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  1. SM have revamped the method of reporting cheating. now you can no longer open a ticket, just click on the illegal transfer thing - which they always ignored anyway. Why would anyone pay for this game when it is now impossible to actually explain the cheating going on, and therefore harder to prevent people from cheating. Today, i got an PM from someone who offered to sell me all there best players for cost price, if i buy them a game world.... how do i report that??? go to illigal transfers and press a button, i think not! go to match fixing and report that, nope. SM want you to pay for a service, but they dont want to have to inter-react with ANYONE. Ludicrous. I have reported many many cheats in the past, and have (with 1 or 2 exceptions) always been very happy with the way SM dealt with it. Cheating ruins this game, and unless it's stopped, a club you have spent a LOT of time getting into top class position becomes useless because 1 person can ruin a game world. when someone comes into a game world and takes over 3/4/5 clubs - how do you report it?? there MUST be a way to report to SM using text, not just a button which does not give SM the full information required. BE ASSURED I WILL NOT RENEW MY MEMBERSHIP any comments on this welcome, i'd love to know what other PAYING customers think of this, and how many people think that this is essential service for paying customers.... proper support IMO is more important than these 'updates' that SM are making. We already enjoyed playing the game, but we are all aware how cheats can ruin it.
  2. Re: downing for 90!!! no, he will never have it, but if he keeps up the work rate, and keeps managing to 'at last' get his crosses in, then maybe a 90's on the cards in the future... that's not setting the world-on-fire is it, it's a blood and guts 90 (fair enough), but that would be his max. I think your just trying to pick out a small point of my text instead of generally agreeing with what you know to be true
  3. Re: Marc Albrighton.... unfortunately SM are a bit tight and dont rashly hand out points, but if they did he'd get 90 at least as he is consistantly AV's best player this season. Alas this probably (lol) wont happen. Mid 80's followed by late 80's will be his next two rises if he keeps form. if he gets into england squad he may even get a 90/91 within 3 rises... which could be sooner than you might expect with SM promising to update the major leagues more frequently - so maybe before the end of 2011... ? he's definitely a joy to watch though.
  4. Re: downing for 90!!! i'm constantly surprised whenever i hear someone praise downing, and even more surprised when i actually see him do anything good. surely he's the heskey of the wing... everytime southgate would select downing before johnson was another depressing moment, and eventually AV took him away and allowed johnson to shine - yay. Downing is average at best, very capable on a good day and mostly culpable on a match day. Albrighton is making him look good at the moment, so dont credit downing, but credit Albrighton who along with walcott, johnson and wilshire are inspiring confidence that England has a future.
  5. Re: Joey barton-What should he rise to? that sums him up, as for rise, he should get -10 and that's being kind. should have been banned from football for life, and eventually will be. an utter twonk.
  6. Re: Ashley Cole vs. Maicon: Why is there a 2 point gap?
  7. Re: Predictions on: hernandez, Muller, Elia, Kroos, Hummels etcc..
  8. Re: Hugo Lloris dont think huntelaar has done anything worthy of a rate rise myself, as for lloris i agree he's worth more than a 92, but while he stays at lyon it will take at least a season or two more of top performances before SM consider a 93 for him. If he gets a move to arsenal, seville or any club above that level of stature then he can look at a 93/94, and a move to a top club (barca/manu/madrid/inter) then maybe more, but that would be quite a long way off for him yet (although ManU making a move for him wouldn't surprise me as a replacement for VDS). SM are very cautious about giving players anything over 92, so even if you think (as i do) that lloris is better than eg: buffon, he would never get the same rating while at lyon (lyon capped at about 93 unless they get to a Euro final) and to get that 93 would take a few seasons of top draw performances.
