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  1. Re: De Jong or Khedira ? tough choice... de jong is perhaps slightly better but is a bigger liability because of his tendancy to make stupid tackles. khedira is a more dependable and reliable player, and with a little experience will probably be a better player overall. as for SM rating, again very difficult. i would have said khedira as last season he played almost every game for madrid (as did de jong) and looked set to continue his role this season (unlike de jong), however jose continues his unpredictable behaviour and has started giving lass diarra more game time, and with sahin coming back from injury, there is definitely going to be more rotation going on in the central midfield (just look at kaka / ozil this season). in conclusion i'd be inclined to go with khedira, but only just. it's possible that khedira will stay on 91 and de jong on 92 for the next year, so de jong would be the better choice for your team, but i think (hope) khedira will get 92 at the next change, and if he remains in jose's plans will potentially reach 93 by the end of season. de jong will remain 92 and as he is only a squad player with a lot of rotation at city he's unlikely to get an increase. however, anything is possible.... as i say, it's a very close choice and a difficult one to call.
  2. Re: SPL risers put this in another thread before i see this SPL specific one, so have copy/pasted for you guys. just thought i'd mention Scott Allan as a 10k buy for scotland - should get a small rise at least +3 (+5 would be nice but SM have suddenly gotten very mean with there rises of late). Worth keeping though as he's been getting attention from the old firm bouys, and is in the under 21 squad. also rumours of him getting attention from some english clubs etc... certainly seems to have a big future anyway.
  3. Re: Player ratings thread i know, it's really out of order that SM dont give him a rise, even though there not reveiwing the danish league at the moment.... i mean, really .. they should just give him a regular rise.... oh well, perhaps if you wait until they do reveiw the danish league's he'll get a rise then it's been 8 months since last danish review so could potentially be soon enough, but then you just never know with sm
  4. Re: Player ratings thread just thought i'd mention Scott Allan as a 10k buy for scotland - should get a small rise at least +3 (+5 would be nice but SM have suddenly gotten very mean with there rises of late). Worth keeping though as he's been getting attention from the old firm bouys, and is in the under 21 squad.
  5. Re: SLOVENIA Thread Oct 2011
  6. Re: The Real Problem With SM.. Match Engine!.. The Truth!!!..
  7. Re: The idea of Cash is King. Personally I think SM works perfectly well the way it is. Money does not become pointless, you need money to buy and sell and to bring in the youth prospects. It is by doing this and through clever transfer negotiations that you get the better players. They way things work, allow's for any club of any size to compete at any level depending upon how determined the manager is, and how much time they are willing to put into the game. Many of my squads have this methodology to thank for there current strenght and continuing growth. A very good example of this is this: Roma, season 8, fairly competetive game world. As most people will know any gw in season 8 it's hard to get top players and money is not going to do it. I just signed Iniesta. The deal was £63.0M + Jordan HENDERSON & Javier HERNANDEZ. I bought Henderson 1 year ago, rated 86 - and I bought Hernandez just over 1 year ago rated 86. Now I'm aware that they are two very hot prospects. Personally i dont think henderson will ever top 91, but hernandez could well be a 94-96 rated player - but not for at least two years, by which time my other youngsters should have developed anyway. Neymar, Gotze, Lucas and Ramsey are all players i also have and will not sell - i have every intention of bringing them into the 1st team once they are good enough (Neymar is already a regular sub) - so you see henderson and hernandez i could spare and used them to get me the 2nd best player in the world (my opinion). Through good knowledge, research etc.. i had the players the other manager wanted, and he had a world class one i wanted - fair deal was done. but i bought those players originally with cash, or from external clubs using other players i'd bough with cash - it all starts with cash..... also, from making profit i was able to buy wesley sniejder in the same game world when a club had been unmanaged for long enough, through clever research and buying/selling i have a bank account sufficient to put in a bid to beat all others at the time. When I first started playing SM i got frustrated that people wouldn't sell me there players for maximum cash, and all the usual stuff. But then i read the forums and realised the depth of this game,and the effort that some people put into it - so why should they sell me there top players when they've put in so much effort to have built there squads ... unless I could find a way to persuede them Like any GOOD game, you get out of SM what you put into SM. That's why it works perfectly well as it is. Just my humble opinion.
