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  1. Re: How are results decided?
  2. Re: european football needs fixed!! let me also say the man united result i played valencia in the group stages and beat them twice 4-0 and 2-0 so hows that for consistency? its a con they make any team play up against you once you get to the semis or finals its all luck no skill. i play a 3-5-2 and my tactics are spot on so theres no reason other than SM ******* you over time and time again!!!! :mad::mad:
  3. Re: How are results decided? play in europe my friend SM are a disgrace they fix the results its no realistic at all. how can an unmanaged team beat a perfectly good managed team in europe thats not realism. a real life team unmanaged wouldnt know what to do they would get hammered but not in SM. this is part of the game that needs fixed ive said for ages the score centre needs looking at it happens far too often good people like myself get screwed over time and time again but you want money for gold membership sort your ******* score centre then.
  4. I've just logged in to two of my gameworlds to find poor results in both of them. in one my kilmarnock team rated 96 has players like messi, ronaldo, and vidic draw 3-3 at home to a poor unmanaged united team and as usual i dominate all the stats posession, shots, shots on target. i have 17 shots on target at home with a team rating of 96 but can't outscore or beat the other team whats wrong? in another game world i was in a semi final against a poor unmanaged valencia team rated 89 up against my 95 man united team. once again i draw 3-3 and go out on aggregate but i have dominated the stats more possession, more shots, 16 shots on target to their 3!!! yet they score all 3 of them, how does this make sense? its not fair that us gold members keep spending money on our subscriptions to be ****** over like this!!!!!!! it happens far too often it isnt just a one off, its a disgrace sort it out SM. :mad:
  5. Re: advice for keeping possession? short passing? does anyone use it? 3-5-2, short passing. it works a treat for me and 9/10 every team i beat i always have more possession than so try it.
  6. Re: Who Deserves Golden Boy Trophy? Balo. or Wilshere? lmao. you better sleep with one eye open the establishment are waiting in the dark to lynch you.
  7. has anyone else found that the targetman is always the assist maker if you have two up top? they say you should set your strongest player as the targetman but in my team i play ibra and ronaldo up top with ibra as the targetman and it works a treat for me with my ronaldo scoring goals for fun.
  8. Re: Soccermanager is 100% random! Or i'm not getting it! 3-5-2 still works an absolute treat for me. ive had the most success with this formation. try this: tackling - normal tempo - normal pressing - own half passing - short mentality - normal attacking style - depends where you are strongest if in midfield through the middle, if out wide on the flanks. use playmaker, and targetman. this should gain you lots of possession and equal in more goals scored for your team.
  9. Re: Results still waiting on mine in WC4003
  10. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 so what about buffon? his team plays europa league football and he is rated 95. atletico madrid arent in the cl this year but sergio aguero is a 94? ridiculous decision to drop di natale!
  11. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 no he doesnt, hes the joint top scorer in the serie A unlike players like rooney, gerrard, or torres who are nowhere on the charts and aren't cutting it for their teams. very very harsh drop imo hes been the main star at udinese for a while. if he drops then so should ibra, even though i dont want that happening because they both dont deserve to but it would only be fair.
  12. Re: Serie A Ratings 2010/2011 any news on zanettis rating? and can some give me a reason for why di natale was dropped?
  13. Re: Di Natale Rating Decrease i say we should all send tickets in complaining. i just bought him and im quite annoyed looking at those stats why he dropped in the first place? joint top scorer in serie a being dropped to a 92? what is going on SM!!!
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