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  1. Re: ||The Apocalypse|| Coming Soon Man, I'm interested, add me to the list) Looking for an interesting forumers GW for a long time.
  2. Re: Top European Challenge Man City ready to announce latest signings! Trio of defenders joined MC - Andrea Ranocchia, Leonardo Bonucci and Per Mertesacker are ready to help their new team reach highest targets for the coming season.
  3. Re: Top European Challenge So for starting season we could make any bids? Really surpriced by T. Silva transfer, I don't think PSG got an equal replacement..
  4. Re: Top European Challenge Could you add me to the managers list?) I would like to take Man City if possible)
  5. Re: Coming soon Would you mind if I join?)
  6. Re: Pimp My Squad I'm usually watching for the opponent, but as i'm in Div2 and there's not too much good opponents, it's usually 3-5-2 or 3-4-3, though, I could choose variants with 4 backs and 4-5 players in mid in case meeting teams with stronger squad. I've got Sokratis for RB sub meanwhile.
  7. Any good here? Which ones are to stay, and which I can better use for trade in future? Wasnt here for a lot, lost a line who's good and bad, so need your help guys)
  8. Re: Plane Crash Kills Top Russian Hockey Team Novosibirsk mourns ... Eternal memory to those who died in the crash Players: Vitali Anikeenko Mikhail Balandin Aleksandr Vasyunov Josef Vašíček Aleksandr Viyukhin Pavol Demitra (Slovakia) Robert Dietrich (Germany) Marat Kalimulin Alexander Kalyanin Andriy Kiryukhin Nikita Klyukin Stefan Liv (Sweden) Jan Marek (Czech Republic) Sergei Ostapchuk (Belarus) Karel Rachunek (Captain) (Czech Republic) Ruslan Salei (Belarus) Karlis Skrastins, (Latvia) Pavel Snurnitsin Daniil Sobchenko Ivan Tkachenko Pavel Trakhanov Gennady Churilov Maksim Shuvalov Artem Yarchuk Yuri Urychev Staff members: Yuri Bakhvalov Aleksandr Belyaev Andrei Zimin Aleksandr Karpovtsev Igor Korolev Nikolai Krivonosov Evgeny Kunnov Vyacheslav Kuznetsov Brad McCrimmon (Canada) - head coach Vladimir Piskunov Evgeny Sidorov
  9. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Swap J. Hart for Menez? Hart is my second choice, but I need now 1-2 decent wingers. Menez prob could be in starting 11 if I'll need to move Iniesta to the center.
  10. Re: The Forumers game world Wow, Barca manager left? About last game, draw with Bayern, not the result I expected, but at least a point more.
  11. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... M. Pereira or Iraola?
  12. Re: The Forumers game world 3-0 home win vs Porto, still alive in fight for promotion
  13. Re: Help With Deal(s) Thread... Torres+Ivanovic for Ibra?
  14. Re: The Forumers game world 0-1 with Atletico, which made fight for top-3 much tighter. Need to get result against Roma tonight.
  15. Re: The Forumers game world Tim Cahill moves to Borussia.
  16. Re: The Forumers game world In fact I've joined this GW to have really competitive seasons every time and not seeing lot unmanaged teams anymore) Though, its not really hard to post at least once a 1-2 days, so work with inactive ones could be effective, remembering aims for which this GW was created)
  17. Re: The Forumers game world Welcome mate, good luck with Atletico) I would send Gary Cahill on loan, but my chairman denied it(
  18. Re: The Forumers game world What's wrong with him? Inadequate one?)
  19. Re: The Forumers game world Borussia D 3-1 Bayern 11' Di Natale 1-0 23' Nilmar 2-0 50' Denisov 3-0 75' Muller 3-1
  20. Re: The Forumers game world All seem to be taken..
  21. Re: The Forumers game world Recent results Tottenham 2-2 Borussia D 23' Sanchez 1-0 29' Di Natale 1-1 71' Llorente 2-1 72' Di Natale 2-2 Di Natale's two goals much helped keeping draw FC Porto 0-1 Borussia D 88' Barrios 0-1 Barrios again scores very important goal in a close game vs Porto. Non-losing in last 4 games let us go up for 3rd position. Next game with Bayern will be vital in fight for 2nd.
  22. Re: The Forumers game world Fresh Borussian signing Tobias Vargas gets a +7 rise
  23. Re: The Forumers game world I already got two games against MU in a row, both didnt finish good for me )
  24. Re: The Forumers game world Borussia D - Juventus 1:1 18' Marchisio 0:1 80' Barrios 1:1 Marchisio with opening goal Injured Chiellini is moved off the field Barrios scores an equaliser for Dortmund
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