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  1. Raw

    to much?

    because, i thought carlton cole will be going up soon as hes started to get regular games now so i thought maybe sell him for more. maybe its just me lol
  2. Raw

    to much?

    is buying carlton cole for 12m, to much money or to less or just right?
  3. Raw


    87/88 is good for him imo
  4. Raw


    im glad, some one replied that knows about him, but he hardly started before in the last 8 games thoe, but metz will get prmoted i think there top not sure tho il look into that, and if they do get promoted cisse will have something to do with that, hes still young good potention there. thanks for replying tho .
  5. PAPISS CISSE is only rated 85, which is far to low considering, hes started 12 games and has scored 10 goals for them, ive even got proof of what hes actually doing, if you click on the link then click on the scores, and you will see how many games in a row he actually scored in this year. what do you think his rating should go up to? http://www.lequipe.fr/Football/db/FootballDetailBut22966_526.html
  6. hi just need abit of help and ppls thoughts, my friend tried to sell a rated 92 player to notts county, who are in division 4, hes tottenham hotspur, divison 1 aka the premier league, every thing got accepted, but then when the time came to it, the message said, this player refueses to go to this lower league team.( not sure if it said lower league team) but it said he refuses to join them, thats probably because hes to good lol, but i have the same problem, i accepted a bid from darlington (division 3) and im QPR division 2, they bidded for carlton cole, rated 86, do you think this will go through?
  7. Raw


    ok its not a problem i was just wondering. thanks
  8. Raw


    i was wondering, what happened last night, my conditions stayed the same, and i have a match today, and some of my transfers didnt get accepted or even rejected.
  9. Raw


    just wondering, where the score centre is, it was in media then moved to down the page, now its no where, just wondering where it is?
  10. lol thanks for the help guys
  11. when you pick your stating 11, in my tactics, and it says select captain penalty taker and that, does that even matter, because ive never seen a free kick been taken or scored, neither have i seen a penalty been taken or scored.?
  12. Raw

    Leroy Lita

    he scored for englands u21 today aswell
  13. to be honest, i think he should be a 90/91, just stay as he is or go to 90 i dont think hes been execellent, hes been good but not over the top good, i mean ive seen on many times, hes had a chance to score with his right foot, but then pulls the ball back onto his left and the chance goes begging, thats happened to many times for my liking, he should be able to slot home a chance with his right foot to, im right footed i can score with my left to.
  14. i have 18 players in my squad, and obviously thats the least you can have so you cant sell players, but i have 18 players and a guy has been accepted for me to buy and will come through tommorrow morning, but ive also accepted to sell a player which will go through tommorrow aswell, will this work? or will it say failed because i dont have enough players to sell this player.?
  15. am i the only one that thinks this?
  16. dont any one think justin hoyt should be atleast 86/87? not 84 he should be above 84 to me
  17. ohhhh cool cool i didnt know im new lol thought if frances ratings change henry would to lol
  18. Raw

    gyan as....

    oh ok, il get some stats
  19. Raw

    gyan as....

    gyan asamoah, does any one think this guys rating till maybe go up hes 87 at the mo i think hes a real good player for udinese, and obodo.
  20. lol i think you all got me wrong, i was just correcting the guy who said he was french, not if he should go up or down, didnt say hes from senegal so he must change his rating lol but i think the african rating changes is comming up soon, so maybe you will see what happens.
  21. isint he from senegal tho?
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