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  1. Riferimento: Help me with some deals Thank you guys!
  2. I have a lot of money and i have to choose from this players for position: This is what i need: 1 AM: Ozil or Nasri or David Silva? Actually i have Pjanic and Pastore as first choices 1 Fwd/CF: Higuain or Dzeko or Aguero? Actually i have Mueller as first choice 2 CB: Hummels or Subotic or David Luiz or someone else? Actually i have Badstuber, Ranocchia and Alderweireld in my difense 1 Wing: Nani or Krasic? I play in II division but i'm in the 1 place and surely promoted in the I division, i don't need the high rated player actually but the one who will have the best future and the best valutation.
  3. Riferimento: Edinson cavani? Worth buying?! Definitely yes! Continuing the season to this way he will easily reach 91!
  4. Riferimento: Simone Pepe 90 is the best he can do but i don't think he will get that in this season,89 is right actually.
  5. Riferimento: This years Canales?? Mario Gotze!
  6. Riferimento: Players: Should I buy, sell or keep? Hey guys! For you should i buy Kevin-Prince Boateng for 3.8M, will he raise from his 86 having a lot of time in Milan in your opinion?
  7. Riferimento: With This Squad What Formation You Would Play? Noone??? I'm attracted to play also a 3-5-2 with good tactic or 4-3-3 wings. Or do you think that 3-4-1-2 i'm actually playing is better? My pre-match instructions with 3-4-1-2 are: hard contrasts generic mentality mist passing style at middle attacking style quick velocity all over pressing Game style:close marking,play with offside and use playmaker Any ideas to made a better tactic?
  8. I'm actually playing a 3-4-1-2 with good results but maybe with your help i could do better I have a lot of good players so i think i could do all the formations styles,i must only choose with your help what is the better My best players are: GK: De Gea CB/LB/RB:Kjaer,Badstuber,David Luiz,Boateng,Sakho,Toloi,Schennikov CM/DM:Busquets,Javi Martinez,Khedira,Moussa Sissoko,Rodwell,Ramsey,Gonalons Wings/AM:Pedro,Hazard,Pjanic,Kroos,Ganso,Honda,Wilshere,Muniain Fwd/CF:Muller,Lukaku,Neymar,Javier Hernandez
  9. The player (CB, 19y, 82) just transfer to Palermo and i think he could be the successor of Kjaer. What do you think about him,would you get him a chance and would you keep him?
  10. Riferimento: 125 Players In My Team. Can You Help Me?? Thx to all for the great suggests Unfortunately i can't do deals with some teams (Bayern,Man Utd,Arsenal) because i've done 3 transfers yet. My season finish in 4 matches,than when the new season starts i can do transfers with this squads right? I've 20 M actually and then when i sell some players will be more..who can i buy for first?
  11. Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: 125 Players In My Team. Can You Help Me??
  12. Riferimento: 125 Players In My Team. Can You Help Me?? Thx A Lot!!! Can i ask you some players to buy for position? I thought that: GK:Matej Delac Difense:Rafael Toloi,Simon Kjaer and ??? (i haven't idea of who to buy as RB and LB) Midfielders:Javi Martinez and ??? FWD/CF:Muller,Javier Hernandez and Ibrahima Do you have some young players better to tell me???
