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  1. Re: Who to sell? Gaël Clichy, Vieira Marcelo or Aly Cissoko. Cheers for your advise everyone, I still cant decide who to sell. I cant see Clichy dropping in a long time but Cissoko could rise higher in the long term. I cant keep them all happy so I will have to make a decision soon. Hopefully Clichy will make his mind up and decide what he wants to do.
  2. I personally think i should sell clichy, I think Cissoko will become the future france LB. I think clichy has almost reached his peak while i think Cissoko has the raw talent to become one of the best. Would love to hear other opinions.
  3. I have Clichy, Aly Cissoko and Marcelo at left back. I need to sell one as I cant keep them all happy. My instinct is to sell Clichy as i think Cissoko will become the better player. I rate Cissoko very highly and think he has the potential to to be one of the best as Clichy doesn't seem to have the raw talent Cissoko has imo. Does anyone think differently?
  4. Re: Hulk and Di Maria! I personally think hulks rating dictates his experience and record. Where as Di Maria deserves a 90 due to the role he played in Argentina's qualification for the world cup. He performed pretty well for Argentina and looks like he will be going to the world cup as he is playing very well for Benfica judging by what i have seen in the europa league.
  5. Re: Players In Bids Tab I agree. Simple but effective idea.
  6. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Lamb Of God - Walk with me in hell Chris Adler is 1 talented drummer
  7. Tweak on idea I think this idea could work. But you would have to have some form of limit. I think they should let unmanaged clubs loan players if they have a small squad and dont have players in certain positions. They could only loan players who are not rated above thier squad average. This could work imo.
  8. Tweak on this idea I quite like the simpleness of the current rating system. It makes it a little easier and enjoyable for people who dont have as much time to play the game or take the game as seriously as others. Also it would cause a lot more arguments in this forum over player ratings. I suppose you could give each player a rating for the two different position they may play. for example higuain fwd/wing would be imo fwd 92 wing 88 as he isnt as good as one of the worlds bets when played on the wing but will do a decent job. This could be a decent improvment imo.
  9. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 Sorry people just read below. My mistake. People seem to agree with me tho. but cheers general.
  10. Re: Bundesliga Risers, Talents and Droppers 2009 What do people think of Arturo Vidal of Leverkusen? I personally think of a rise to 89 with a very small chance of a 90. Do you think that sounds about right?
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... I have had an offer of £75million for Robben. £75m is a lot, but im unsure whether its worth the deal as good wingers are hard to come buy in my setup. My other wingers are: Mata Marin Perotti Young Di Maria Capel Also I have no great need for the cash.
  12. Argentinian Forwards Who do you personally think is the best forward out of these forwards? Taking into account potential and current form. Who is the best player on the list? I have left out Aguero and Messi purely because they would dominate this hugely and are obviously better than all these young players.But all these players are at a similar standard and age. Who is the better prospect? Mauro Zarate, 21 Lazio rated 89 Ezequiel Lavezzi, 23 Napoli rated 90 Gonzalo Higuain, 21 Real Madrid rated 90 Lautaro Acosta, 20 Sevilla rated 89 They are all playing for large clubs in Europe. I cant see Acosta winning this due to him not playing as regular as the others. I personaly think Higuain scrapes it ahead of Lavezzi. His current form at such a high level is undoubted and he is slightly younger. My order: Higuain Lavezzi Zarate Acosta Very close between the top three thou. Im not sure whether a thread like this has been created yet or not but i couldn't find one when i searched.
  13. Re: jamie ohara for totenham Can anyone really see this guy hit 90 in the future? I used to think he would hit the 90 at some point in his career but now im beginning to doubt that. He just doesn't start enough games atm. Does anyone agree? He may rise to an 88 in the next changes, but i cant see a 90 rating for a long time. I'm beginning to think he will never be more than a squad rotation player.
  14. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Mastodon - Island Brann Dailor = Awesome drummer.
  15. Phillgl


    Re: gago This should be in the help section. If you can get him buy him. A quality player. Also consider Hayden Mullins lol .
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