making it harder to root those blatant cheats out in the long term by putting in bids for players in the hope of weaseling their own favorable deals in the short-term. What's your take on that all? Personally, I don't me
  14. Lost interest in this as well unfortunately, but I might get around to posting about this all some other time when I have more free time. Until then, thanks for reading!
  15. Hey all, unfortunately I lost interest in this project and ended up quitting the team and game world a while ago, so there'll be no more updates. Perhaps someone else can take over the team and keep it all going. That'd be nice. Thanks for following and reading about my prematurely-ended journey with Real Madrid C in any case!
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