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  1. Re: Ec - 5910 Alfred Finnbogason celebrates his first goal for donny, Earning them a 1-1 draw with Everton
  2. Re: Ec - 5910 Doncaster Virgil Van Dijk arrives in donny Along with Alfred Finnbogason And last but not least Eduardo Vargas
  3. Re: Ec - 5910 I agree hes superb
  4. Re: Ec - 5910 Best player at celtic park.. Besides he doesnt smash sheep x
  5. Re: Ec - 5910 Have i told you ledley that i love you , Joe ledley arrives in doncaster hoping to be an instant success
  6. Re: Ec - 5910 Joe ledley arrives in Doncaster, Two more hopefully agree in the next few hours..
  7. Re: Ec - 5910 Joe ledley en route to Doncaster not the biggest signing but an absolute workhorse
  8. Re: Ec - 5910 Feel sorry for you lads with all you dough .. And me with my few mill tryna buy a player haha
  9. Re: Ec - 5910 Just took over Doncaster!! Lets do it
  10. Re: English Championship 7777 - Discussion Thread God i need a team in this setup
  11. Re: Need a setup! Still looking for a setup lads bit lively in the transfer market .. And also normal transfer rules
  12. Re: Need a setup! Anything boys and girls?
  13. Re: Need a setup! As below lads have two spaces
  14. Re: Need a setup! IT seems the setup's i joined weren't as active as id thought.. Looking for active in the transfer window also
  15. Re: English Championship 5579 - Discussion Thread Just took over hartlepool! About to get stuck in and pick my best 11 .. If anyones interested in any message me here !
  16. Re: Need a setup! Anyone else? PRef newish setup
  17. Re: Need a setup! Ill give it a bash
  18. Re: Need a setup! Shaun Wilkie .. Its the one with the most REP .. Please make it a good lively active setup
  19. Re: Need a setup! Come on troops sort me out!!
  20. Gday, Been away from SM for a long time now im back to get stuck in.. Looking for a setup which is very active and nearing full! Looking for a good setup to get right into.. Please help.. Thanks troops x
  21. Re: "A particular Club Wanted" Thread Evening guys!!. Looking for a celtic in a good active setup!! With current squad of course!!
  22. Re: Euro Crisis Challenge- NEW CUSTOM 20/20 ID: 114633 Below story is true.. Im not entirely fussed if you lot think its **.. I did/do want my team back.. but as far as i can see the jury is out
  23. Re: Who should i buy? bump n........
  24. Hello guys.. What im looking for is... 88/89s preferrably youngsters... Who will reach 90 in the next ratings.. or very soon.. Any help?
  25. Re: Euro Crisis Challenge- NEW CUSTOM 20/20 ID: 114633 hehe great signing
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