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  1. Re: Official Arsenal Thread True, but my point is, they've had a *lets be honest* horrible spell, but they can still recover and finish well. I think with two of there best players back, they look the best out of the 4th place contender teams to me.
  2. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Back on topic though; Arsenal dominated, with a fully fit team, they could do well this season.
  3. Re: Official Arsenal Thread Is it against the rules to write like that? No? Then shh Honestly though, I could imagine Arsenal winning the league, and Wegner jut being like "told you" before leaving to PSG.
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    Re: Rap Music Every song I've heard off the album is tbh. Blunt Blowin' and this are two of my favourites of the lesser known ones.
  5. Re: Official Arsenal Thread #ArsenalWillWinTheLeague.
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    Re: Rap Music EK6It6-BJAM&feature=feedu Opinions?
  7. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... You mean Villa.
  8. Re: TFC - The Fluffy Championship ( Coming soon ) If I was you, I would choose big teams, If someone chooses like Sunderland and Shorpe, and they quit, nobody is going to want to take over them afterwards Your set up though, do what you like, Just giving suggestions
  9. Re: Does anyone respect Barcelona anymore? If somebody offers you a job, doing what you love, for loads of money, I'm sure most people would jump at that. Its not like the money would have went to charity anyways, it would have probably been invested else where or summin. I don't get why you say you have lost your respect for Barce, and not footballers as a whole anyway Its not like we are the richest team.
  10. Re: TFC - The Fluffy Championship ( Coming soon ) Jus make it application, and the first people to apply for jobs come that time get it Get everyones in game names, and only accept the forumers and your friends etc.
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Yup. Even if they both rise,two 94s for a 98 is a good deal.
  12. Re: Does anyone respect Barcelona anymore? Just because we dont have the best defence, doesn't mean we are not the best . we do have arguably the 3 best defenders in the world at RB and CBs, and Abidal is great aswell, we are just a very attacking team The things in bold, are more the refs fault than ours, we're hardly gonna go argue with the ref "give them a penalty ref!!!" Pepe is just a brute, every Barce match its like he's out to cause injuries... Not even gonna start with the whole Messi thing, you made a thread about that, and look what happened. Funny, when Rooney/Nani etc dive nobody has anything to say about. Everybody is tryna pick flaws, as story lines of "wonderful team win again" gets boring after a while.
  13. Re: Transfer Ban Change This would make the transfer market totally stale, especially if a manager gives out numerous 5 year contracts, then quits, its gonna be very difficult for new managers... + this could lead to you having to pay, say 20mil, in order to sell a player for like 12mil... Meaning they wont sell the player He'd just sit there gaining concerns... When you're a small team, you often rely on constantly changing players and rearranging your squad, and thats one of the best things about SM.
  14. Re: Official Red Devils thread With De Jong and Toure/Barry sitting infront of Kompany and Lescott, I doubt that..
  15. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Looool, Supporters
  16. Re: Official Manchester City Thread My point exactly, Just because you can dreg up some geographical link to the club doesnt make you a "better" or "realer" supporter. If I like the way a club plays, its philosophy etc then why can't I support that club? Theres no reason for me to support any other club, and its only because of Barce that I started following football.
  17. Re: Official Manchester City Thread Theres no reason why you should have to defend your choice of club you support....
  18. Re: My Very Own World Championship ( not yet created )
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