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  1. SM introduced this rule in 2011 and although the rule is good it may produce some ridiculous situations. I have in my team a starting lineup of 89-91 players in a strong game world. I also have plenty of low rated players of 75-82 and they are already >22 years and they start developing concerns. However I sacrificed my season in a tough game world in order to avoid the requested transfers and today despite having more than 15 games those players are still developing concerns. Should we sacrifice completely the players from the starting line-up in order to avoid losing some good low rated players, playing them all the season or maybe SM should re-evaluate this rule, putting a reasonable limit of 2-3 games for players <75, and 10 games for players <83.
  2. I've decided to write this topic because SM didn't added this player : Patrick Petre Club : Dinamo Bucuresti Age : 18 For whom who are not romanian, this player is one of Romania's hottest talents, making his debut and scoring his 1st goal more than a year ago. Despite being in the first team for more than 12 months, he hasn't been added yet on the database. Ok, maybe he doesn't play regularly but my frustration is that I can't add new players on SW because SW requires "level 4 or above reputation to add this data", and that despite adding alot of new information before the implementation of this stupid rule. The issue is that SW doesn't have a precise solution on growing your reputation.
  3. Re: Player Valuation in P/E Transfers I enjoy seeing almost every people agreeing my opinion. I have a simple question : who the hell changed the name of this thread which I have started a week ago?
  4. Re: Ilkay Gundogan I may seem subjective, but he's been the best midfielder from UCL this season and I haven't seen another top central midfielder having both these qualities yet : - excelent speed - excelent dribling
  5. Re: Ilkay Gundogan He became the best CM in the world
  6. I enjoy playing SM due to the possibility of including players when I deal with external clubs. Players 78 rated often worth more than 2.mil. Sudenly they worth 5-600 k. I thought that might be when dealing with some clubs but I tried with ten external clubs and I had the same problem. I don't think this is a bug, SM doesn't like include players when dealing with external clubs It seems SM won't be so funny in the future.
  7. Re: Help needed! I would sell both Hart and LLoris despite beeing safe 92 goalkeepers. Courtois will be the best gk in the world if he isn't already.
  8. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2012/13 Ben Yedder doing less? LOL
  9. Re: U21 risers for 10K Barak Moshe - 70 Beitar Jerusalem Tomislav Pavlov 70 Minyor Mitch Cooper - 72 Michal SKVARKA 70 Konsta RASIMUS 70 Ivaylo STOYANOV Andrej LOVAS Matic KOTNIK Juha PIRINEN Juuso SALONEN Denis COMOR
  10. Re: Why SM does not review many leagues for a long time?
  11. I don't know if this is the right section for my question but I hope SM will see my post. I've joined SM in october 2009 and since then the following leagues have been ignored systematically : Slovakia - last time reviewed in august/september 2009. Many players have 70-72 ratings, despite playing in CL&EL group stages(MSK Zilina and Slovan Bratislava) or being U21 internationals and having already >50 games in domestic league. National team had an excellent WC2010, reaching the knock-out stages. Slovenia - also ignored, alot of players underrated at 60-72. Finland - despite not having any international performances, i think this league could have been reviewed as many times as Hungarian league(once per year). Also, I am waiting second leagues to be reviewed since the autumn of 2010(Serie B, Ligue2, Segunda, Bundesliga2). This month they have reviewed Croatia and Sweden, 2 leagues in 4 weeks. After Czech Republic, I think they will review again EPL, Bundesliga... My question is why are they still keeping players in DB if they don't review those leagues anymore?
  12. Re: Most impressive youth of SM When Messi was 19(2006) he had the same role as Cuenca or Tello, so he's been so far overrated!
  13. Re: Ilkay Gundogan Gundogan played a very offensive role at Nurnberg, while Klopp brought him to replace Sahin. He has alot to work on his discipline during the match, but i think next season he'll be the man that can play in the centre of the midfield.
