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  1. Hey mate, Reading manager here. It's going alright for my team this season, we're hovering just outside the playoff spots in Div 3. Hopefully we'll kick on a bit more, heading into the business end of the season. I've tried to keep the thread ticking over with posts about my team every now and then, but I'd rather not solely turn this thread into a record of Reading's accomplishments/failures. Would be much appreciated if you and some of the others post every now and then about your teams too! That way, we might be able to bring the forum/community back from the brink.
  2. An excellent end to the season for the lads at Newport. A 2nd consecutive promotion has been achieved, blasting Newport County into the mighty heights of Division 2, following a tense playoff final win against a competitive, strong Tranmere Rovers side. It was a disappointing end to the regular season, as we lost on the last match-day and dropped out of the automatic promotion spots into the playoffs in 3rd spot. A gritty 1-0 win against a solid Southend United team put us into the play-off final at Wembley, where 85,000 people turned out to witness our side's great success. Looking forward to seeing how we go in Division 2, we will definitely be one of the weakest sides by far (if not the weakest). Lots of strengthening to do with the squad in key areas during the off-season, but the players that have taken us to these heights will never be forgotten. What an immensely competitive and spirited squad, I'm proud to be their manager!
  3. Still in 5th position in Div 4, with a few wins finally trickling in from the league. It's more of a matter of rotation and match-ups now, haven't really done any deals for players in a while because the team is where I want it to be at this stage already. Hopefully it's enough to bring us success this season. Into the 3rd round of the FA Cup too, after a 1-0 win over division rivals Portsmouth, so something for the fans to look forward to watching. Let's keep it pushing along and see where the season ends up leading!
  4. Don't really know what to make of this season yet, quite topsy-turvy. Reading finds itself in 10th spot in Div 3 currently, solidly mid-table at the moment, despite our dominance in most matches. Hopefully the dominance starts to line up with positive results - getting a bit sick of all that stats being positive and then conceding a sneaky goal from the opposition's one shot on target. In positive news, we managed to bundle out a much stronger Manchester United from the cup, which is a massive boon. The people of Reading must be going wild inside their locked-down houses at the thought of one-upping one of the titans of the club game. The season keeps chugging along in the meantime, let's see how it continues!
  5. The boys at Newport County find themselves in 3rd in Division 3 atm (with the most draws and least losses in the division), having broken out of a dreadful run without a win in around about 10 games or so (mostly draws, with a few losses peppered in for fun). A few wins and the latest draw has brought some positivity back into the camp, ahead of the crunch fixtures towards the end of the season. Bit disappointed with our last result though, a dull 0-0 draw against Bournemouth (a win would have let us catapult over them into 2nd and an automatic promotion spot) - they played a weakened team (presumably due to rotation) and we couldn't take advantage, despite our statistical dominance. Up next is Leicester City who have a solid squad, a capable manager and are on a good run of form - it'll be a tricky fixture, for sure. Let's see how the run in goes!
  6. 16 games into the season and Millwall find themselves in 5th spot on the ladder in the English 4th Division. Just plugging away and it's not going too badly so far, a few unfortunate results here and there but not enough yet to derail our run for hopefully a play-off spot by the end of the season (an automatic promotion spot would be even better but that might be wishful thinking). The team's strengthened well too, with another 85 rated player joining our ranks recently on a permanent deal. The team's spine and its average XI is inching up, bit by bit. I've got about 100 days left of gold membership and I'm in two minds regarding whether to renew or not. On one hand, playing in the biggest and most prestigious gameworld is fun and a good challenge but on the other hand, I'm not sure it's worth the 30 or so dollars for a year when there are plenty of free game worlds offering similar, and the money is going to SM who have repeatedly shown up until now that they don't really care about the multiplayer game or their customers. Anyone else thinking something similar? Perhaps my decision will be influenced by how Millwall does at the end of this season hahaha
  7. The poor run of form continues for Newport County. 8 points from our last 6 games - 2 wins, 2 losses and 2 draws. Not the sort of thing we were hoping for after our good start, but the injures to key players have taken a toll and the tactics haven't been able to cover up those deficiencies, like they have in the past. Currently in 4th spot in Division 3 with 53 points after 29 games, 2 points off the automatic promotion places and 4 points clear of falling out of the playoff spots. Shouldn't really be complaining, it's still quite a good spot considering the strength of the team relative to others in the division, but it still feels like a bit of a letdown recently, when compared to our flying start this season. Hopefully it all picks up soon and we make a strong push to end the season!
  8. I'm sure as the season progresses and NMFs start creeping into inattentive managers' teams, your Blackburn team will climb up the ladder quickly. As for Reading, it's been an ok start - currently in 8th spot in Division 3 with 8 points. 5 goals scored, 2 conceded so the matches have all been tight tussles so far. The loss and one of the draws I've had were a bit unfair on the team, considering we dominated the stats both times, but that's just how Soccer Manager goes sometimes. Hopefully it'll all average out by the end of the season and the team will end up achieving what they deserve. Hoping to have Reading compete in the playoffs this year, might be a bit of a stretch but let's see how it goes. Good luck to all for the rest of the season!
