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  1. Re: English Premiership Rating Predictions 2011/2012 I have a question, do you thing koscielny and van persie will rise this time? I find koscielny pretty good at the momment but arsenal being 4 and considering their bad start i'm not sure he will get a rise, even if i think he worth it. For van persie i'm not sure he will rise, Gomez who was on par in term of form didn't get +1 so i'm afraid it would be the same for him.
  2. Re: koscielny or shawcross? Koscielny is on a very impressive run of form, people who say he is bad just don't look him play at the moment, but i can't compare the 2 because i didn't see Shawcross games. But the 2 player seem to have pretty decent statistic in term of defending.
  3. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 Man today Olivier Giroud made 1 goal and 3 assist, last week it was 3 goal, it seem to be on a pretty decent run of form. Someone see him play to confirm it? i think i will look at the next Monpelier game.
  4. Re: BONUCCI? OTAMENDI? or ALEXIS I will choose Otamendi. To be fair i didn't see the 2 player play, but Otamendi can be a pretty descent RB sub too ( wich is hard to find) and look like doing impressive offensively for a defender (6 goal in 19 game). Is sakho free?
  5. Re: Sell Hazard? Seriously people overate Hazard here. That an impressive deal.
  6. Re: Mats Hummels in the future If you look for a good CB, see if Sakho is free he was the best L1 center back in ligue 1 last year and the best rated player.
  7. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 Not only Ruffier, Nicolas N’Koulou for 3,5M, Cédric Mongongu 2,5M, Lukman Haruna 2,5M, Mathieu Coutadeur 2,5M. There is still Park... wait maybe he will go for 3M... To be honnest that's complete nonsence, it's not even half their price.
  8. Re: Alou DIARRA or Javi MARTINEZ? martinez, diarra don't worth a 91.
  9. Re: Looking for a new AM Martin Marvin?
  10. Re: andre souza That's a hard one, i don't know wich one to choose...
  11. Re: looking for a cheap young goalkeeper COURTOIS, Thibaut maybe?
  12. Re: choose.: lavezzi, falcao , lisandro Lisandro wont drop he is probably the best striker in ligue 1 so i don't see why he will drop and i'm not sure Lavezzi will rise next years. But falcao may rise. So i will say Falcao > Lisandro > Lavezzi. who care Lavezzi is younger, we are not in footballmanager, you will only see the difference in age in around 2 years ^^
  13. Re: jordan ayew or andre souza Ayew i will say.
  14. Re: French Ligue 1 and 2 Here a little link for people who follow L1 and are curious to know the stat of some player : http://www.lfp.fr/corporate/article/le-guide-des-statistiques-officielles-disponibles.htm It's the official stat of Ligue 1, with almost everything, goal, assist, intercept, goalkeeper stat etc ...
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    Re: Football betting! Horibble day, got it all wrong for the moment...
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