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  1. Re: ST PATRICKS DAY,its like christmas for grown ups Be drowning the ould shamrock myself,parades in Newry and Downpatrick both near where i live,but the craic is probably better in Dublin or New York. Best Paddys day i had was in London when i lived there for a few years.
  2. Re: Right now i'm listening to... Half an hour trying this and i still cant get it right!!!! A ny way hope u see this
  3. Re: The Official Leeds United FC nother defeat w t f is happening, no it was the saints who should not be in this division like ourselfs but we are heading for the dreaded playoffs if we do not pull our finger out:mad:
  4. Re: Whats in the Water at Ibrox? Rangers and Celtic will never reach their hights again in european football:( Sorry fact as Rafa says:rolleyes: They need to get out of the SPL and at least join the championship,if they had have decied this at least five years ago they may have been in the EPL now. This is not sour grapes as i am a Celtic fan but the SPL is financely out of touch with a lot of europe and the longer the ould firm leave it they may well go the way of Portsmouth:eek:
  5. Re: The Sale of Messi Sell Messi are you mad!!!! Hold on to him mate for a few seasons at least,see how he preforms for your team and always think of him as your biggest asset,if you are in foe the long haul with your team you have one of the best bargaining chips possible:)
  6. Re: Kevche's back Doc ,Teje ,great to hear from you lads:),looks like this place has really moved on.Been out of the loop for so long and am finding my way back slowly great to see a lot of the old timers are still here:p
  7. Re: Arsenal Gossip Nasri goal unbelivable tonight,if that had have been Messi etc we would be saying that was the best goal ever. Well done gunners hope u now finish the prem in same form.
  8. Re: New Members @ Big Clubs Personally like to manage a so called small team myself and get the satisfaction of improving them but i can see the frustration some managers have. However the custom selection lets you pick your own starting team so if you want to guarantee a big club you have to go gold.
  9. Re: Kevche's back Gazlad,Simon,Ryan,great to hear from u all:) Game certainly has changed since last here,it will take me a while to get up to speed again(lifes changed alot also since last here:)) Hope to get a Tribes 2 started in a month or so so stay tuned.
  10. Re: Official Real Madrid Thread Two great games 2nite in La Liga:) makes up for the FA dross 2day:D:D
  11. Re: Kevche's back Holy Lee bout ya mate,just remembering all these legends:D spose i should be pm ing instead of posting here:o but my counts low:D:D
  12. Re: The Official Leeds United FC :confused:Another draw today,still a point but its getting a bit tense.Whats happened,is it on the field or of? I wasnt too worried 5 games ago but now i am not so sure,we just havent been the same since we beat them lancastrians:) Hope this bit dip takes a turn soon.
  13. Re: Kevche's back Cheers Dai i remember u,pity bout Cally etc but all things change and the world moves on looks like i am in for the long haul again on SM anyways heading for a pint after the Fulham game:D
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