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  1. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. Problem is that due to all playoff games being show on Sky, they're all blacked out on gamepass for 24 hours I believe.
  2. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. Anybody think the Browns will have to trade up to grab the QB that they want? Every team knows that if the Browns grab a skill position player at the number 4 spot that they'll be looking to take a QB at 26. Seems reasonable to think that other teams will trade up a few spots to get in front of the Browns.
  3. Re: Game of Thrones (inc spoilers) Maybe I need to watch the Littlefinger scene again but I'm not sure if the show made it perfectly clear who did it. From your comments I'm assuming you've read the books, but I'd imagine looking through a pure show watchers eyes it's not as clear. Unless you've come across the numerous spoilers that were around about regarding who did it etc...
  4. Re: What tv series are you into? Seasons 1, 2 and 4 are brilliant, some of the best TV I've seen. Seasons 3 and 5 are alright, they have their moments and are worth a watch, especially S3 just so that you can watch S4. EDIT: Soccahappy, season 1 is arguably the best, I'd watch it!
  5. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. That was ridiculous, quality drive though and we've seen it so many times before. You've got to question what the Saints offence were doing but fair play to the Pats. Unlucky by the way Arfon, thought he'd get it easily if playing all four quarters.
  6. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread.
  7. Re: The NEW Official NFL Thread. Likely to get pulled off early if the game is a blowout so I'd be wary if I were you! Pretty sure he came off in the 3rd quarter against the Raiders.
  8. Re: What tv series are you into? I enjoyed it, for me it wasn't one of those top tier series which are so good that you completely binge on them but it's well worth a watch. Season 3 has just recently started again too so it may be a decent time to start watching.
  9. Re: English Championship 28697 Discussion Thread There's almost 30,000 EC's nowadays raking in the money Good luck with the EC guys.
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  11. Re: Premier League Discussion Thread http://bbcsporf.lockerdome.com/articles/107340317
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  13. Re: Official Chelsea FC Thread Of course, his father owns the club and also happens to own the hotel where the Chelsea squad are staying tonight... No fresh towels for Hazard's room I'm guessing
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