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  1. Hahaha Weigl +1 to 88 only! But Sane gets 86>89 and Coman 87>89! ABSURD!
  2. Wow. Haven't been on the forum in a while. Just felt the need to voice my opinion about the new interface. I've been a member since 2009, with brief breaks here and there. Checking up on my squads everyday was something I really liked, now it feels like a burden. I'm almost getting to a point that I can't be bothered anymore. The GW's I'm in a lot of people have already left there squads. A shame. I'm all for innovating and progressing, IF DONE RIGHT. I'm not a paying member, so I accept the ads. No problem at all. I also understand the need to generate more pageviews, I have no problem with that either. Also changes in the game tactics/finances, no problem. But from going to a 'clean' layout, with a clear structure and a white background to this new layout which feels extremely clustered/stuffed and dark I can't understand. Most buttons look extremely amateurish. Loading time is absolutely awful. I know it takes time to get used to new features, but there are no real new features. Everything is just hidden under different layers to generate clicks. If it was done logically, I could live with it but this is terrible. Especially since it takes AGES to LOAD. I absolutely love SM and it's concept. And I know no one cares but I'm giving it 2 more weeks and if nothing changes I'm done. I'm not talking about 'simple' bugs like players missing, that is to be excepted with drastic changes. My problem is with the layout mostly. Just my to cents.
  3. Does it? I might be cross eyed' date=' cause I don't see it. [b']----------------[/b] END OF SEASON AWARDS Well it has been a very close season for everyone but me lol Here are the final awards for the 31+ player prize for the forthcoming season ---------------- Still see no mention of raising the player rating cap from 94 to ?? (95? 96?). That's why I'm asking.
  4. For me last season was a complete waste. Mainly due to time. Also I might have missed some rule changes.. I thought buying a player over 94 rating was not allowed. And that your vice-captain has to be lower rated or equal to the rating of your captain. This changed? Asking this because I see players like Robben en Lahm being bought.
  5. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc... Mumbai mostly.. few days in Mangalore.
  6. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc... Im on a holiday in India so i dont hv time to get in to a whole discussion but Everton seems to be benifiting from all these weird deals. 40 rated manager giving up 2 high rated players for spare change. Mata for just 17 mI. Im offering huge amounts and cant get any deals done.. just saying.. its a bit strange. Like i said im on a holiday so maybe i missed some things. But just wanted it said..
  7. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc... Can someone explain to me what Kashima Antlers is doing? Has multiple 27+ yo players. Sold: ČECH, Petr - Sold him after already declaring him as Captain (I thought that was not allowed). Currently has the following players: - BEGOVIĆ, Asmir - bought from managed club, no prob - DEMICHELIS, Martin - bought from Man City. External. - KOSCIELNY, Laurent - bought from Arsenal recently. External. - NISHI, Daigo - bought transfer free. External. - Drogba, Didier - has a bid out for him. External He dedclared Demichelis as his prize player. Who is his captain?? It can't be Koscielny because he is <30 yo and he declared him as his vice captain. And he is the highest rated player on his squad currently. He bought Koscielny AFTER he bought Demichelis. Also the Nishi and Droba trades are not legit .. or did I miss something? Even if now Drogba becomes his captain, Koscielny his vice captain, Demichelis his prize player, it still makes the Nishi trade illegitimate. EDIT!! Just saw that Nishi was probably bought when the club was unmanaged. So was UMEBACHI, Takahide. Gehehe never mind then. Still remains that changing your captain was not allowed I thought?
  8. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc... Sorry guys, I'm not selling my LB's. Refused the offers. Was a good one for Baba though. Just crushed Palermo with my B-side to take first.
  9. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc... Espanyol Captain: Dani Alves VC: David Luiz Same as last season. 32+ Prize Player: John Terry
  10. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc... Laura (Toulouse) please cancel your bid for Bazoer. You have 27 players, you need to sell 3 players first .. (sorry.. just now hearing her cap was raised to 30 temporarily) One last question regarding the prizes, sorry. When you say 'this season' you have to claim the prize. Meaning season 1? Since that is over, only friendly matches left. Or do you mean season 2? I think you mean season 1.. but just checking to be sure. PEOPLE!!! - Transfer alert! Radoja is 22yo. I will be selling him short term. If to an external club .. he can't enter the GW again for a long time! Will rise to 86 this season and is one of the best players on the Celta squad!! Don't miss out (only selling to create squad space)
  11. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc... Regarding the rewards. 1. Do we need to buy them asap or can we buy a preferred player somewhere in the coming season? 2. To be clear, I'm not sure anymore, it is not possible to trade a reward right? For example: Manager X wants one or my players, I want a higher rated player of theirs: I trade my player + option to buy a prize for that higher rated player?
  12. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc... Sorry to ask but what exact prize can I claim now? - Buy a player rated 33yo or older? Rated lower than my vice captain? Also players available on my squad, only if the offers are good: - Adama Traore - Patrick Roberts - Riedewald - Tah - Radoja - Velazquez - Engels Probably only accepting players+cash offers.
  13. Re: El Capitán - Match Reports, Discussions etc... What's up lads! :p Have been very absent(been very busy)! Anyway I'll try and post more from now on. Good first season for me with Espanyol - Won cup - 3rd in the league (due to cup had to field 75 rated players to often ) A lot of quiters already though :confused:.
  14. Re: The New Players Thread Yes and one that I have to let slide in one of my GW's . As I expect another young Ajax starlet to be added the next few weeks.. and I already did 2 transfers with Ajax Didn't expect Cerny to make his debut this season, perhaps only near the end of the season. And he hasn't yet. So really annoying he got added.
  15. Re: The New Players Thread Can someone perhaps explain why Vaclav Cerny (Ajax) was added to the DB? He hasn't played for Ajax or their second squad Jong Ajax yet. So without any minutes under his belt, why was he added?
  16. Re: Viviendo El Sueño Sorry guys, didn't find the time to get on the forum last few weeks. Therefore didn't get the chance to take control of my Ajax and put together a squad. Hope the manager who has Ajax (if it's still in the GW) makes something of it! GL
  17. Re: New Custom Gameworld - El Capitán what other thread?
  18. Re: New Custom Gameworld - El Capitán For those who haven't noticed yet' date=' PFC Neftochimic manager has signed 26 players. 1 player over the transfer cap of 25. What do we do about this? 1. Everybody can own a maximum of 26 players? 2. Raise the player cap to 30 players ? 3. PFC Neftochimic has to let go of the last player signed?* 4. ?? 5. ?? * Problem with this is, his last signed player is a GK. He owns 2, so the chairman won't allow him to sell that player when the transfer ban ends. Obviously when given the choice he'll choose the lowest rated player, or the one he can make the most profit. My vote goes for option #2 in this case. Thoughts?
  19. Re: Every Person's Dream I left as well. Players: Pogba & Varane. To be honest I was really satisfied with my squad, don't know if I have the motivation to do a similar setup again. It was not really exciting, a tad boring tbh. What are the plans for the new setup?
  20. Re: New Custom Gameworld - El Capitán lol @ Palermo spending roughly 115 million on 5 players
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