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  1. Re: Compilation of 80+ Rated Risers. looooooooooooooooooooooooooool
  2. Re: Young (U21) Belgium Risers. Considering i forgot to include his European Appearences when predicting, its safe to say he will rise to 82. My mistake. Condor i have included Kouyate in my original post.. i added him shortly after creating, & though our predictions are virtually identical but Lestiene (you were right on him) i appreciate the feedback.
  3. Re: Young (U21) Belgium Risers. Yeah , 82-> 84/5 Forgot him, cheers ill add to original post now
  4. Very Breif, and quickly done. Wasnt sure when they plan to update them (1st or 3rd from the 3 countrys) WILL be reviewing my own ratings very soon, & Adding more clubs, only done the Top 6, Quick round up of all the U21 noticeable Risers from the top 6 clubs, LUKAKU, Romelu : 16, CF, 83→ 87/88 SUAREZ, Matías : 21, Wing/Fwd, 85→ 87/88 MAZUCH, Ondrej : 21, CB/RB, 83→ 86/87 SARE, Bakary : 19, DM/CM, 83→ 85 KOUYATE, Cheikhou : 20, CM/DM, 82→ 84/85 ODJIDJA-OFOE, Vadis : 21, DM/CM, 85→ 86/87 PERISIC, Ivan : 21, AM, 84→ 86/87 LESTIENNE, Maxime: 17, Wing/Fwd 77→ 81/82 ROSALES, Roberto : 21, RM/RB, 84→ 85/86 EL GHANASSY, Yassine : 19, Wing/AM, 80→ 84 KUMS, Sven : 22, AM/Wing, 83→ 85/86 BENTEKE, Christian : 19, CF, 80→ 83/84 MIGNOLET, Simon : 21, GK, 82→ 84/85 ODOI, Dennis: 21, RB/LB, 81→ 83/84 SCHOUTERDEN, Nils : 21, LM, 80→ 82/83 APPELTANS, Jeroen : 19, CM, 75→ 78/79 HYLAND, Khaleem : 20, CM, 80→ 82/83
  5. Re: Almost certain risers in the next rating changes 89+ .. Do you not understand. Defour at 89, is amongst the HIGHEST rated players in Belgium, their are no 90s. Defour's 89 deserves to be reduced simply because his team Standard sit 7th, in a poor league (Belgium) and despite his on/off injury he has made some appearences and not played at an 89 level. He will drop, definatly. Witsel who has played most of Standards games, and played well, may also be at a risk of a drop, how can a team finishing 7th in Belgium (No europe) consist of players rated 89? that is not even Premiership standard.. However like i said there good run in Europa may save Witsel, however it wont save Defour, hes getting dropped.
  6. Re: 10... Overrated 90 and above players Cole is better then Lahm, but Lahm can defend.. But yeah Phil, saying that Cole being risen for Evras rise is kind of stupid, Cole was more then deservign of a rise he genuinly one of the best left backs in the world, can whip in a ball, fast, solid, he actually stopped Ronaldo from running riot down his wing whenever Chelsea and Man Utd. He is worth 96, and if it wasnt for him getting injured (and Chelsea out of the CL...) he would more then deserve it, far from your claims of "how he rose to 94 is beyond me" Not saying he is underated, but FAR from being overated.
  7. Re: 10... Overrated 90 and above players After the idiot claiming Fabregas is overated this is the biggest joke on this thread. Ashley cole is an outstanding left back, and a shout for one of the best left backs currently playing. 95 quality with ease.
  8. Re: Almost certain risers in the next rating changes 89+ are you joking LOOOOOL Reina 93->93/92 Agger 89 - Stay Johnson 91-> 91/90 Unless Liverpool redeem theirselfs, and quickly.
  9. Re: Almost certain risers in the next rating changes 89+ Defour is definatly going to drop no doubt about it, horrible season for Standard (although their Europa campain is making up for it) however Defour hasnt really featured, only played a total of 21 minutes over the 2-legs sending Standard through with a 4-1 win other Panathonaikos. Sell him. Pjanic 88->90 Jovetic 89->90 Busquets 90->91/92 Pique 92->93 Muller 85->88/89 Badstubber 85->88/89 My favorites ^ Hope this helps.
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