  14. Re: Riferimento: seydou doumbia
  15. Re: Riferimento: seydou doumbia
  16. Re: Riferimento: seydou doumbia
  17. Re: Wingers:Adam Johnson,Nicolas Gaitan or Gervinho?
  18. Re: Assorted Risers under 75 Actually i really am, and i have probably th worse starting lineup in SM
  19. Re: Assorted Risers under 75 KILDUFF, Ciaran 22 68 KIRSTEN, Benjamin 24 70 KOCH, Robert CHUDY, Martin 22 70 KHUZWAYO, Thulasizwe 27 70 KOTORA, Igor 22 70 HAMZIC, Dino 23 70 KRAJNIK, Michal 23 70 NORTH, Danny 24 70 PESONEN, Saku 25 70 LLONTOP, Luis 25 70 LARTEY, Mohammed 24 72 NTULI, Sibusiso 22 72 VAS, Arpad 22 72 FILIPOVIC, Zeljko 22 73 STEPANOVSKY, Peter 23 74 NIANG, Papa 22 74 KIM, Dae-Ho 23 74 LIGI, Alessandro 21 66 KILDUFF, Ciaran 22 68 KIRSTEN, Benjamin 24 70 STRIFLER, Jonas 21 70 KOCH, Robert GRIFFIN, Mark 20 70 CHUDY, Martin 22 70 MASARIK, Juraj 21 70 KHUZWAYO, Thulasizwe 27 70 LUSTICA, Steven 20 70 SALONEN, Juuso 20 70 RASIMUS, Konsta 20 70 PAVLOV, Tomislav 20 70 KOTORA, Igor 22 70 GOGOLAK, Lubomir 21 70 SKVARKA, Michal 19 70 KOTNIK, Matic 21 70 HAMZIC, Dino 23 70 KRAJNIK, Michal 23 70 POPOVIC, Denis 21 70 NORTH, Danny 24 70 PESONEN, Saku 25 70 PIRINEN, Juha 19 70 LLONTOP, Luis 25 70 LARTEY, Mohammed 24 72 KIM, Young-Wook 20 72(probably 80 tomorrow morning) KOTORA, Ivan 20 72 LOVAS, Andrej 20 72 VINKO, Vedran 21 72 BESIC, Adnan 20 72 SHMEDIN, Daniel 20 72 STOJANOVIC, Peter 21 72 NTULI, Sibusiso 22 72 COMOR, Denis 20 72 VAS, Arpad 22 72 KARAS, Kamil 20 73 FILIPOVIC, Zeljko 22 73 ENZA-YAMISSI, Manassé 22 74 MATIC, Uros 21 74 STEPANOVSKY, Peter 23 74 JOTA, Peleteiro 20 74 FORSELL, Petteri 20 74 NIANG, Papa 22 74 KIM, Dae-Ho 23 74
  20. Re: Choose me a keeper...please If you want a short term solution for your team, then Abbiati is the man to choose. Milan doesn't seem to want to replace him and his the first choice. He's totally dedicated to this club and also has the credit, the club not wanting to ged ridd of him even when he was the 3rd choice - he was sent out on loan at AC Torino, Juventus and Atletico Madrid. With him in the starting lineup Milan won Lo Scudetto in 1999 and 2011;). For long term the best solutions are some youngsters, playing constantly in Bundesliga: Ter-Stegen, Rakovsky, Bernd Leno, Fährmann, Kevin Trapp, Oliver Baumann. Also some Ligue 1 players:Ali Ahamada, Benjamin Lecomte, Benoît Costil, Pierrick Cros, Donovan Léon, Baptiste Reynet. If they are still available, try also getting Colin Coosemans and Thibaut Courtois.
  21. Re: Who has most potential? Josip Ilicic is ignored by most managers, despite beeing the best playmaker of last season in serie A http://www.whoscored.com/Blog/zPnP8Y2N6UiPEM874c0l_Q/Show/Serie-A-All-Star-XI-Season-201011 I won't buy Fernando because 90 is already his maximum, Callejon was brought by Mourinho to be a sub or to use him in echange deals in the future, Martin Caceres is a good player when he plays out on loan(so he won't ever rise), Étienne CAPOUE needs to move to a better club, but there are plenty of better options than him, Ignacio Camacho is an average plyer - may rise to max. 88 untill the end of his career(his teammate Recio is better, but the club owners's strategy is to bring former superstars, so they won't get enough time this season), Jeremain Lens will stay at 89 for along time - he's far from Balasz Dszudzak's performances and PSV haven't played in UCL for 2 seasons. The rest are good options if you want to buy them, and, if they are available, try on bringing Timothy Chandler, Phillip Wollscheid, Marco Reus(probably the best player in Europe playing for a small club), Gabriel Torje(watch him this weekend at Udinese, he's the man to replace Alexis Sanchez), Manuel Schmiedebach, all ignored by the other managers
  22. Re: Greek Championship! ask me anything I can not wait untill these players will be added to DB, i'm quite sure that at least two of them will become basic players 'till the end of the season and rumours that Barcelona or United are interrested on them will be part of this forum . I think this guy plays soccermanger:cool:
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