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  1. Re: Argentine Risers, 2010/2011. One off return to the ratings section thank you!
  2. Re: Low Morale hmm... im not sure but maybe julio cesar wants an increased salary?
  3. Re: young RB prospect?? thanx for that! i'll put it to good use.
  4. Re: young RB prospect?? im in the exact same situation. are there any more talents? thanks in advance.
  5. Re: Pedro Rodriguez - HELP it depends on what you can do with the 35mil you will get. can you buy top top replacements like Drogba? Tevez? Forlan? i mean if the 35mil cant get a player better than Pedro (who will hit 92 soon, so around 93/94 mark minimum), then there is no point doing the deal. also, it depends on how long you are planning to play. if what you are looking for is a short term winnings (1 year), then selling Pedro and replacing with older players with higher ratings might be appealing. in most competitions, 35mil cant buy much but it might be a different case for your competition.
  6. Re: SM iPhone Issues. well, this isnt a bug but more of a personal opinion. when you open a player's details you get the box pop up on the screen. when you want to close it, you tap on the X at the top right in the green bar right? am i the only one who finds it difficult to tap that small X with your finger when using iphone? i mean sure, i can zoom in and make the X bigger to tap it but then i have to zoom out again after closing the box. i kinda wish they made the X a bit bigger or make it a letter like "CLOSE" so its easier to tap. anyone? ps. can i post this here or put it somewhere else?
  7. Re: Left/Right Wingers? if you play him in the winger positions, then the preferred foot wont matter. but if you play a right footed winger as LM then yes it does.
  8. Re: thiago silva or jonny evans? i can certainly understand what John S is saying and i tend to agree because Thiago Silva is rated higher at 90. but i would consider selling Thiago Silva as well. not because Evans has a better potential (he may be. hard to tell as both are good), but because thiago silva is 90 and Evans is 89. im assuming your starting partnership will be Vidic & Pique. which means the rest will be subs. in that case, do you really need a 90 on bench? the reason why i ask is because the player's wage jumps significantly from 89 to 90. so by sacrificing 1 rating on a sub, you could save about 15k a turn on wages. i know it seems small but it can pile up. so if money is not an issue, i'd say keep Thiago Silva because (for now) he is rated higher, if you think that perhpas 89 sub is sufficient as a cover, then keep Evans to cut some wages. Talent and potential (future team opportunity) alone cant really decide this i think.
  9. Re: 2 Q's i)Real Madrid ii) Secondry Positions as for the 2nd question. there is a thread where it explains how it (probably) doesnt matter. i cant find the thread but im sure someone will put a link. basically what the thread said was that devs let slip that a player can play in both positions EQUALLY WELL and only when a player plays outside of his position, will the preferred foot come in to effect. such that for example, LM>left footed CM>right footed CM. does that make sense?
  10. Re: Which CM? (91-92) not my opinion but when i asked before in a forum, i was told Jean Makoun is a pretty good buy. here is the link to that thread. http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=64915
  11. Re: so... the English premier league is reviewed?
  12. Re: so... the English premier league is reviewed?
  13. Re: so... the English premier league is reviewed? thats what we thought, but then England is still under "current leagues being reviewed" whilst Germany (which was reviewed around the same time as EPL) is expectedly over. England isnt. which i think means that some risers/droppers are yet to come for England.
  14. Re: so... the English premier league is reviewed? did every notice how the german league has been reviewed and is out of the list, and now Spanish league is under "current leagues being reviewed"? here is the important part. we all thought english league has finished being reviewed with the lower division reviewed a few weeks ago and the Premier league just got reviewed about a week ago. but how can the german league be over and not the english league? maybe theres more to come for england? could this explain why some of the expected risers (eg Joe Hart) and droppers (berbatov,) did not get rate changes? EDIT: removed Carvalho
  15. Re: Javier Zanetti as CB im sorry i wasnt quite clear. my question wasnt whether he will play better at DM or Def. but rather whether he will play equally well at CB as he does at SB.
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