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  1. Re: Chelsea rating changes joe cole should def go up kalou i agree should go up but a 92 would be fine for him and SWP should def go up 91 maybe for him
  2. Raw


    Re: nasri nope it didnt go through there chairman was still unhappy lol tut
  3. Raw


    i have 26.6 deal accepted for nasri will this go through even though it says 26.3 from the executive chief?
  4. Re: Today's Transfer Improvements how do you get this executive chief msg?
  5. Re: Today's Transfer Improvements i have 2 questions.... if any 1 can answer plz just to enlighten me... 1-to buy a player you have to add the player to shortlist now and buy him for around the value is in ur club msgs. 2-if so i use to try and buy players over 10m before and the chairman told me altough the player would bla bla bla, hes not willing to spend that much of the budget on him. but that means now i am never going to buy a player now days with this new transfer system because most of the players now will probably be over 10m.
  6. Raw

    help plz

    Re: help plz il try him then thanks
  7. Raw

    help plz

    Re: help plz or even early 80 ratings
  8. Raw

    help plz

    Re: help plz well anything really but im lookin for young talent with rating in there 70's really that will soon go up
  9. Raw

    help plz

    can any one tell me any strikers young cheap strikers either from african or brazillian to buy look a good prospect?
  10. Re: PSV Eindhoven personally i think he should be a 93 despite the league he plays in, we all know what hes capable of and i feel hes on the same level as of many 93 strikers on the game
  11. Re: Today's Transfer Improvements that cheif executive one is that for managed clubs or unmanaged/unavailable to manage clubs? or all. if all how do we find out how much to pay for them?
  12. Raw

    help please

    Re: help please its probably just a bug and probably will be sorted out soon
  13. does anybody know why robinho has not been playing for them in the last few weeks?
  14. Re: can any 1 tell me what this means plz.. oh ok thanks for that
  15. An improvement has been made to the ‘Squad View - General’ screen. The change now means that you can click on ANY of the categories, and it will list that category in a particular order. i dont see anything different it might just be me lol
  16. Re: Will this go through. it might do but dont count on it as of late the chairmans of teams are being stupid
  17. Re: anderson... definatly ask for more good potential there and is slowly now comming into the man utd team definate rise there mate
  18. Raw

    how much!!!

    i bidded for arouna kone, he plays for a managed team in my league i bidded 9m and he accepted it, but the next day it said his chairman was not happy with the deal. so how much would i need to bid for it to go through many thanks for any help
  19. Raw


    no deals anymore are going through, instead of blocking the deal, it says the chairman is unhappy with the deal when normally these deals go through its happening alot to other managers to.
  20. Re: Real Madrid Ratings i think diarra needs an increase hes like there main cm strong good in the air and contribute very well in there matches
  21. Raw


    Arouna Kone was superb for psv when he was with them, i dont know why hes still just a 90 but farfan a 92. but now kone has moved on to sevilla kanoute is a 93 kanoute aint far better than kone either hes slowly getting brang into the sevilla team but still deserves to be on the same level as farfan or a 91 atleast
  22. Re: Transfer hasn't gone through english champ 51 transfers are still saying ABD aswell they havent been done yet either
  23. Re: Spanish Ratings glad robinho went up great player
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