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  1. Is there any teams available for me to join please 🤷🏻‍♂️
  2. Hi I've being for a while to join a league that isn't over run duplicate managers and is a challenge Custom or gold championship leagues wanted. Please message me any recommendations
  3. join LOVE FOOTY for league
  4. Re: Squad Sizes why would you want a bigger squad than 30 players? isnt it more of a challenge when have to consider your line up formations when the fatigue and injurys, suspensions come intto consideration id like the chairman to give you a wage budget depending on previous season success etc
  5. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) I think if s.m had 3 or 4 new improvements to game to make it more indepth.......why do managers buy a ridicolous amount of players like 40 plus....I think the better players should have a extra to there contract-"qualify for Europe" or play in 75 percent or more of games in the season" 'avoid relegation" etc etc...and if this is met at the end of the season the player could either put transfer request in or walk a way on a free transfer :)w
  6. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) if anyone played championship manager online before it closed in 2009, there stadium uprades etc was brill...as for the loan deals, its so annoying that players over 85 won't go on loan cos chairman won't alow it
  7. Re: The Real Deal thanks could you send me a link for the gameworld
  8. Re: The Real Deal Hello is there any Teams available in this custom world?
  9. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers Hello I want to join a custom gameworld, can some one tell me a good one to join please, preferably one that plays games regular.
  10. Re: New Finances (Loans / Contracts) When a manager has a player for sale or PX, there's nothing more annoying than a none response, or if you put a bid or enquire about a player...I think people who don't respond to bids or don't change there player to unavailable to stop this happening I think it should reduce teams morale Or other concequence x
  11. Re: Custom Setup Requires Managers hi im interested in joining a team my friend
  12. Re: Gold Championship 109: Match Report/Transfer Gossip Thread alrate people, im after joining a gold league, how many seasons and managers in this league please?
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