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  1. Re: Who do u thinks gonna win 2007/2008 Chelsea aren't an option? oh well I wouldn't have voted for them anyway with Mouniho gone and the poor start they've had I don't think they will win it this year. It's still a little early to tell but I think it's going to be Man United again or Arsenal.
  2. Thiago Riberio Cardoso or simply Thiago Riberio who currently plays for Sao Paulo and I have him at my Sao Paulo team, I was wondering how many goals he has scored this season and/ or how well he has played because I'm thinking about selling him (I cheked wikipedia but it only goes up to last season) if he is doing well I'm won't sell him so any help is appreciated .
  3. Re: Guaranteed Risers/Money Spinners Great scouting there tebthereb, +added to reputation. The players in red I bought and I was going to buy Fornaroli but I forgot about him and I was after Martins Marcelo Moreno but my chairman wasn't happy even though it was accepted I wasn't speding much Next time your going to make a thread like this teb tell me about it!
  4. Re: DAWID JARKA,gornik zabre,poland 77 rise to 84 Wikipedia says this about him 'Dawid Jarka (born August 15, 1987 in Świerklaniec) is a Polish footballer (forward) who plays for Polish Orange Ekstraklasa side Górnik Zabrze and the Poland national under-21 football team. In his first season he scored three goals in 18 appearances. Currently in the 2007/08 season he is the league's top goalscorer with 10 goals in 10 games.' So he should prove to be a good scout I don't know about 84 but he should make at least an 82.
  5. Re: Xavier Vilson, Vasco De Gama, Brazil (72 rating will rise to 80) I recently bought him for only £100k now he is an worth £3.1mil & 82 rated and he will be a regular for my 4th division side. Cheers bestpay
  6. Re: Fabian Assman, GK Independiente, Argentina - (5 Star) ***** Tip He just went up 8 rating points to 86! Which is good for me as I just bought him yesterday
  7. At one of my current teams I have to many CB's and I'm looking to sell one and I've narrowed it down to Edcarlos Conceição Santos, or simply Edcarlos (born May 10, 1985 in Bahia), is a Brazilian central defender who currently plays for Benfica after signing from São Paulo on August 27, 2007. Sao Paulo 2003-2007 64 appearances 2 goals Anton Ferdinand currently playing for West Ham United. He plays as a central defender. West Ham United 2003–present 117 appearances 3 goals Both 22 years old and rated 86. So which one is more likely to increase in rating and therefore I should keep?
  8. Re: Kasper SCHMEICHEL I just bought him recently and he is now an 84. Is another increase likely?
  9. Re: Olano Xabi ALONSO! - Overrated! Well put it this way, Fabregas is rated 94 and Xabi Alonso isn't as good as Fabregas so I agree he is overated. Down to 93 or lower I think.
  10. Re: Michael Owen Actually I think he should probably keep his rating, the way he has been playing and scoring good goals. It hasn't taken him long to get back to playing well and scoring.
  11. Owen still good enough for a 93? ''Pace and clinical finishing were Owen's greatest assets early in his career, though he has since lost pace due to injuries.Owen returned from a year and a half of recurrent injuries, sustained since December 2005'' He has been unlucky with injuries but nonetheless he must have lost some of his skill with his injuries
  12. He may not be a regular for Ipswich yet but he has scored 7 goals in the championship and is only rated 77 that sort of rating is for at least a league or two lower an increase to 80 wouldn't be too much.
  13. Emmanuel Adebayor He has scored 12 goals this season for Arsenal and you have play at a high standard to play for Arsenal but he is an 89
  14. Jon G


    I think I made one to many options, shall we call it at least 10 for up to 90?
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