  13. Hi I have a 3rd division team composed all by young players..some of them are big risers and very talented. I've keep a lot of the best risers of all the leagues,but now i've too much players in my squad and i need to sell a lot of them,because 125 players are too much for my finances. Can you help me explaining me which one must i keep and which one must i sell??? And i would like to know also your opinion about the squad,and if i could buy someone else... Thx a lot This is the squad: DE GEA, David GK 19 87 LINDNER, Heinz GK 20 82 SZCZESNY, Wojciech GK 20 78 ADEL, Ahmed GK 23 77 VULJANKO, Neven GK 23 75 AMOS, Ben GK 20 75 VIDMAR, Nejc GK 21 72 GOMELKO, Artem GK 20 71 JULIAN, Alan GK 27 70 CHUDY, Martin GK 21 70 ASSIS, Giovanaz GK 20 70 CONTENTO, Diego LB-LM 20 82 RATH, Lucas LB 18 80 VALENCIA, Carlos Alberto LB-RB 21 78 HUSKIC, Etien LB-DM 22 70 OJALA, Juhani LB-CB 21 70 BEN HARUSH, Omri LB 20 70 INKOOM, Samuel RB-RM 20 85 BARTOMEUS, Tomás RB 27 80 ABDALLAH, Kassim RB-CB 23 80 DE VRIJ, Stefan RB-CB 18 80 ALI, Ahmed RB-RM 21 76 HUTCHINSON, Sam RB-CB 21 75 HOLZ, Marco RB-RM 20 70 KOTORA, Igor RB 21 70 MARKIET, Gévero RB 19 70 TOOTLE, Matt RB-RM 19 65 RUIZ, Víctor CB 21 84 GONZALEZ, Iván CB 22 84 MALIC, Nedeljko CB-RB 22 82 BENEGAS, Ismael CB 23 82 KELIC, Renato CB-RB 19 80 JOSEPH-REINETTE, Steeve CB 26 80 JONES, Phil CB 18 80 VARGAS, Félix CB 21 80 THOMPSON, Josh CB 19 80 COHENE, Javier CB 23 78 TERZIEV, Georgi CB-RB 18 78 ZLATKOV, Daniel CB 21 78 PERENDIJA, Milan CB 24 78 BRUMA, Jeffrey CB-RB 18 75 ZEIGER, Philipp CB 20 70 MILINKOVIC, Milan CB-RB 21 70 PIERMAYR, Thomas Dif-DM 21 80 LANG, Michael Dif-DM 19 80 ALBA, Jordi LM-LB 21 86 RAMIREZ, Gastón LM-AM 19 82 ALABA, David LM-LB 18 80 VILLARRAGA, Ricardo LM-LB 20 74 SWALLOW, Ben LM-LB 20 70 COMPTON, Jack LM 21 70 SKVORC, Dino RM-RB 20 80 STRAUT, Bogdan RM-RB 24 77 BALDVINSSON, Haukur RM-AM 20 71 VYSNIAUSKAS, Tomas RM 22 70 BUSQUETS, Sergio DM-CM 22 91 RODWELL, Jack DM-CB 19 87 HARUNA, Lukman DM-CM 19 83 MATIP, Joel DM-CB 18 83 ACOSTA, Luis DM 24 78 COQUELIN, Francis DM 19 73 VELAGIC, Azur DM 18 70 AYALA, Víctor CM 22 82 DOMINGUEZ, Juan CM 20 82 DIMITROV, Nikolay CM-RM 19 75 O'BRIEN, James CM 19 70 TAYLOR, Ash CM 20 70 ZULPA, Arturas CM-RM 24 70 PAVLIN, Luka CM 21 70 POPOVIC, Denis CM 20 FELIPE BENEVIDES, Oliveira CM 21 70 VASQUEZ, Omar CM 20 70 FRANCO, Pedro CM 19 70 HALLFREDSSON, Hákon Atli CM 20 68 TABOT, Enow Juvette CM-AM 21 60 CANALES, Sergio AM-Wing 19 87 ERIKSEN, Christian AM-Wing 18 82 MILANOV, Georgi AM-CM 18 78 MARTINEZ, Carlos AM 21 78 GALIULIN, Vagiz AM-Wing 23 77 KAKUTA, Gaël AM-Fwd 19 77 NIKHAZI, Márk AM 21 75 ORSIC, Mislav AM 17 75 ABDI, Liban AM-Wing 21 75 GOTZE, Mario AM-Wing 18 75 KAMEL, Ahmed Ali AM-Fwd 24 74 CESAR, Bruno AM-Wing 21 74 NAJAR, Andy AM-Wing 17 73 LIZARAZO, Carlos AM 19 70 ARDILES, Roberto AM 23 70 ROHRACKER, Dominik AM-Wing 21 70 PEDRO, Rodríguez Wing-Fwd 23 90 HAZARD, Eden Wing-AM 19 89 GAMARRA, Rodolfo Wing-Fwd 21 85 MUNIAIN, Iker Wing-AM 17 85 RIVEROS, Marcos Wing-AM 21 84 SHAQIRI, Xherdan Wing 18 84 ZUBER, Steven Wing-Fwd 18 80 WARD, Danny Wing-Fwd 18 78 BEKOE, Cofie Wing-Fwd 22 75 OZKARA, Cihan Wing-Fwd 19 70 SKORICH, Anthony Wing-Fwd 20 70 NEYMAR, Silva Fwd-AM 18 86 KADLEC, Vaclav Fwd 18 83 VILLALBA, Daniel Fwd-AM 18 80 MRSIC, Antonio Fwd 23 77 KAPIDZIC, Sanel Fwd-Wing 20 76 PACHECO, Dani Fwd-Wing 19 75 KIROV, Aleksandar Fwd 19 75 WELLINGTON SILVA, Alves Fwd-AM 17 75 SIEGRIST, Nico Fwd 19 75 FUNES MORI, Rogelio Fwd 19 75 ASHOUR, Salah Fwd 22 74 CUERO, Wilson Fwd 18 70 QUOTSCHALLA, Marco Fwd 22 70 KRCIC, Amer Fwd 21 70 RAKELS, Deniss FAtt 17 68 MAZOLA, Arruda FAtt 21 60 LUKAKU, Romelu CF 17 87 SANTINI, Ivan CF 21 78 POREDSKI, Matija CF 21 78 LACAZETTE, Alexandre CF 19 75 PANDZA, Dalibor CF 19 75 CASNOS, Luc CF 17 75 SUNDQVIST, Björn-Erik CF 22 70
