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  1. Re: Official England Thread Could someone clear this out for me,how is England allowed to "replace" injured players once their final list of players participating for th Euro's has been submitted with the UEFA.Isn't this against the principle of having a deadline day for submitting such lists?
  2. Re: Fabrice Muamba 'collapses' Come on Muamba,youu can do it.
  3. Re: Official Newcastle Utd thread Meant to be asking this earlier,but in your loos to Norwich,their was this song being played whenever Norwich scored their goal,it was only instrumentals,any idea what that song was? Thanks.
  4. Re: Trinity Music Exam-HELP! Any help???
  5. Only came back to the forum due to this... Tomorrow I'd be giving my Trinity Music exam PRacticals for Grade 4,I'm Grade 3 currently. All my pieces are prepared,technical work completed. So I've chosen "Music knowledge",which I'll complete over the next hour. Where I really need help is the aurals. The parts of aural are -Conducting,Interval,Chord and Change of pitch or rhythm. So here are my questions- In conducting how do I differentiate between the time signature of 3/4 and 4/4? In the interval,how would i find out what interval it is?Plus,how do i find out if it is Major or minor? How do I differentiate b/w Major and Minor chords? And in the change of pitch or rhythm,how do I tell of which bar the change was made in???? Please,if any one has any knowledge regarding this question,help me. An help would be aptly rewarded.
  6. Re: Eden Hazard vs. Angel Di Maria (VOTE!)
  7. Re: Eden Hazard vs. Angel Di Maria (VOTE!)
  8. Re: Eden Hazard vs. Angel Di Maria (VOTE!) I concur with all these points,except the one is bold. Achieving the award for best player of Ligue 1 is no small feat.And that too if ya do it at the tender age of 20. For me Hazard edges Maria out. Just like Hazards playing style more than that of Di Maria's.
  9. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread I'm am man U,and i'd probably like my huddersfield back.
  10. Re: Official Liverpool Thread Kind of an overstatement,no? Except of showing some glimpses of ability,he has been average for Liverpool.
  11. Re: English Championship 8162 - Discussion Thread Really love the way my team has formed. Gk-Guita LB-Angel RB-Zuniga CB-Pepe:eek: CB-Garay:D CM-Stootman AM-Ganso:D WING-Reus:D WING-Bid made! STRIKE-Adrian Lopez:D STRIKE-De Jong I love this team,young all should rise and in real life they play the true brazilian way. Missed out on Neymar tough:mad: Woulda paid 50 million for him,prob is I only had 20 mill only.
  12. Re: English Championship 8162 - Discussion Thread Wow got a load of hugely talented players - Kevin Strootman Julian Draxler Lorenzo Burnet Luuk de Jong Reynet Baptiste Vicente Guita Georgi Chanturia Marco Reus Most of em will come straight to the team. Also shouldn't this GW be advertised more?
  13. Re: English Championship 8162 - Discussion Thread Took over WBA... AIming for a really young and talented team! Also,Odemwingia can go for 9 million!
  14. Re: FIFA Balon d'Or 2011 Yes,yes yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Alonso,Suarez,Neymar are their!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 We all know who's gonna occupy the first two spots:p:rolleyes: Abidal and Forlan being their is a pathetic joke especially when players like Hazard deserve to be their.
  15. Re: FIFA Balon d'Or 2011 I'd love to see Alonso in it again,as well as Szczesny in it. Neymar should also be in it and also Hazard. Last but not the least,I'd love to see Suarez in it too.
  16. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread I'll give an update of what is happening at United- Didn't give much attention to tactics and hence we are languishing outside the play-offs however,main aim this season is to finish in the Top 2. In transfers,bought a bunch of risers who are getting a lot of minutes for their respective teams like-REYNET, Baptiste.....,TEKIO, Sánchez....,KRUIJSEN, Quin....,TE VREDE, Mitchell,.........SCHALK, Alex........BURNET, Lorenzo..........EVERS, Ties...........SNEIJDER, Rodney..........CARVAJAL, Daniel.......EL HASSNAOUI, Soufian.....TEN VOORDE, Rick.........GOMEZ, Sergi............ MARTIAL, Johan.........JANTSCHKE, Tony,so my youth team is really really well off! + got one of the most technically Spanish youths currently Jordi Alba who is currently out on loan. Also Reto Ziegler can go out on loan.
  17. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings-By Kun,BRNL and Jor||-
  18. Re: PAULO BINETTI> serial club Taker then Quiter lol,I think it's Hammer only...
  19. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Also Jordi Alba,is available for loan. I was so skeptical when I paid 8.5 million for him,but wow,has that risk paid of.In real life,he has been playing brilliantly and recently also made his debut for the Spain NT. Also,German Wunderkind Marco Reus is available for sale.
  20. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Ya,I should be bale to loan someone,I'm Man U btw.
  21. Re: -||Eredivisie Ratings-By Kun,BRNL and Jor||-
  22. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Don't mate.Nocerino is brilliant for Milan and scored a Hat-trick yesterday. He should rise to 90,while Augertoiuu(spelling) could get a small rise. However the deal is not worth doing.
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