  9. Re: Who is the better wing? true, but i always play him on the wing in my teams, and he always performs brilliant trochowski will struggle to keep his 91 rating, and bastos who will stay at 91 especially with lyon under-performing (gourcuff in danger of dropping a point maybe??) , lisandro will keep his 92 rating for sure. nani may get 91 this time round as he's performing well, but when valencia is fit again, he may struggle to keep his place in the squad. bale is a must buy, but very hard to get in any game world. still say of the options given, for at least the next year-18months real time lisandro will be your best buy for performance on the wing. long term maybe bastos but he's loyal to lyon so will probably never go over 92, and turan could be world class but has to move to a major club and prove himself.
  10. Re: Who is the better wing? currently looking at +2/3 but if he keeps getting starts then could get +3/4, that would be about maximum at this stage, so would need to get many more starts for that.
  11. Anyone know what is going on with SM - have they decided to stop posting the next leagues to be reviewed. One day there are no leagues to be reviewed next, then the next day BAM Dutch and Scottish leagues are being reviewed - no warning watsoever, and it's not like a day or two, but the very next morning the scottish reviews are done (tbh i may have missed 1 day as I had a stag party to attend:)). Now at the moment, they are showing no leagues in the 'next to be reviewed list', so I guess that suddenly another couple of leagues will appear without notice - is this a permanent change? I've been playing just about long enough to have a rough schedule of changes so can guestimate the next leagues - belgium/turkey/france/portugal should be coming soon would be my guess - anyone with better idea's please feel free to correct me. However, for new players trying to get into the game - it seems very unfair on them, as they have no way of knowing when to offload a key player they suspect wont maintain there rating (for example : a new player has van Nistleroy as the key striker in there squad - if he knows the German leagues are being reviewed shortly, he may want to consider trying to trade him off for llorente/nilmar/defoe or even a neymar or something) Obviously it effects any manager who uses buy/sell risers to maintain a squad too, for me i have 3 charlton squads who's wages bill would cripple me without profit from risers, and eventually I would just have to drop them, which would slowly make me loose interest in the game altogether as for me making a Charlton team that can win Div.1 is my biggest target. Anyway, as i say not a major problem for anyone who's been buying/selling for a year of more (10 months for me so far) as you have a good knowledge of the SM schedule, but a disaster for new managers in my humble opinion. Anyway, anyone with a better idea of which changes we can expect to see next, as i say, please feel free to give better advise than my guestimate... Let's hope SM can get there act together on this one sooner rather than later.
  12. Re: Spanish, Italian, Germany and French Divison 2 Ratings Prediction Here Great thread mate - repped accordingly.
  13. Re: Dealing with cheats.... just wanted to add that SM dealt with the problem and kicked the cheat from 3 clubs - he still has one though, but all transfers were reversed and i'll continue to report and dodgy moves. unfortunately, a new cheat has taken over two of the clubs, so it's back to the reporting again... ho hum. anyway, fair play to SM - like BR they are getting there
  14. Re: Dealing with cheats.... 10 CLUB BUST - LOL - brilliant, he's only got the 5 clubs at the moment in my gameworld. Very predictable to, although trying to be more crafty by waiting 24 hrs since taking over seville to make the bid on Dani Alves we all knew he would.