  14. Riferimento: Bundesliga Risers, Talents & Droppers 2010 What do you think about the young Mario Gotze?
  15. Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: I Need Help!!! I've used 3-4-1-2 as you said me with the same impostations but another formation because of the injury of Pato: s asenjo g zambrotta a nesta k kaladze p maxi rodriguez g gattuso a pirlo f malouda m ozil g higuain c tevez
  16. Riferimento: I Need Help!!! Great victory tonight and i think is cause of the new formation type! Genoa 1 - 4 Milan Intervallo: (0 - 3) Genoa: D.BERBATOV 63 Milan:C.TEVEZ 14 F.MALOUDA 29, 57 G.GATTUSO 37
  17. Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: I Need Help!!! Ok,thanks a lot for your answer,so i will wait until i can't buy him!
  18. Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: I Need Help!!! Yeah,i know. But it cost 7M more and i haven't at the moment. Do you think i must wait and buy him?
  19. Riferimento: I Need Help!!! I'm doing this transfers: Nesta 34 years 94 +2,5M= Albiol 24 years 92 Ambrosini 32 years 92 = Claudio Marchisio 24 years 90 (very good player and possible riser to 91) also accepred by juventus manager What do you think about it? I preferred Pique to Albiol but he cost 7M more and i haven't at the moment.
  20. Riferimento: I Need Help!!! Beckam and Mancini are on loan until the end of the season. I could make some transfers: Nesta----->Pique/Albiol Zambrotta----->A good lb/rb Gattuso/Ambrosini----->For some youngest CM(Obi Mikel,Anderson,Moutinho,Ireland,Gago,Afellay). Is there someone do you think has a great potential? Hamsik could be very nice for my squad but is more difficult to have it because Napoli is in competition with me in the championship and the team is controlled by a user.
  21. Riferimento: Re: Riferimento: I Need Help!!! Perfect! I like a lot this formation and i could keep it as my favourite. Any suggestions about who buy? I think a good AM,are available players as Kaka,Iniesta,Gerrard but too expensive for me at the moment. Maybe some good options could be Gourcuff,Nasri,Hamsik also for their possible grow in future. I was near also to buy Pique Gerard of Balcelona or Raul Albiol of Real Madrid in exchange of Nesta + money.
  22. Riferimento: I Need Help!!! Thanks for your answer..i will try it in the next match away against Genoa. Can i ask you some things about the position? Thiago Silva is CB and Pirlo CM/DM they aren't in the wrong position with it? And about the wings (Higuain/Maxi Rodriguez and Ozil/Malouda) i must put they offensive with the indicator(arrow) forward or normal?
  23. Hello! I'm totally new in the forum and also in the game and i need help to start well with my team. I play with Milan and i lost my first match against Udinese. I haven't understand what is the best formation and tactics for my team and also what kind of player i could buy to improve it. This is my team,help me please!!! ASENJO, Sergio GK 20 88 CISSOKHO, Aly LB 22 89 ZAMBROTTA, Gianluca RB-LB 33 93 RICHARDS, Micah RB-CB 21 89 ANTONINI, Luca RB-LB 28 87 NESTA, Alessandro CB 34 94 THIAGO SILVA, Emiliano CB 25 90 KALADZE, Kakha CB-LB 32 90 MALOUDA, Florent LM-Wing 29 91 MAXI RODRIGUEZ, Pablo RM-AM 29 93 BECKHAM, David RM-CM 34 90 RODWELL, Jack DM-CB 19 87 PIRLO, Andrea CM-DM 30 94 GATTUSO, Gennaro CM-RM 32 93 AMBROSINI, Massimo CM-DM 32 92 BANEGA, Éver CM-DM 21 89 OZIL, Mesut AM-LM 21 90 MANCINI, Alessandro Wing 29 89 TEVEZ, Carlos FW-AM 26 93 HIGUAIN, Gonzalo FW-Wing 22 93 PATO, Alexandre FW 20 92 NEYMAR, Silva FW-AM 18 86 LUKAKU, Romelu CF 16 83
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