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  1. Re: Official SPL Thread But it isn't a race issue; at its heart it really is a political one and politics and football fandom have been mixed together for years - most of world football's biggest rivalries have a political aspect to them from Boca v River to Barca v Real to Milan v Inter to Scotland v England, and each of those clubs'/nations' fans sing, what to the outsider might sound like, unsavoury songs about their relative positions in a wider political context. Basically, one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter and there is no hard and fast way to determine which is whic
  2. Re: Official SPL Thread Then those clubs will also be pursued by the HMRC and similarly punished if they fail to fulfil their fixtures as a result of the financial burden of paying a fair and equitable amount of tax like every other lowly individual or corner shop is obliged to do. I think we can all guess where the Rangers tax case is headed - Craig Whyte may be many things, but he's not an idiot - he wouldn't have voluntarily entered admin had he thought he would get away with "cleverly" (sic) ripping off me, you and every other honest tax payer in the country. The fact that some others mi
  3. Re: Official SPL Thread Dunfermline's debt was not obtained by defrauding the tax payer and neither has it resulted in Dunfermline either entering administration or failing to fulfil their fixture list, so I don't see how there is even the slightest comparison. If Gavin Masterton (the fella to whom the majority of the debt is owed) was to call in the debt or die and his heirs call the debt in then fair enough, we have a similar scenario to the current Rangers one (minus the illegal defrauding of the taxpayer obviously) and then Dunfermline should, if they were to fail to fulfil their fixture
  4. Re: Official SPL Thread If any new Rangers club is allowed straight back into the SPL I'd be finished with Scottish football. It would turn our game into a hollow sham. And I say that despite the fact that any fudge that was engineered to let them into the SPL will probably include a way of stopping my team (Dunfermline) from being relegated if - as seems likely - they finish bottom. At the very least Rangers should have this season's fixtures declared void (they cheated to get those points) and they should be relegated as the bottom club on -10 points. And if they are unable to complete th
  5. Re: Gold Championship 1 News A source close to former Racing Santander and current Roma manager Jock Stein has today spoken of his growing doubts about whether he made to right decision to move. "He felt that bringing the title to Racing Santander was the best he could have hoped to achieve at the club and wanted to leave on a high" our source has said "but he is worried that Roma are not responding as he wants and feels frustrated that he can't seem to stamp his authority on his new charges" he continued. "But he is no quitter and there is no way he'll want to bow out on a low, so I'm pos
  6. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Underdogs Racing Santander have ridden their luck recently but have held on to win the Spanish Division 1 title. Despite three losses for Racing in the final three games of the season, rivals Celta were unable to capitalise and Racing managed to limp home in first place, much to my relief! Next season will be about building for the future though, we have an aging team who have done well this season, but I expect to see a few leave in the coming weeks and as such am looking to do a deal for Golden Boot and player of the year winner Ivica Olic. Any sensible exc
  7. Re: Gold Championship 1 News There you go A couple of injuries and my Racing Santander start losing left right and centre. The annoying thing is that it seems to happen in waves across all my teams lol - I've been losing games (or narrowly winning/drawing games I've dominated completely) and getting injuries all over the place recently and it's not like I've been fielding unfit players or experimenting with tactics (although I did have to change Santander's normal formation because so many defenders got injured). pffft!
  8. Re: Gold Championship 1 News Racing Santander are still riding high with a 9 point lead in Spain's Division 1 but they'll have to keep up the excellent form that's put them there. However, with the squad looking thin and a particularly disappointing round of major league ratings changes it's going to be tough. I hoped I'd be able to at least challenge and I think I've managed that mind you, so whatever happens I should be happy - but I won't be if I don't win the title!
  9. Re: my tactics page wont load Same here. EDIT TO ADD: I suspect that it's something to do with some advert(s) - it seems to stick loading google sites a lot and if I click the tactics link a few more it times it eventually loads - maybe because it's loading a different ad?
  10. Re: Gold Championship 1 News I'm pretty happy with how well my Racing Santander have been doing so far. They don't have the greatest squad but they finished runner-up last season and although it's early they've started well this season- including a draw at the Camp Nou - and are looking good to at least be in the challenging pack again this season. A decent start to the SMFA Cup campaign has also been a good sign.
  11. Re: I Want Real Madrid The other way is to take a "lesser" club and do well enough to be offered the Real job if/when it becomes available. It's more realistic that way anyway - after ll, how many new managers have started their career at Real Madrid?
  12. Re: Smfa cups. Fitness question Fitness is not reduced in SMFA competitions in Standard Game Worlds, but it is in Gold Championships.
  13. Xanadu


    Re: Credit/Loan It's a terrible idea imo. The game should be about who's the best manager, not who has the most disposable income.
  14. Re: player wont sell off list Sometimes players take a while to attract bids - it seems to be random. It seems to work if you take him off the transfer list then put him back on - seems to start the process over again so there's more chance of a bid. Good luck!
  15. Re: SMFA Cup in Standard GWs
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