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  1. Re: Fabregas + 31million for Ribery The deal went through, so I guess im in the clear, havent recieved any complaints in the GW, thats a good sign I reckon.
  2. Re: Fabregas + 31million for Ribery
  3. Re: Fabregas + 31million for Ribery
  4. Re: Fabregas + 31million for Ribery Both of you should stop wasting your breath...as I said before I have a clean conscience.
  5. Re: Fabregas + 31million for Ribery Accusing me for making suspicious deals' date=' when you base it on absolutely nothing but this deal (a deal where i could accept or reject, I didnt even try to initiate a deal with him before) is ridiculous. I dont call you a cheat, all im saying is that I asked for advice on a deal, & you are blabbering about "how you would report me" "Screaming out cheat" ETC. thats just wrong man! bad karma, im calling you paranoid, as you see cheats everywhere, maybe even in the mirror!
  6. Re: Fabregas + 31million for Ribery
  7. Re: Fabregas + 31million for Ribery My freakin god get over it! Its just a deal! you guys are paranoid! every cheater thinks that everybody else is cheating! this topic should be closed by now, its a deal fair & square!
  8. Re: Fabregas + 31million for Ribery no explaination needed...
  9. Re: Fabregas + 31million for Ribery As a result of Jonaldinho22 idiotic comments, I have know posted a message to the NEWSPAPER in my GW! ;quote; The deal for Fabregas+31million & Ribery have now been confirmed! To make sure that everything is in this deal is going according to the: Code of Conduct Terms of Use SMFA & YOU (GW managers) I encourage you to write comments & or messages either on the NEWSPAPER, me (Real Madrid) or the Arsenal manager: ........... You can also go to the forum & visit http://forum.soccermanager.com/showthread.php?t=69879 for more info on the deal ;quote; I really hope that youre wrong, Jonaldinho22
  10. Re: Fabregas + 31million for Ribery you are a joke
  11. Re: CAMBIASSO or DE ROSSI both are top quality! pick your poison!
  12. Re: Fabregas + 31million for Ribery Holy cow! This game is getting worn out by the minute...When I started to play this game, the odd man out was cheating, but now, it seems like everybody is suspecting everyone of cheating, relax! look into the deals before you cry out: CHEAT!
  13. Ingoing (my team): Vidic. (96) Outgoing (man.utd): Arbeloa. (91) Bruno Alves. (92) 8,5million. Is this deal any good? I offered my bits & pieces, Man Utd manager accepted the offer...a bit too quickly IMO, so am I getting ripped off? IMO the deal sounds pretty good, but it would be much appreciated if you guys (yes you!) could help out
  14. Re: Fabregas + 31million for Ribery OMFG! How many post have you read??? cant be too many... Well about 31mill & Fabregas... I have NEVER been in the spotlight for anything, everything has been by the books, so I doubt that I will be now...
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