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    Phillgl got a reaction from #rooneyisyummy# in 2 ideas :) let me know what you think:   
    Tweak on idea
    I think this idea could work. But you would have to have some form of limit. I think they should let unmanaged clubs loan players if they have a small squad and dont have players in certain positions. They could only loan players who are not rated above thier squad average. This could work imo.
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    Phillgl reacted to Gizb in Portuguese league ratings..   
    Re: Portuguese league ratings..
    yes, he have been one of the best players of the team and because him, the coach changed the system. Always surprised me how he hadn't luck in England as he is a great player and has been the Engine of Sporting. He should be 88 for what have been done in Sporting and for what he made in last games with Boro sweater.
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    Phillgl got a reaction from ali baba in Help with a CB please? (rep given)   
    Re: Help with a CB please? (rep given)
    Go for Zapata hes an quality player, I think he could easily reach 92 by the end of the season assuming he starts playing again soon.
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    Phillgl reacted to Zozo Geericks in Zozo's German Ratings Forecast   
    Re: Zozo's German Ratings Forecast
    Thats a tough one for sure...
    Long term is very hard to say IMO as they're both very-very young, but in terms of the next 6-12 months I'd go for Castro, for the following reasons:
    1. Castro being part of the Nationalelf with good chances of starting at the EURO2008 / Rafinha only very close to the Selecao, but not quite there.
    2. Leverkusen just a slice more likely to play international football next season than Schalke.
    Short term outlook has been explained by my distinguished colleague LKK with his usual brilliant sharpness
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    Phillgl reacted to lil_kick_kid in Zozo's German Ratings Forecast   
    Re: Zozo's German Ratings Forecast
    This was based purely on of his performance but he actually does have good stats, especially for a central midfielder. He has played 23 games in the Bundesliga (being subbed off once). He has scored 5 goals and gotten 2 assists. In the Uefa cup he has played 9 games with 1 goal and 4 assists. Throughout the whole season and in different competitions he has been playing really well. Maybe this is just a miracle season for him, if not he'll reach a really high rating in the next few rating changes. Cheers.
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    Phillgl got a reaction from Shelbourne FC in Stadium Building Mark II   
    Re: Stadium Building Mark II
    I personally think that bringing population into the matter is useless. It makes it far to complicated. Because people could then also question the price of building the stadium. In certain parts of the world it is far cheaper to upgrade and build stadiums. So if the real world dictates the principle of stadium building in the game then London clubs either would struggle to build or wouldn't get planning permission. Fulham are a good example. They wanted to build a whole new stadium Along the river but they weren't allowed. Also you would have to charge clubs in expensive areas far more to build. So I think involving the real world like this is silly.
    The only way I can see this stadium building working is if you used it almost like a reward system.
    1. If you get promoted you can be offered by your chairman to upgrade your stadium by maybe 15,000. I couldn't tell you how much by because i cant decide what a fair upgrade would be. Maybe the division you get promoted to dictates.
    If you get promoted from the bottom league you get offered a upgrade of 5,000. If you get promoted from division 3 then you get offered 7,500, Promoted from div 2 then maybe 10,000.
    2. I also think you would have to have a stadium limit for each division.
    ie: you cant upgrade your stadium above
    35,000 for div 4 "i dont know why i put this coz by my system you cant upgrde in div 4. lol"
    40,000 for div 3
    50,000 for div 2
    maybe like 90,000 for div 1
    If a team with a stadium already above the league limit they are getting promoted into they don't get offered.
    3. Once you have got yourself into div 1 how can you build your stadium to the standard of the bigger clubs if you are 30,000 behind most of them. the only thing I can think of is if you are in the top division and you have a stadium below lets say 35/40,000 then you get offered maybe a 5/10,000 increase at the end of every season until you reach that total assuming you stayed in div 1 and didnt get relagated. Once you have reached that total the only way you can then increase it is still by the reward system. If you finish in the top 10 then you could be offered a 2,500 increase, top 5 a 5,000 increase and top 2/3 then a 7,500 increase. And if you win the league then a 10,000 increase up to the stadium limit of 90,000.
    I couldn't decide what the increases should be but these seem quite fair. This system also stops people from building massive stadiums and wasting all there money in 2 seasons. They have to increase it gradually. Making the reward system even more satisfying. I would have no idea how much you would charge clubs to build but it would have to be a reasonable amount.
    I'm sure there is probably a major flaw in this system which i cant see or someone else has come up with this idea already but i think it is the best way of doing it. Chances are im to late already.
    Ive bored you to much already so I'm going to stop here. As i say this is just an idea and all the numbers are just examples so don't take them to serious.
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    Phillgl reacted to footballmad in English Championship 302 - Has It Happens   
    Re: English Championship 302 - Has It Happens
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