  15. Re: Dealing with cheats....
  16. Re: Dealing with cheats.... I have done that, and to be fair the smfa are blocking transfer's but now he's determined to ruin one of the strongest clubs in the league with stupid spending. look at this: Transfer Deal FC Schalke 04 have managed to sign Paolo GUERRERO from Eintracht Frankfurt on a deal believed to be around £14,000,000. Transfer Deal FC Schalke 04 have managed to sign Blaise NKUFO from Seattle Sounders on a deal believed to be around £12,000,000. Transfer Deal Hertha BSC have sold Araújo RAFFAEL to FC Schalke 04 on a deal believed to be around £14,000,000. Transfer Deal Marco DI VAIO has moved to FC Schalke 04 from Bologna on a deal believed to be around £12,000,000. All these transfer's appear to have now been reversed, so SM obviously agree that these are strange/unusual, I just can't understand why they do not remove the manager(s). I beat Everton (one of his cheat clubs) in a semi-final yesterday - but the victory felt hollow, i'd rather beat an unmanaged club than one thats being purposely abused, and more preferable to play a managed club by a serious player. I get several mails everyday now from fellow players in the game world, they have also made tickets to SM. Normally, SM are very good and dont hesitate to eject a cheating manager, I dont wish to complain about that as 9 out of 10 times they are great, and I am very observant for cheating, so have reported many times before. But I have had one instant before when this similar situation arised, and it totally ruined the game world, eventually I quit the game world, as did many others. Now it is happening again, and I cant quite express how frustrating it is. Personally I spent a lot of time turning my club from a div.2 team to a top of league Div1 team, with a few quiality players, and a lot of youth coming through, and making good profit. I'm quite proud of those efforts, but already 2 of the game-worlds strongest managers have quit the game world becuase of this guy, and the only reason the real madrid, inter and bremen manager's arent is because we are all now talking to each other about the situation. This was a really good game world with well run squads, good managers and competetive, but it's become a shambles. Agghh. Anyway, i just wanted to know if there was another place to take this problem.
  17. I have a problem in one of the game-world in which i play. It's not the first time i've come accross this problem - previously i simply quit the game world, but now i've invested a LOT of time and effort into my club's and simply dont feel that i should have to loose out because of someone cheating. First this guy takes control of Man United (with an already very very strong squad), but not satisfied he takes control of fiorentina and tries to sell himself s.frey on the cheap - the smfa block all attempts - ok so far. Then he takes control of schalke, here he tried to sell to himself Pique and Schnieder - again blocked, so he takes controll of Roma and Everton also, and tries some experiments of accepting bids on scheiner and pique, then cancelling then trying again with United only to be blocked. So, keeping the ManU/Schalke/Everton and Roma he now tries again with villareal also, then quits there and takes seville. smfa keep blocking all transfer's - ok, that is something - however this is ruining the game world - no-one can do transfer's with his many clubs - if you try he wants higuan and mascherano in exchange for vermaelen, but will accept a minimum bid from manU - only to be blocked of course - but it's preventing all normal operation within the game world. It was a very competetive game world, which is what made it such fun, however now many managers are quitting because SM refuse to remove any of this players accounts. Liverpool, one of the strongest clubs, and longest serving managers has quit, i am in discussion with the managers are Real Madrid, Werder Bremen and Inter all of them like myself cannot believe what is happening to our game-world. no matter how much information we give SM on this problem, they reply with exactly the same response quote // Hi Scrag, Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have looked into this and the Automated Transfer Monitoring System (ATMS) is already aware of the manager(s) and will ensure no cheating happens on the account(s) in question. Regards SoccerManager.com Support Team SM Support Team unquote /// what that does not prevent, is the manager spending all those clubs monies and generally trying to ruin the squad. This morning schalke spent over 50mil on players it (A) does not need and ( paid 2 or 3 times the players value to get. So he is trying to spend Schalke's bank account, which a real manager would use more wisely than spending 14mil of a 35 year old player!!!! Also what that lack of action does not do is allow the game world to return to normal, to allow Managers at those clubs to make transfers to improve the squad and to deal with other clubs fairly. I know that other members of the game world have also opened SM tickets and get the same response I do. Many times before I have seen SM kick out managers and suspend/ban there accounts, and on those occasions I am always gratefull for there assistance. However, this is the second time i've come accross this refusal to take action, last time i quit the game-world, but this time i've invested too much into my club, and as a paid member i dont feel that some child in Greece who is determined to cheat should be responsible for ruining that for me and the other players in that game world. So - My question - is there any further appeal structure beyond SM Support?? Is there someone who can actually take action? Someone who will investigate properly and take the correct action? Many thanks anyone's advise on this matter as it is ruining this game for me.
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