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  1. I dont care about the layout change, will get used to it eventually. Also dont care about the match engine, if its improved then great. What i do care about though is player values and positions. I have been playing this game for about 5 years and build teams for the long term. I take on mostly small clubs that i can guide through the leagues and build into a top squad. To do this you need to buy players who are undervalued in their current team, who would then be worth more in your squad (especially with a small team) or young players who you think will get a rating increase. I then sell these at a later date to make a profit and replace them hopefully with two players and repeat the process until i climb the leagues and up the quality of the squad. This update has completely blown this out of the water. Several players i had bought to sell on have had their value reduced by £2-3m, players i had planned to buy have gone up by £2-3m, yet my bank balance has stayed the same! It now seems almost impossible to build a small club up from scratch and take them up the leagues. Not everyone wants to be Barcelona. Done that on this game, gets boring pretty quickly. The second thing is player positions. Have spent lots of time buying players to fit a specific formation. After this latest change, half of my players dont fit into that formation any more and i have had to change formations for all 9 of my teams.
  2. Dean Lord - West Bromwich Albion - Start at the bottom (14918)
  3. Re: Guess at next leagues to be reviewed, & discuss SM's review policy........ Last time i saw things like this happening was when i played champ manager online a few years back. They radically changed the look of the game in a short period, added facebook links, new game improvements, acheivements, extras to pay for etc. It was a last fling of the dice and obvious this was brought about by a lack of cash being generated from the game and two months later the game was no more. Maybe SM are putting most of their efforts into marketing/generating revenue rather than updating players and this could explain the slow down in the reviews? Hopefully the same is not happening here and be careful what you threaten/wish for i guess guys!
  4. Re: Hazard Thanks for all the responses guys. Seems to be split 50/50 with the opinions of what i should do. Think i will ask the guy for £10m as well as Badstuber and Martinez (that would take the deal to about £50m in total) and see what the reaction is!
  5. Re: Hazard Thanks for your replies guys. Badstuber would replace Benatia/Howedes in the defence. Martinez would replace Banega/S Bender in my midfield. I have just managed to bring in Carzola and i also have Di Natale, M Lucas, Kagawa, Jovetic and Shaqiri who can play a similar position.
  6. Hi, I have been offered Badstuber and a choice of either M'Vila or J.Martinez in exchange for Hazard. I am a small club and the players would improve those areas of my squad but i would lose my best player. I know that Hazard will prob increase to 93 soon and i dont think the others will increase in the next rating changes so that is what has been holding me back. What do you guys think? Would it be a decent/fair deal to do? Maybe i should ask for some cash too? Thanks in advance.
  7. Re: The Official Boxing Thread Looking forward to Ward v Froch too. Can see the fight following the same pattern as the Froch v Dirrell fight (which i think Froch would have lost if it was anywhere else but in the U.K), with Ward out-moving and out-boxing Froch whilst largely on the back foot and Froch coming forward putting pressure on and trying to land power punches. Froch will have the heavier punch power and strength whereas Ward will have the superior speed, movement and technical ability. Hopefully the styles will gel nicely to make a good fight. The American judges usually like a fighter who is on the front foot all the time, but as he is fighting an American in America, i do fear a hometown decision against Froch. Hope Froch can do it, as i like the way he is willing to take on the best in his division and he always puts everything on the line in every fight. Hate to say it but i am gonna go for Ward by split decision. Hope i am wrong!
  8. Re: The Official Boxing Thread Great fight on Sat night between Mitchell and Murray. Fantastic performance from Mitchell, he showed a good variety of punches delivered with power and accuracy and once again showed he can both box and have a tear-up when required. If he can keep his head together and his personal life in order, then he can go on and win a version of the world title imo. Murray was found out to have reached his level. He is a decent European level fighter but no more. He has a predictable style for his opponents to face, is far too easy to hit and does not hit hard enough himself. He relies on wearing opponents down and when faced with a decent puncher, took too much punishment before he could wear Mitchell out. The rest of the card was a disappointment. Feel sorry for both Burns and Cooke after that outcome, although maybe should never have happened in the first place. Bellew has not yet done enough to earn a shot at Cleverly, even though he showed something different to his game on Sat night. Gavin it seems, also still has some way to go before relaising his potential. Looking forward to Fury v Chisora next week. Good to see some of our best domestic fighters facing up against each other. I will go for Fury on points for that one.
  9. Re: W64 CMO refugees Thanks for your input guys. I was unsure myself about Badstuber. Think i will keep hold of Hummels for now or try and get an extra player added onto the deal. Cheers, Dean.
  10. Re: W64 CMO refugees Hi Guys, I am looking for some advice on a potential deal in one of my other gameworlds. I have been offered Badstuber and Rodrigues Lucas for Hummels (My Player). What do you guys think? I like both the players being offered but not sure if i should ask for something else as well. Cheers, Dean.
  11. Re: W64 CMO refugees As Niall has stated, while reducing the squad sizes is a good thing in principle, it would be very difficult to police without an official game rule in place. It would rely on good will between all the managers and if somebody defied that agreement (even by accident) and went over the squad limit, would they then have to be kicked out? If it was to happen, i think a 50 or 60 limit would be a more reasonable amount. I currently have a squad of 60. Out of that 23 players are good enough for my first team (and all are used to cover all the cup games etc that we have to play), 10-15 are youngsters with good potential (occaisonally get a game in the cup when main players are too unfit) and the rest are cheap 10k-300k players that will hopefully rise in value for me to sell as soon as possible. This last group are vital to me (and other smaller clubs who struggle to generate funds) to raise cash to try and be competitive in the future. So while it might look as though i have a big squad, i only really have say 25 players i can use in a game i want to try and win, and the rest are long-term potential players or just money making players. I guess this scenario is the same in most peoples squads. So while i am not against changing things that will improve the gameworld and hopefully bring in more managers, i think there are a few things that would need to be carefully considered, before any changes are made. Sorry for the long winded post guys!
  12. Re: W64 CMO refugees Firstly, thanks for changing it Niall. Whats the betting i finish bottom now after talking it up! A little bit of a defensive response there methinks Niall. I wasnt having a pop at you or your team, merely pointing out my teams chances of staying in the league compared to yours!
  13. Re: W64 CMO refugees Easy to say that when you have Eto'o, Xavi, Sneijder etc in your team and have no chance of being relegated Niall! This is my longest serving team that i have and in the most competetive (& best) gameworld i am in and i really dont like the thought of maybe losing my team after 2 years of hard work just because you think it might be entertaining! Think you should ask the other guys and gauge the general feeling before implementing something like this.
  14. Re: W64 CMO refugees Not sure i agree with the getting sacked rule being brought in. I have been fairly close to the bottom of the table for two seasons now and i think being relegated is enough of a penalty without losing your team altogether. I have been in this world since it started with Boro and put a fair bit of hard work to build the team i have got now. Reckon i will be a bit cheesed off if i were to get my team taken from me after one bad season! Just my thoughts!!
  15. Re: W64 CMO refugees After dominating world64 in Cmo and assembling a pretty nice squad in the refugee's world 64, its time I made an appearance in these forums, I would have to question the valdity of the first bit of that sentence Glenn!
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