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  1. Re: Official Gold Championship 227 Is this chat still alive?
  2. Re: Official Gold Championship 227 Bid for Mendes as he's the only one your chaiman wants to give me... (I'm thinking it may be becaus ethe rest of my team is so much worse but who knows) Cheers mate - hopefully he'll do the job for this season.
  3. Re: Official Gold Championship 227 Darnit. Chairman says no...
  4. Re: Official Gold Championship 227 That would do very very nicely... good man!
  5. Re: Official Gold Championship 227 Hey guys. Little Port Vale shall be looking for a decent midfielder (86-89) and striker on loan this year... anybody got somebody they don't need hanging around?
  6. Re: Goalkeeper Stats i was just thinking this today. not just cleansheets but goals conceded. i'm rotating my keeper at a couple of clubs and it would be interesting to see (without me having to put in any effort obviously!)
  7. Re: Gameworld missing competition That's a bit of a shame - Thanks though. Gotta wonder why SM help have spent six months "investigating" the same question though... Gotta wonder...
  8. Hi I'm in a standard scottish gameworld (300) and it has never had a shield competition. We are just entering season 4 - is this normal???? I have tried to rais a ticket about it but i was told at the beginning of season 3 that they would look into it - i've had no response since which is pretty annoying. (I am paying for some sorta service...) Any ideas/suggestions?
  9. Re: Areas to improve? Are there any 91+ def available in your gameworld?
  10. Re: Unwanted transfer requests Sorry - you can't do anything once they reach level 5...
  11. Re: Player Concerns (please read the Online Help if looking for help) I'm guessing there is sme sort of bug with the player concerns at the moment? Some of my player have increased their concerns by 3 levels in the last week. This is particularly concerning as a bug in the gameworld meant my games this week were cancelled - that means i have players who were level 1 concerned about not playing enough games who have now moved to level 3 before the club has even played a game. I'm gonna be quite annoyed if SM don't sort it...
  12. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II) Cheers I might keep him in a couple of my teams - i'm building one for the future though so i can sell and rebuy before the next changes come through...generate a bit of easy cash and all that
  13. Re: Serie A - Ratings Prediction 2010/2011 (II) Is Italy finished then? i had a few lower rated players (Merkel etc) who i thought might get a little rise... time for them to move on i guess!
  14. Re: Scottish Championship 300 Discussion Thread Welcome & Good luck... chat is rather intermittent but we try occasionally...
  15. Re: French Ligue 1 & 2 (Risers Edition) Hi guys Any idea whether these guys will rise next time out (Any idea when next time will be?) They all rose last time but i'm looking to build a team quite quickly so i'm being rather ruthless in order to raise some cash... LARROQUE, Maxim VARANE, Raphaël TRAORÉ, Dame HAIDARA, Massadio SANE, Salif DOUMBIA, Tongo Hamed
  16. Re: Gino Coutinho Cheers dudes... He's in most of my teams now anyway - i don't hold on to them for long - hopefully he still gets his rise...
  17. I know he was due a raise but how does a year in jail affect someone's rating? http://www.guardian.co.uk/football/2011/apr/21/gino-coutinho-cannabis-farm-haag
  18. Re: Scottish Championship 300 Discussion Thread Oops, forgot to say... Double that!
  19. Re: Scottish Championship 300 Discussion Thread Hey Everybody! Been a while since i've been on the forum but it's good to see people have started chatting again... My Albion team are looking good for the fourth division - gonna have a wee bit of income next month as well so hopefully i'll be able to start bringing in some proper players. (Although any loans in the meantime would be more than appreciated) Quick question (Well two) Why was the first season only 18 games - and why is there only one cup competition?
  20. Re: Scottish Championship 300 Discussion Thread A fine moment in Albions history... Albion Rovers 8 - 1 Stranraer S.LEE 1, 10 ..........D.MCGEOUGH 14 M.ROJAS 18, 57 C.BEBE 40 K.WATSON-SIRIBOE 53 R.LUCAS 77 J.MCINERNEY 83
  21. Re: Scottish Championship 300 Discussion Thread I've got my lot thankyou very much! Might need to swap bebe for a defneder at some stage though -hopefully he'll pick up a good few goals though! A few of those rating changes have come in now (Squad value is £30m up from about £1.1m with £250k in the bank about 6 weeks ago...) so i'm expecting a push for promotion now! Who's winning the Premier?
  22. Hey Everybody, I've got a game on wed that i could use some help with. Playing against a liverpool team unfortunately somewhat stronger than my Leeds boys. They pipped me to the league last year and have already accounted for me in the Charity Shield... 12 Jul, 2010 English Shield Semi Final Leeds United 2 - 3 Liverpool 30 Oct, 2010 League Liverpool 1 - 1 Leeds United 13 Dec, 2010 English Cup Final Leeds United 2 - 1 Liverpool 5 Jan, 2011 League Leeds United 1 - 2 Liverpool 27 Jan, 2011 Charity Shield Final Liverpool 4 - 3 Leeds United I usually line up 3-5-2 Arrows on the LM/RM pointing straight forward. (although i ended last season playing 3-4-2-1) He plays 4-4-2 Arrow straight forward on his Left sided CM -all tactics normal/average. My team has... Gk Cesar 95 Def Chiellini 94 Pepe 93 Mertesacker 93 Carvalho 92 Silva 92 Mid Malouda (Suspended) 92 mascherano 94 cambiasso 95 de rossi 94 pirlo 94 Ozil 93 Van der Vaart 92 (have just accepted a bid so he may not be available) Robben 94 (Injured) Robinho 93 Att Eto'o 96 Higuain 94 Tevez 94 Aguero 94 Benzema 93 Thanks for all those who got to the end -any help repped...
  23. Re: Scottish Championship 300 Discussion Thread Anybody still following this? Thins are just gonna start picking up for me...
  24. Re: 1st and 2nd Positions Yep - no difference... http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=20772 * All credit to JC's guide i was reading earlier...
  25. Hi I realise there is up to a seven day delay from a manager leaving his club until you can sign any players - my question is - if i've been offered the job i don't have to make a decision for the next five days - is this five days included in the original 7 or will the counter "reset" when i reject the job? Also, is it always 7 days and does it always reset?- in another one of my gameworlds Man U have just lost their manager for the 2nd time in as many weeks (last guy managed one game) and i'm hoping to pick up Rooney before his form picks up
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