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  1. Re: Old Firm Banter Thread I don't see how its not banter:confused: The point of it is to tell you that you can go back to Ireland if you want, since yous always go on about how good it is, the vast majority of Celtic fans are Scottish but still say they are Irish:mad:. We are just letting you know that there is no reason to be here...you can go "home" (as most of yous call it). But no you all take offense trying to make it out that we are making fun of all the people that died during the famine...its not. Remember it wasn't all Catholics that died during the famine. It's banter...and BTW Celtic fans are always made out to be perfect people who are always victimized, maybe if people could see the truth:mad:
  2. Re: Old Firm Banter Thread thats one way to start it
  3. Re: Old Firm Banter Thread This thread is gonna end up in chaos:rolleyes: Everything that invites Rangers and Celtic fans to discuss stuff always ends up in a war
  4. Re: best youth squad on soccer manager? im not sure but I would like to think my youth team is not bad...
  5. Re: Help With a striker thanks for everyone's replies i have decided to go for gomis:D Thanks again;)
  6. Re: Help With a striker thanks for that one mate, ill have a look at him now;)
  7. I'm looking for some help Last time I made a thread like I was looking for a young, cheap striker for my Rangers team...teb told me about Mario Gomez who was rated 88 at that point in time. I snapped him up and he quickly moved to 90, 92 then 93. Now I'm back because I have sold Gomez for £75M ...not bad for £2.3M + Anthony Stokes. I have some good striking options (Giuseppe Rossi, Pato, Bojan, Inzaghi and Lovenkrands) but I want one more striker who... Is rated around 88 and are looking at quite a large rise or A 92/93 striker that anyone can recommend I am aware that I my not get a large response to this but after last time its worth a try:p
  8. Re: Bundesliga risers/talents -> LKK brilliant thread LKK keep up the fantastic work:)
  9. Re: Bafetimbi GOMIS rangers were also looking at this lad, i can say right now that there is no chance we will get him...too much money:(
  10. Re: NEW talents at Barca thanks alot mate, ill keep an eye out for them;)
  11. Re: NEW talents at Barca good post, what rating do you think they will be added onto the database at?
  12. Re: UEFA CUP 07/08 lmfao:eek: i really can't believe it...... honestly dont know what to say:D :D
  13. Re: Gonzalo Ludueña - ***5 Star Tip *** thanks for that tip rep for your fantastic work
  14. Re: Spanish Ratings does anyone know if Giuseppe Rossi will change?
  15. Re: STEVEN SMITH on the mend not alot of people care probably but Steven Smith made a first team appearance yesterday and played all 90 minutes:D was a fantastic player before he was injured and looked decent yesterday considering he has not played a first team game in 16 months...I just hope that he will be as good as he was before he got injured. edit:/\ he beat me to it:rolleyes: his rating is 85 at the moment aged 22 Player Name: Steven SMITH Age: 22 years old Nationality: Scottish Position: Left Back Foot: Left Rating: Help 85
  16. Re: Deveneeey's Scottish Premier League Risers, Part 1. im sorrry but i thought a keepers job was to catch the ball:confused: mcgregor wont get looked at by big clubs because he is Scottish' date=' happens all the time if boyd was Brazilian or dutch he would be a world class goal scorer but because he is a Scot he is pish [u']will poty win you the league, The Scottish Cup or even The CIS?......Na didnt think so:rolleyes: [/u]
  17. Re: Deveneeey's Scottish Premier League Risers, Part 1. and we all see how that worked out:rolleyes:
  18. Re: Deveneeey's Scottish Premier League Risers, Part 1. hahah Bouc a better keeper:confused: last four old firm games with boruc and McGregor playing... Rangers Goals = 7 Celtic Goals = 0 looks like boruc is by far the better keeper:rolleyes:
  19. Re: Old Firm @ Ibrox hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha First time on the forum since the fantastic win at fortress ibrox:D :D real shame about the defeat at the weekend:p Arthur Boruc is the best goalie in the world haha not never mind him, Allan McGregor:D anyway people looks like you can sell your trophy cabinet for an extra couple of pounds for your transfer funds;) hahahahahaha
  20. Re: The luckiest Bhoy in the world good stuff mate but its just as good watching celtic getting knocked out in my living room than at that dump you call paradice:p just kidding what is the relevance of him being a mason?
  21. Re: barry ferguson jambodave72 - did you miss the hearts handball about 20odd seconds before barry's handball? and it was also ball to hand:D
  22. Re: John Fleck the wonderkid arrives:p fleck came on as a sub tonight so should be added:D
  23. Re: Mario GOMEZ I was told about him on this forum when rated only 88, went and bought him for £3.8M + a player.......since then you know the rest:D very talented player, 7 caps for Germany 3 goals named player of the year in 2007, Real Madrid and Juve were interested in him but for £26M or what ever it is to get him now......im not too sure what he may increase to in the future
  24. Re: Best/loudest fans in britain wow come on we were louder than Gretna on wednesday:p you just never learn:rolleyes:
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