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  1. Re: All 21 years old and 90 rated!!!! Who to sell? Eriksen is not that good as compared to Others..Oscar can also be Sold You'll Mostly agree on this...
  2. Brands and Companies that are interested in Club should be Introduced for a Change...
  3. As a Club facing Financial difficulties,an Option should be kept to avail some Funds at that point of Time or to increase them Once or Twice in a Season while handing in a request...
  4. MANCHESTER UNITED Wayne Rooney:97 Being in the best form of his life ever n even handing Manchester United d Carling Cup n his eager for more trophies doesn't seem to stop,undoubtedly d best player in Manchester United n even possibly the player of d year deserves atleast 97 n should have been moved way before due to the kind of play he is possessing,what can I say,have no words for him,he's just unstoppable at this moment n is extremely keen on banging d seats of being one of d greatest legends of Manchester United! Gary Neville:90 Is back in his legendary status again after starting to play for Manchester United regularly n is quite gathering his form,should atleast rise to 90,n common we've seen him play before,he's sheer quality man! Hesitation should not be possessed,feel free to comment n believe me on this your replies are really precious,so keep it going!
  5. Re: Rooney will come to Barcelona next season alongside Fabregas? I am not sure about Fabregas but I don't think Rooney will leave!
  6. Re: Chelsea players who really should rise up soon! Joe Cole should play more games to stay up to his level!
  7. Branislav Ivanovic:Tagged in as the best Centreback by Joe Cole his own teammate n has almost superbly holded the chelsea defence with John Terry should better rise up from 90! Daniel Sturridge:Making his way in the chelsea squad by almost delivering the helping hand to chelsea whenever needed,should definitely rise up from 85! N don't hesitate if you members have something to say supporting me or any other suggestions regarding chelsea,truly welcomed!
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