  9. Like I predicted in my last post, our good form would eventually come to an end and so it has happened. A draw and 2 losses in Newport's last few games has caused us to drop into 2nd - not too bad considering the points dropped, but teams are creeping closer and we still have tough games to come, so the fall down the ladder could accelerate and get out of hand if we're not careful. ROMEU, one of my starting XI players, suffered a very long injury recently and my right back, DE COSTA, is just returning from an injury as well. Got to rely on good old tactical nous and good fortune to get us back on track again, like they have in the past.
  10. On a more serious note however, the flood of 40-rep accounts into the game-world continues. If it weren't for those and the 'mastermind' behind them clogging up the GW, we could bring in some more active managers and rejuvenate EC106. It's already well on the way to coming back, there's been more chatter in the newsfeed and here on the forum. The only thing left to do is expose the rat behind the cheating. Anyone got any suspicions about who the main account/culprit might be? If you do, please explain why you think it might be that person, because we don't really want any unsubstantiated claims floating about either.
  11. READING HAVE BEEN PROMOTED!!! The club's lengthy spell in Division 4 is over, following a successful play-off campaign - a gutsy 1-0 win over Charlton Athletic at home in the semis, before a comeback 3-1 win over a strong Cheltenham Town at Wembley. We were down 1-0 at half time in the play-off final, before our magnificent loanee, Cengiz Under, smashed in a second-half hat-trick to send Reading up. Looking at the stats, the result was fair but it must have been a nervy period for the team, falling behind and seeing the season and all its good form and achievements slip away to nothing. Thankfully, they put up a fight and we're up! Next season in Division 3 should be interesting, stronger teams and more active managers abound. Our veteran defender, Tomáš SIVOK, is retiring at the end of this current season, so I'm glad we were able to send off such a good servant to the club with a career-highlight win. Alexander DJIKU has already been brought into the team to fill the gap left by SIVOK's departure, however. Bit more work to do behind the scenes before the new season begins, but bring it on!
  12. Incredibly disheartening end to the regular season for Reading, as we slip out of the automatic promotion places on the last day and into the play-offs. It's been a shocking run of form the last couple of games and what makes it even worse is that we were leading the league by a significant margin for the vast majority of the season. Our final match-day was a 1-0 loss to Walsall where we dominated the stats but their goalie had a blinder (10 rating) and we couldn't break through, while they scored with one of their few shots on target. Guess that's the way it goes sometimes. Honestly not feeling too optimistic about the playoffs either - Cheltenham Town in 4th position have a new manager and their squad is better than ours, so if the guy knows what he's doing, they'll be tough to beat. Just got to take it a match at a time though and first up is our semi-final against Charlton Athletic who finished in 6th. We haven't lost to them at all this season so hopefully our good run against them continues this time. All in all, a good season turned bad in the last few matches, but there's still a chance for the boys to redeem themselves and dig Reading out of Division 4 and propel the club to the higher divisions where it belongs. The club's spent too long in the bottom division due to mismanagement by other managers and long periods of no management at all.
  13. It's an alright deal for both sides imo, nobody's really losing out too much. I think you got the better end of the stick though, considering you got two world-class young players with high ratings to bolster your depth, in exchange for only one.
  14. All of the proposed details have been discussed in decent depth already, so I don't have much to add in regards to that. I just hope the community's input (by that I mean, those on the forum too and not just the select chosen few on the Discord chat) will be genuinely considered and decisions that actually improve the game come out of it. On a more personal note, a pet peeve of mine that I'd like to be addressed is the removal of that annoying, pesky SM 21 pop-up that you always have to click to close when you log onto SM Worlds on the computer. It's a bit trivial to complain about something like this, but it's really bothers me now. If I wanted to play your knock-off single-player FM clone, I would have signed up by now. I don't need an ad for it in my face every single time - all it's doing is making me dislike Arteta for being in the ad (and I have nothing personal against the bloke in real life) and making me even less likely to try SM 21 at all. I have ad blockers enabled so I don't think it's not an issue that I can sort out on my end. Please rectify this if you can, I'd be greatly appreciative hahaha!
  15. Fantastic start to the season at Millwall. Top of Division 4 after 6 games, which really doesn't really mean anything considering it's only a short way into the season but it's a nice milestone to hit after finishing last season in 20th spot. The squad isn't too different from last season's as well, although we've got a few loanees in which have helped and a few rating increases too. However, our squad definitely isn't in the top few strongest in the division, so we'll have to rely on tactical nous to keep our form going. We've already come up against a few strong teams and eeked our draws or wins so hopefully that continues. Onto the next game!
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