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  1. I'm looking for a GK rated 87-89 that will reach 90 within the next few ratings changes. Hart and De Gea are unavailable. So far I've been looking at Sirigu, Muslera, and Romero. What other ones are good and who should I ultimately choose?
  2. Which of these forwards should I buy? Nilmar Negredo LLorente Chamakh Hulk
  3. Who should I buy, Kroos or Ganso? I have about 14mill to spend. This is strictly for long-term so Bayern's struggles and Ganso's injury don't really matter much. I've never seen Ganso play so I don't know how he compares to Kroos. Thanks
  4. Re: Top Prospects, 2010. Yeah and Najar is the most promising of the bunch
  5. Re: Top Prospects, 2010. Here are the main young players from MLS. All long-term Andy Najar 17 AM/Wing- Best young player in MLS, look him up, amazing Danny Mwanga 19 CF- Best young forward Bill Hamid 19 GK- Future American No. 1 Brek Shea 20 AM/Wing- Will get his first cap this upcoming break Juan Agudelo 17 Fwd- US under 20 Jack McInerney 18 CF- US under 20 Omar Gonzalez 21 CB Tim Ream 22 CB Ike Opara 21 CB Some combination of these three and Oguchi Onyewu will most likely be starting at the next World Cup
  6. I have 13mil and am looking for a backup AM. I am looking at Afellay, Pastore, Honda, De Jong, and Ninis. Which one will be the best buy?
  7. Re: The English (Mainly Premier) League Thread lol. I've gotten Mueller, Badstuber, Perotti, Thiago Silva, and Eriksen so far. I was just wondering if there were any players that I would be kicking myself for getting rid of.
  8. Re: The English (Mainly Premier) League Thread I just got Sunderland in an English Championship and I'm not too familiar with the team. Who are the "must sell" and "must keep" players?
  9. Re: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Should I buy Joao Moutinho or Javi Martinez? Will Moutinho stay at 91? Who has the highest ceiling?
  10. I am looking at either as a backup forward and I don't know too much about them. Which one would be the better buy?
  11. Does he keep his RB flexibility or does he go to straight CB? If he loses his RB flexibility who should I pick up? I would like a younger player and have up to 18mill to spend. Van der Wiel, Azpilicueta, and Corchia are unavailable and I have no ideas beyond them.
  12. Re: Is Édinson CAVANI worth buying??? Well he just scored against Germany:D
  13. I am looking to buy either Fabio Coentrao or David Luiz as backup. The positions don't really matter all that much because I like their flexibility. Who is the best longterm?
  14. Re: Need a young AM I have around 20mil but would prefer lower. Eriksen is unavailable along with all of the 90+ young guys
  15. I'm looking at Kroos or Pastore. Which one is better long term? Or any others that would be good buys. I already have Hazard and Canales.
  16. Re: Left side help Sorry I wasn't specific enough. I'm looking for 2 players. The left back should be 90 or higher or will get there soon. The winger should be younger and have the ability to rise. The wingers available are Di Maria, Hazard, Kroos, and others. Also, Kolarov is available at LB and Jovetic is available, even though he's not a wing. Basically any ideas that are out there.
  17. I have about 26mil to spend and I need a LB and LM/Wing. I am thinking Juan Vargas and Angel Di Maria. Aly Cissokho, Tremoulinas, Ansaldi, and others are all available. What is the best combination and are there any others that I should look at?
  18. I'm looking at Elia, Turan, and Di Maria. Which one should I go after? Are there any other young wings that I should look at?
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