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  1. Re: Dr. DainBramaged Signature Surgery Sorry lads, epic hardware malfunction. My main surgical device (PC) power unit seems to have blown. Will try to do some sigs on a friends machine over the weekend but atm everythings going to be slow going. Cant even play Football manager on this rubish laptop :'( Dr.DainBramage
  2. Re: Dr. DainBramaged Signature Surgery Current Waiting List: (Delays are to be expected) 1. Jenks1 2. JackWWFC (tho i'm sure he's made good ones himself lol) 3. BradSims 4.Kez 5. Leedsfan93 6. Singaporean Pundit Maybe's: Kennedy: If I see more forum activity. Ciaranmc2k10 & R0b Walshe: Both seen with good new sigs so may not want one. These 6 will probably be done within 1-2 weeks. Tho no promises, it is World Cup time. Dr.DainBramaged
  3. Re: Dr. DainBramaged Signature Surgery Patient ThePlayMaker Operation Result: --------------------------- Patient Zampa Operation Result: --------------------------- Darn, Wine + Vodka is a dangerous mix and can leave you ill for 2 days... The things I try out to inform you guys is just crazy Still recovering, but thought I'd get atleast 2 more done. Dr.DainBramaged
  4. Re: Dr. DainBramaged Signature Surgery Notice. Work suspended till atleast the weekend. Just realized I have a Design show I have work to finish for by friday... Ooops. Hahah -Dr.DB
  5. Re: Dr. DainBramaged Signature Surgery Quick Medical Broadcast. Due to some increase in the injuries that require surgery I have spent some of my valuable time creating a very vague outline on how one may try some self-operated surgery. I would suggest only those of serious need or those who know the basics of medication (Photoshop) attempt to folow these steps. Every piece of surgery is different and often personally I tend to vary what I do and keep changing stitches till I am atleast satisfied with my work or if the patient has died/run out of cash. This tutorial isn't great but does pos
  6. Re: Dr. DainBramaged Signature Surgery http://img404.imageshack.us/img404/4302/gc91.jpg is your original one and works for me so I doubt any new one would work if that didnt. Either way I have a policy of not makeing 2 sig's for 1 person in a short space of time. So will consider it in 1-2 weeks time. Dr.DainBramage
  7. Re: Dr. DainBramaged Signature Surgery Didn't work? How exactly.. ---------------------- Patient Jenks1(#15) Diagnosis:***1/2 (nice facial expression choices.) Estimated Operation Appointment: Will be re-as'sesing in 7 days.
  8. Re: Dr. DainBramaged Signature Surgery Patient .1878' Operation Result: ----------------------------------------- Patient TeeJay779 Operation Result: ----------------------------------------- Dr's Note: Sorry been busy trying to get North Ferriby to build a stadium in my name in Football Manager 10... I won the premiership and the Champions League... what more do the want?!! Dr.DainBramaged
  9. Re: Dr. DainBramaged Signature Surgery Patient Kennedy(#14) Diagnosis:*** Estimated Operation Appointment: Will re-***** in 7 days. As previously stated due to unexpected popularity I will be re-assesing in about a week to catch up with all the ones still oustanding. In this time I will also view your activness on the forum as lets be fair if this is the only day you decide to make posts its work that I will have wasted. But here's to hopefully an active and usefull new member. Welcome. Ps. I wouldn't say I'm top of the range, just cornered a certain style that appears to be in fashion a
  10. Re: Dr. DainBramaged Signature Surgery Patient Bail(#12) Diagnosis:*** Estimated Operation Appointment: 3-10 days ------------------------------------------ Patient Hesse(#13) Diagnosis:** Eeeek... a total of 9 images? Not a lot of room for each image to get its own recognition. Will see what happens... Estimated Operation Appointment: 4-12days ----------------------------------------- Dr's Note: Due to increased demand for surgeries. Any following subsequent appointments may be subject to a minimum of 1 weeks delay. -Thanks Dr.DainBramaged
  11. Re: Dr. DainBramaged Signature Surgery Patient EdMoses Operation Result: Dr's Note: I tried to adhere to your original request thread to some degree and I'm not displeased with the outcome. Hope you recover well from the operation. Dr.DainBramaged
  12. Re: Dr. DainBramaged Signature Surgery Patient ThePlayMaker(#10) Diagnosis:*** Estimated Operation Appointment: 2-7 days ------------------------------------------ Patient Zampa(#11) Diagnosis:***1/2 'Oh dear, this appears to be quite some serious amnesia. Perhaps from excessive bumps to the head or perchance an over indulgance in being inebriated? But atleast there are three things you may find beneficial to haveing this condition: 1. You can hide your own easter eggs 2. You meet a new person every day and 3. You can hide your own easter eggs Estimated Operation Appointment: 2-7da
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