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  1. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? Concerns are turned off in this setup so players never develop any! My current balance is $30m too, so I don't have to worry about selling anyone to raise cash.
  2. Re: Hamsik for Arturo Vidal ? I'd go for Vidal, he's awfully versatile and I'm pretty sure he's getting his +1 soon too.
  3. Re: Buy, Sell or Keep Thread? I recently sold Sneijder and Hernandez to raise some funds and got Vidal and Chiellini and now I'm thinking of getting another forward. My options are: Marco Reus (90), Rooney (95), David Villa (95) and Higuain (94). Any ideas? My current strikers are: Robin Van Persie (94) Luis Suarez (92) Alexis Sanchez (92) Sergio Aguero (94) Edinson Cavani (92) Edin Dzeko (92)
  4. Hey guys, I really need a CB and who do you think is the best out of those three?
  5. Titulli: How to counter 4-5-1 effectively? Anyone else want to voice their opinion?
  6. Hey, I'm playing Man United next and the guy's been playing 4-5-1 all the time now and winning! This is how I think he will be playing: -------------Mandana 91----------- Ivanovic 92-Lucio 94-Vidic 96-Chiellini 94 Podolski 90-Obi Mikel 91-L.Gonzalez 92-K.Kallstrom 90 ----------------Rooney 95----------------------- ------------------Villa 96--------------------------- This is my squad: Can you suggest a formation I could use to beat the opposition as well as include pre-match instructions? Thanks! PS: I'll be playing home and I lost 1-0 last time I played 4-3-3 Wingers against a team playing 4-5-1!
  7. Titulli: Mertasacker or thiago silva? Thiago Silva, always!
  8. Titulli: Pedro deal I recently heard that De Rossi will not be signing another contract with Roma, does that mean he could really move to some big team like Manchester United? Whereas Cambiasso will probably commit his future to Inter, considering he's already 30 and all.
  9. I'm thinking of swapping either Cambiasso 95 or De Rossi 94 to get Pedro. But who between those two should I swap to get Pedro? I already have Sneijder, Nasri, Schweinsteiger, Ranieri and T.Silva to cover my midfield so it's not a problem.
  10. Titulli: Buying Bonucci before he rises? I think the Italian league is still being reviewed as Thiago Silva got +1 today, Zanetti -1, Lavezzi +1, etc!
  11. Titulli: Ribas Diego deal ? I would sell him for 37 millions and try to get someone like Modric, Sahin or Pastore to replace him!
  12. Hey guys, I have Martin Kelly and Dani Pacheco in my team whom I'm thinking of swapping +1 million or so to get Bonucci. Good idea? I've read that he's almost certain to be rising to 90 very soon as the italian league's already being reviews. Or should I keep Kelly? I'm pretty sure Kelly won't be rising because of his injury, but I can alway re-buy him later since the deal for Bonucci will be with an external club!
  13. lfcdeadman

    Roma help

    Titulli: Roma help How about a 4-2-3-1? ~~~~~~~~~~~SCHWARZER~~~~~~~~~~ M.PEREIRA~~~LUCIO~~~~JUAN~~~~~MAXWELL ~~~~~~DE ROSSI~~~~MOTTA/CASTRO~~~~~ MENEZ~~~~~~~~GOURCUFF~~~~~~~~VUCINIC ~~~~~~~~~~~~GOMEZ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Feel free to swap Motta with Castro or even Martinez if you want. And if Asenjo is getting better ratings than Schwarzer, then use him as GK. Tackling style: Hard Mentality: Normal (if home), Defensive (if away) Passing style: Direct Tempo: Normal Attacking: Mixed Pressing: Own half (if home), All over (if away) Gourcuff as playmaker and Gomez as target man
  14. I've been offered to swap my David Silva to get Ozil. I'm tempted to accept but I'm worried Ozil will get a positional change to AM, but AM/Wing would be just fine! What do you guys think?
  15. Titulli: Di Maria deal! Thanks! I'll do the deal then! Marcelo Vieira will also be joining my squad soon, hopefully! It's hilarious how I had already swapped Tevez for Torres and I am now selling Dzeko. I may be the biggest idiot SM-wise! Torres was the SMFA player of the year and Dzeko won the golden boot last season, in that very same setup! I wonder how they give players match ratings!
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