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  1. Ive just taken over a strong chelsea side but with low funds but i have 8 Centre backs so looking to sell 2 or 3 here is the list... TERRY, John - 95 PIQUE, Gerard - 92 GARAY, Ezequiel - 91 THIAGO SILVA, Emiliano - 90 VERMAELEN, Thomas - 90 ROLANDO, Jorge - 90 CHYGRYNSKIY, Dmytro - 90 BRENO, Vinicius - 86 Any help on who to keep and to sell? rating predictions? Help is much appreciated
  2. Straight exchange offer to an external team... Miroslav STOCH for Rodríguez PEDRO Which player will be better in the long run?
  3. Re: top 10 UNDERRATED players Gael Kakuta (77) should be atleast over 80!
  4. Re: Mbola - should I buy? Yep i bought him for my chelsea side for 700k definate future 85+
  5. Should i buy him for 33mill? hes with an unmanaged Roma team? jut wondering does anyone reckon his rating will drop, stay the same?
  6. Re: 10... Overrated 90 and above players MAXI RODRIGUEZ rated 93?!?! hes pants!
  7. Re: Help me choose which young midfielder! i would go with Pjanic as he will rise and Dzagoev
  8. I have a strong Chelsea side in a world champ div2, 3 games left and need one point for promotion, but i desperately need a new winger with £38,000,000 to spend. Ribery is a strong favourite at the moment but im thinking is rating might drop soo any help pleease?
  9. Re: How can I improve Arsenal or Chelsea? im chelsea and its pretty easy iv played 7 won 7, all iv done is bought younger players as its an ageing side
  10. Re: ryan giggs he wont retire this season, i think 7million for a 93rated player is always good, and he definitely wont drop
  11. Re: Raheem Sterling QPR superkid Yer saw this boy on skysports scout today, looking good
  12. Re: Any youngstars due to be put on database that looks really good Dalle Valle, Sterling, Edge
  13. Gareth BALE Hes been playing regularly and has been playing extremely well, hes currently rated 87, i think he deserves a rise by atleast 2. any thoughts?
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