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  1. Re: Mid level LB Risers? I appreciate all the tips guys, that was perfect. I added to your reputation for the assistance, thanks! I am going to look into many of those players (Schennikov, Hedenstad, Rakytskyy, and Antonelli) but had questions about a few of the others. I noticed Contreraeo, Dominguez (is he more CB or LB) and Schmitz recently had ratings increases. Are they expected to rise again? Santon is taken and I doubt I'll be able to get Gibbs. Thanks again guys!
  2. Does anyone know any LB risers rated in the 83-87 range? I have Kolarov (88) but am looking for a decent player for cover. Thanks!!
  3. Re: Scribe's World Cup Gems (The stand-out risers of the WC) muller and ozil have been phenomenal. not just for their NT's, but their their clubs as well. sky is the limit in these two class youngsters.
  4. Re: Should Lucio be 95? POLL I think Lucio should be 95. He is better than Nesta and Chiellini who both have 94 ratings. Hard to judge him vs Rio who has been hurt. And if you want to talk about being caught out of position, than Terry... (couldn't help it) SM CB top ratings: vidic 96 puyol 96 rio 95 terry 95 lucio 94 nesta 94 chiellini 94 sergio ramos 94 pretty fair? Tough to say. Regarless, Pique should be rated higher than the 27th best CB available. I expect that will change very soon though. Good thread
  5. Re: given or hart Swanseajack - Would you P/E Hart + 2 mil (and keep given) if it meant a shot at Kjaer before the serie A review? non competitive set up, just thinking about value.
  6. Re: Is arbeloa a definite rise? I heard a few other people say he might switch to LB/RB, but he'll still be able to play RB for United. Good purchase.
  7. Re: 93+ CB risers So that is what is holding him back. Thanks for the knowledge.
  8. Re: need to get rid of one I like Benzema, but he is likely to be buried on RM's depth chart. He won't rise (and might even drop) unless he gets a transfer out. Gourcuff is a rising star that should be held onto. Just like everyone else said, easy choice.
  9. Re: 93+ CB risers I was going to recommend Pique and Lucio as well. Pique's expensive, but his +2/1 will more than make up for the cost spent on him. Lucio is on the older side, but should maintain form for the next few seasons at least. Does anyone know if Bruno Alves is going to get a rise? He is currently a 92 and started 27 games this year with 5 goals for Porto. 92/93 maybe?
  10. Re: Help me please Looks like rooney already beat me to it. I was going to suggest de gea also. Not sure what he'll rise to though, but after displacing sergio asenjo as the athletico #1 he is due for a big rise and should only cost 2 mil. He is also rumored to a number of premiership clubs for big $$$. Apoula Edel is also supposed to get a decent rise. Currently 80 and will only cost 1.3.
  11. Re: Another RB question (didn't want to hijack MaoaM's thread) Thank you Rams Fan and Bruno, I appreciate the help. It looks like Van Der Wiel is the consensus best buy to go pick up. I'll put in a bid for him and lock him up. Do either of you know how much the secondary position status effects a player?
  12. Thanks for taking a look at my thread. I'm pretty new and could use your help. I'm looking for a solid back up RB to Arebeloa and have 18 mil available. Ideally I'd like to find someone who could rise (don't we all?). My current only cover is Abate (and he is only a RM/RB). Here are a few of the available options: Otamendi - 88 - cb/rb - 8.7 (does cb/rb matter much if played as rb?) Van Der Weil - 88 - rb/cb - 8.6 (rise now?) Bosingwa - 92 - rb - 11.5 (will bosingwa drop?) Rafina - 90 - rb/rm - 11.9 (rise now?) Mario Fernandez - 85 - rb/cb - 6.3 Thanks again for the help, I appreciate it.
  13. Re: World Cup Ratings Great thread and nice format. Keep up the good work.
  14. Re: Big Turkey SuperLig Risers (+3 or more) easy to read, great tips. Thanks mate!
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