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  1. Re: Official Red Devils thread Mate, even for a forum that's a poor up thing to say!
  2. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... A team has been unmanaged for a week now and Gareth Bale (£10mil) and Joe Hart (£11mil) are available to buy. I only have £1 million in the banks but have the following offers from external/unmanaged clubs: Ansaldi £9.8mil Grafite £5.2mil Rossi £14.1mil Gilardino £17.4 mil Carioca £5.3 mil I have also offered Grafite for £20mil to an interested manager and Ansaldi for £25mil to another but it's been a couple of days and no reply. What would you do in this situation? Gilardino is currently in my first eleven because of injuries, otherwise he's a sub.
  3. Re: Official Red Devils thread 1- Nani has been on fire in 2010. No one can deny that. 2- Saying United are only in the title race because chelsea are dropping points is borderline retarded! They are both dropping points because the league is so competitive and physical now! Teams are learning from Stoke and Birmingham and also attacking more than they used to. Chelsea are dropping points because they can't dominate the league, same way United can't. In 10 games if Chelsea lose a couple more and United go top by a point or two, you can't say "United are only top because Chelsea kept losing". 3- United are unbeaten which is pretty impressive. 4- The main criticism for United is that 3/4 of their draws earlier this season might come back to haunt them as they were games they should have finished off professionally. 5- Berbatov is a class player but doesn't fit Utd AT ALL. He's actually holding the team back a lot and I think Utd would be top of the league this year and won the league last year if he hadn't been signed & the money and belief/regular starting spot went to Tevez. Major **** up by Fergie.
  4. Re: Official Red Devils thread I think my choice of fantasy league captain usually determines premier league results! I had Fabregas for Newcastle game' date=' and Malouda today! also:
  5. Re: Official Red Devils thread haha, name change it is cheekylad!
  6. Re: Official Red Devils thread ...45 mins away from that happening!
  7. Re: Official Red Devils thread Do the Berbatov lovers still disagree with my posts earlier in this thread? If he scored that goal in the first half it would have made a HUGE difference. He does this every game but most of you are blinded by the 1 or 2 bits of genius a season, as well as people like Lawro saying "He's one of the only players who can play football while walking". Rooney will be like a new signing if this nike camp is as good as they say. Just need Arsenal to win and Chelsea to lose to make things more interesting!
  8. Re: Official Red Devils thread Just backs up what I say about Berbatov every week. How much more comfortable would United be right now if they were 1-0 up? Shouldn't be in the Utd first 11! Not good enough! Doesn't matter if he sets up a goal later when Utd are desperate. He should have scored and given Utd a confidence boost and made Villa even more vulnerable to the counter attack as they'd have to go for it even more.
  9. Re: should i sell kaka? If I were you I would reject this, and sell Kaka to an external team near the La Liga rating changes, and then buy him back as soon as transfer ban is gone. You'll have like £5-10 mil extra in the bank then! Obviously it's a bit risky if someone else starts a bidding war..
  10. Re: 12 Weeks of Injury?(David Silva) Hopefully so! My first defence went from average 88/89' date=' to Dani Alves, Pique, Lucio, Cole in the next two seasons. So you never know what will happen Because it's so long I'd be tempted to go on a mass bidding spree. If you have some cash just bid for like the top 5-10 wingers all undisclosed, and maybe add a couple of players as sweeteners. Hopefully one accepts and when Silva comes back you can sell / trade one! I doubt he'll drop because 1 - SM don't drop injured players 2 - In only 100 ish minutes this season he has had two assists!! Great record.
  11. Re: Who to Sell? You'll regret it as soon as one or two first teamers pick up injuries and you have cup runs + league games to play!
  12. Re: 12 Weeks of Injury?(David Silva) Cheeky bid on Van Persie?
  13. Re: 12 Weeks of Injury?(David Silva) I got F'd over with one guy. I took over a team with 2 CBs only, both under 90 rating. I spent all my budget (£12mil) on a 91CB who's name I can't spell (Ignashevich? or something), he gets injured in first 2/3 games for 12 weeks and in that time he goes down 2 in ratings. Then transfer ban gets lifted, I put him up for sale and only offer is £4.5mil and so I accept! Near the end of that 12 weeks some idiot bid for my Robinho with Pique + lots of cash which I used on another defender. And all was well in the fickle world of football.
  14. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Fantasy football eh!!!! I have Fabregas as captain for two weeks and gets me F all. Then I change to Malouda this week and he gets me F all while Fabregas racks up the points!!
  15. Re: Official Liverpool Thread If they win today, In Hodgson They Trust! If not, Hodgson OUT.
  16. Re: Official Red Devils thread I think stats are ______________City - Utd ____possession 54% - 46% ___shots on target 2 - 2 ___shots off target 0 - 2 __________corners 5 - 1 I have a job interview tomorrow and I'm watching the game and typing this out. fml
  17. Re: Official Liverpool Thread A bit quick to judge!
  18. Re: Official Red Devils thread haha! Good thing you didn't go to OT eh!
  19. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Also take into account that it's not ALL about winning. The only problem at Arsenal is that the trust Wenger has put in his young team hasn't been repaid. All Arsenal need is one attacking player to step up his game and stay injury free for a season and you'll have a trophy. The reason man utd do so well is that every year one player stands out and wins games for them. Last year it was Rooney, before that Ronaldo, the Ruud and so on. And Bebe this year () Fabregas can only do so much in midfield, he needs a player in front who will score 20-25 goals in the league and play 30-35 games.
  20. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... External? Might as well. If he keeps up the scoring he might get +1.
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