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  1. Re: Riferimento: Re: The Official Serie A Thread

    Carvajal was pretty much a no one before to join aswell.Tell me 10 forumers who knew many things about him before to join and play in Bundesliga?Donati can be great at Leverkusen..hopefully he will.

    TBF, lots of people knew of his potential, including me. No one expected him to perform so exceptionally for a new team in a completely different and tougher league.

  2. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread

    New Barcelona signing Neymar will be under maximum security during the Confederation Cup after the Brazilian Football Association drafted in tanks' date=' snipers and heavy artillery for the tournament.


    Aren't they going kinda overboard with the preparations?

    Do they really have enough funds(the government) to make such arrangemnets just for a single match?

  3. Re: Dubstep

    My top 10 has gotta be-

    1) Sleepless-Excision and Xilent = Cracks-Fresstylers and Flux Pavilion

    2) Home- Dubba Jonny

    3) I Remember-Tristam (Amazing lyrics)

    4) Wait-Adventure Club and Kannamix

    5) Feel So Close-Nero

    6) All In-Dubba Jonny

    7) Born To Die-Gemini

    8) Lights-Klaypex

    9) Gerudo Valley-Ephixa

    10) Ghosts 'n' Stuff-Nero and Deadmau5

  4. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings II - 12/13 Winter Predictions Up! - by BRNL||-

    He got 90 in February' date=' though he should've gotten it earlier there's no way he's going to rise to 91 before next season. Its pretty much certain he'll leave so unless his next manager is an idiot and puts him on the bench all the time he will be 91 next season though, should not be a biggy for him.

    Wow, you're alive! :o Haven't seen you in a while mate.

    De Vrij's been having a good season though if he stays with Feyenoord I'm not sure if he'll get much more than 88, maybe an outside chance at 89 next season. But he's still about the most talented Dutch CB around though.[/quote']

    Alive and kicking :P

    So you'd say he's in pole position to become somewhat of an undisouted starter for the Oranje in the near future?

  5. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread

    Benzema has been linked to Man Utd' date=' Rooney might sign for Bayern so the red devils will need a replacement.

    Also playing Cristiano as a CF is not an intelligent move, who will do his work on wings? Morata is a good player but he can't handle it yet.[/quote']

    Jese Rodri? It's high time these youths got a chance got a chance. It's obviously risky, but right now we've already lost the title, so we can afford risks. Bringing Dani Carvajal and promoting these two, although risky would pay extremely rewarding dividends. And we've got to break this habit of trying to create "The Galácticos" every 2-3 season and the only feasible alternative is that of promoting youth. Mountain already did an almost unimaginable task of playing Varane over Pepe, which was pretty gutsy, so I guess Jese and Morata do deserve a shot.

    If we keep saying that they are young and can't handle the top level, we are guilty of writing them off without even oroviding them with a fair chance to prove thenselves.

  6. Re: Official Stoke City FC Thread

    Everyone knows how to how a joke' date=' plus I'm pretty sure you don't know either of us in person? I can guarantee the people of Stoke know how to have good laugh much more than you do. Shame you are serious about the football we play. Luckily I'm actually an honest guy, we play bad football, but not as bad as people make out for sure.[/quote']

    He never commented on whether you play good/bad football. He just posted it here due to its relevance with Stoke(becuase of the title of the video) and for the lulz. The video feeds off the stereotype of Stoke playing overly-aggressive football and most people in this forum know that.

  7. Re: Official Spanish La Liga Discussion Thread

    Really don't think there's any chance of Benz leaving. It has been reiterated that he still is integral for RM's plans, with two other strikers coming in to support him.

    Personally, I'd just say that, don't spend any more, provide more opportunists to Morata and instead of playing Cristiano on the wings, push him to the CF role, like 2-3 seasons ago.

  8. Re: Stefan de Vrij-Next Oranje RB

    He seems to be improving pretty finely and if I'm not wrong has had quite some oranje caps since my inactivity. Plus, if my memory isn't deceiving me, he also started against Romania about a fortnight ago.

    Also since the last update I think he has become the captain of Feyenoord, who is also performing well in the domestic league.

  9. Re: Graphics Design Feedback

    It's rare when I make signatures but I've noticed this thread gather a bit of interest recently so I thought I'd make a nice little quick one' date=' nothing special but it's looks alright.


    Sorry for the edit, but just made another one, I prefer this one. Struggling to find nice textures though at the moment, anyone got a link to a good website for them?


    The sigs look good, but the Michu render is too blurry. Plus, you could mess around with the lighting and add some light textures. Kiu.

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