  8. Re: The idea of Cash is King. wow - i'm amazed by this... let's start with PMB as you call it - players concernes have just stopped players hogging - we are now seeing better dsitribution of players and the overall positive impact of player concern's, and now you come up with a suggestion that would negate that good work. you realise the clubs that used to hog players are the same clubs that have loads and loads of money - paying off concernes would mean nothing to them. i know, becuse i have traded well, and am now in a position to player hogg and probably would if it wasn't for the concern's. money means nothing to me in most of my squads - most of them are valued around the 1billion mark with 200+mill in the bank. you introduce something like this, and i could just collect players and pay off there concernes all day long. Thankfully player concern's doesn't let me or others do this when i joined this game there was no concern's to speak of, and hoggin was ruining most of the game worlds. this suggestion would be a massive step backwards to those dark times. next - debt affecting player moral... hmmm, not a major thing, but does seem to me as something that would mostly hurt smaller clubs who try to keep a compact team using good scouting and long term prospects. Do you really want to hurt them? clubs in debt and loans - that actually makes a lot of sense, i dont really suffer with debt so dont know if you can or cant loan players when in debt, but agree that if your in long term debt any loans IN should be terminated. Obviously should not affect loans out as that is helping the finances. Lastly the stadium expansion thing... SM base the club set up on real club info. Also, once you get really good at SM it's the challenge of keeping a small club in the top flight that makes it interesting, if that small club then had increasing stadium and gate income the easier that club would be to manage and therefore less challanging.... see the debate on PE (part exchange) on this forum. Cash in SM is subjective for sure.
  9. Re: PE DEALS-WHEN it will be REMOVED wow, cant believe I wasted my time and effort giving this guy such a comprehensive explanation of why PE is an essential part of the game. oh well, suppose I'll just have to go and be childish and immature - wouldn't want to dissapoint CB HAS SPOKEN . yes please moderator close this thread - seems that the CHILDISH AND IMMATURE HAVE SPOKEN
  10. Re: Length of time a team must be unmanaged before players can be bought it is a difficult one - as i say, i'd like to see the job offer to other managers be reduced in time... but most importantly is when it's the start of a new season - the start of a new season is the best time for recruiting new managers to a game world - but many ppl take clubs and then dump them - the job is then offered to mangers who ignore it, and by the time the job opens up again, it no longer the beginning of the season and the game world loses out... i think the current system is generally good, but during the 1st week of the season, i think the job's should NOT be offered internally, but made open to the public immediately.
  11. Re: Official Arsenal Thread just a quick question, is arsene venger slowly turning into a living ghost, or simply taken to bathing in talc? He's so white it defies belief. At least if he get's the boot at arsenal he's got an alternate career opportunity in films and tv - no make up required, ghost or zombie roles he's got it wrapped
  12. Re: stuart downing got to get a 90 at next review i think. if he keeps up his form and liverpool get back into zooropa cup next season (eufa is beyond them i think), then he could get 91, but not this season unless he and they surpass expectations and he cements a place in engalnd squad.
  13. Re: The Real Problem With SM.. Match Engine!.. The Truth!!!.. Bump - think this is one of the most relevant threads out there - this is the kind of thing that people should be more concerned with - actual game development.
  14. Re: PE DEALS-WHEN it will be REMOVED PE deals are essential to this game. I only wish you could PE more than two players for one. Most of my top players in most of my squads have been obtained by making PE offers. Once a game world get's older, the bigger clubs dont need money, as they get enough from gate to profit while paying a quality squad. If you manage a smaller squad you have to pay wages by trading players. By the time you get enough money together to buy a good player, the top clubs already have bought them all. BUT, with good scouting and research, i have secured very good prospects and used them as bait in a deal to upgrade my players... I'll give an example. Elia(89) + coutinho(78 but hotly tipped for a big rise, which he got) got me Lisandro(92). a few months later, Lisandro(92) + Lukaku(83) + 50mil cash got me higuain. another example, guida(90) + canales(84ish) got me defoe (91) at the time. a little later defoe (91) + sofiane (87) + 80mil cash got me aguero. those clubs would never have parted with those players for cash only, as real madrid, man united etc.. dont need money - my charlton's however, can make as much money as they like it wont get them top players - it's using the PE leverage that has achieved that.
  15. Re: is john terry safe? lol, no. he's lost it - Terry's best attribute was always his anticipation - he was like a magician, always in the place before the ball was seconds later. Now, he couldn't aticipate a hangover follows 5 bottles of champaigne and a night of white lines and hourly rates girls. That said, all the time he's playing 1st team for chelsea and in england squad he'll probably hold his 94 maybe drop to 93. but as soon as england dump him for phil jones (inevitable), and chelsea drop him for Luiz (sooner that you may think) he'll drop faster than a lead goldfish. Slow to react, always out of position, overall concentration of a 5 year old in a new playground - a new young manager looking to make his mark, lampard, drogba and terry represent the old gaurd - and we've seen what's going on with drogba and lampard...
  16. Re: Is swapping Khedira for Coentrao a good deal ???
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